What to wear on a gay first date?

What to wear on a gay first date? Let’s put ourselves in context: you have days texting with someone you just met in a café, a meeting, in a bar/disco, or through a dating app … The point is that you met him and exchanged numbers to chat better. In these conversations, there is a lot of feeling, a lot of connection. You feel like he understands you and at some point, in that conversation someone says: “I would love to see you again.”


The biological reaction of our body to surprising stimuli includes sweating and hyperventilation. The emotion could overflow, which will lead you to give that cry to heaven that says: Oh god, what should I wear?


Now, it is very likely that that little panic attack will lead you to think that you have nothing to use because you know, that is what one usually thinks when faced with new situations. When you open the closet, you will wrinkle your face and say that you like nothing, nothing convinces you … but the clothes are not to blame, dear.


So, from Vazol we are going to teach you some techniques and combinations to use on your first gay date and be your best version. Do you want to look at yourself in the mirror and convince yourself that you are going to go out to conquer? If so, keep reading.


Gay fashion tips


Vazol-What-to-wear-on-a-gay-first-date-BannerWe want to showcase your personality, lifestyle and for this, sometimes it’s better to let the clothes speak for themselves when wearing them.


As long as we can keep the style and the way we are in a date look, we are more than halfway done.


I want you to be fashionable and, at the same time, be able to show a sense of humor. Remember that the first impression does count and matters a lot, our outfit will speak first then us.


So, I invite you to continue reading to discover some things to take into account when dressing for your big day.


1. The wrinkles, forget them.


Beyond what is the how. The garment you decide to wear cannot be wrinkled. Ironing clothes before the date is crucial to show that we are neat and tidy (which we should be). Clothes probably don’t need ironing, however, you can check and iron them just to avoid the bad feeling of a wrinkled and unkempt shirt.


2. Neutral or dark colors. 


For a first date, you have to be natural. Show your comfortable, elegant, and free self to show who you are and what you like. However, you have to get an interesting look without looking forced or fake. Avoid fancy patterns. Instead, go for neutral or dark colors that lead to a monochrome outfit. Plus, it’s a subtle and smart way to show you’re on top of trends.


3. Don’t forget to play with layers.


In short, you will be in trend and very happy, because layers are dominating today’s catwalks. Why though? Because it offers simplicity. So, try wearing a buttoned or unbuttoned T-shirt with a light cardigan or bomber… On the other hand, you can never go wrong with a leather jacket.


4. Pay attention to footwear.


Many people may not pay attention to this, but you must do so. So do not choose the first ones that come to your hand when it comes to dressing. You have to make sure that the ones you use transmit what you want.


Make sure they are clean before you go out.


What to wear on a gay date?


Vazol-What-to-wear-on-a-gay-first-date-BannerIt will depend a lot on where you will go. And no, don’t leave your favorite clothes among your options, because they will not always adapt to where you go, and, it can be a safe area from which you need to leave.


Give yourself the opportunity for a “new partner, new life.”What do I mean by this? There are many ideas that you can afford depending on where you go.


Here I will give you some other tips that can help you think about what to wear on that special day. Who knows? Maybe you will build a lasting relationship.


I would feel super proud, really.


1. Style and comfort, What to wear on a gay first date


If you go to a local, a bar, or a standard restaurant, you can use something comfortable and elegant at the same time.


A pair of gray fisherman pants with a brown belt to match a beige shirt, sneakers of the same color as the pants is a very eighties but flattering option.


Another option is beige jeans, a white basic shirt and a denim jacket combined with white tennis shoes will be an option that will make you look cool and comfortable with style.




2. An outfit to look fabulous, What to wear on a gay first date


Yes, we know that first dates are important because of first impressions. However, this does not mean that you cannot dress as you are, unique and special. I want you to not be ashamed to show your personality and make yourself noticed. For something more nocturnal and fancy, you can choose the suit of your preference.


Use it with colored or patterned shirts, and you can wear it open, with a tie or bow tie. Whatever you choose and go according to who you are. You can also opt for the pocket square.


3. Transparencies and leather, What to wear on a gay first date


In a total black look, you can choose a transparent shirt and play with textures, such as tight leather pants and a blazer with lapels. Pair it with some suede or military-style boots and let security speak for you!


Another option is the transparency of pantyhose with black dress pants and matching shoes. Transparencies look much better in a total look.


4. A jumpsuit can speak for you, What to wear on a gay first date


Risky, but very sensual, a jumpsuit can be the ideal option for your first date outing. In any color or pattern, buttoned to the last and with a figure-marking belt, it will make you stand out in the blink of an eye. In addition, you will be very in trend if you wear it with white shoes, boots or black loafers.


What should I wear on the first date? What to wear on a gay first date


This is simple and straightforward: you can wear what you like and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. The important thing is that you wear what you wear while being full of style and comfort.


That when you see that person who makes your heart race to three thousand beats per second, the first impression you convey is that of a confident gay man, with love for life and the fashionista world.


Make that person feel that they are with the right one.


The rest is on your side.


At Vazol we are happy to bring these tips to your home and we want to know more about you. Tell us what did you think about this article, and what would you take to a first date? What would you feel most comfortable with?

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