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What is the best beard for my face?

What is the best beard for my face? Beards are unique for every person, and everyone has their own style that adapts to their hair and face shape.


Growing a beard is an exercise of patience. A retouch with scissors or a clumsy trimmer could set you back for weeks or even months. So, you must know exactly what shape you want in your beard. You must strive for a beard that matches the shape of your face and enhances it. Not one that only follows the contours of your face to a specific length.

Beyond the shape of your face, there are certain things to consider when picking a style

First things first: length. How long do you want to keep your beard for? It can depend on your personal lifestyle or your social and professional context. It is also important to consider empty spaces. We all have unique beard coverage. Where and how big your hair-less patches are will determine what style will work better on you.

We also have to take into consideration beard density. This is genetic and some men are simply not capable of creating thick and dense no matter how hard they try.

Tips to know what beard to grow

What face shape do I have?

Vazol-What is the best beard for my face-What face shape do I haveTo ensure all future beard trimming decisions are right, it is important to know the shape of the face. How to determine this is simple. First, you need a flexible measuring tape. Then, you need to take the following measurements and register as you go.


  • Forehead: measure the face from the peak of the eyebrows to the peak of the opposite side.


  • Cheekbones: start and finish at the pointy part below each eye’s external corner.


  • Jaw: measure from the point of the chin to below the ear where the jaw tips upwards. Multiply this number by two to get the jaw’s measurements.


  • Face length: measure from the middle of the hairline to the tip of the chin.


Once you have taken all of these measurements, keep in mind which one is the biggest of the four. Then, compare this to the seven main profiles to figure out where your face lands.

Face types


1. Oval

In this kind of face, the face length is bigger than the width of the cheekbones, and the forehead is bigger than the jaw’s line. The angle of the jaw is rounded instead of sharp.

2. Rectangular

The length of the face is the biggest measurement. Forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are all similar in size.

3. Triangular

The jawline is bigger than the cheekbones, which are bigger than the forehead.

4. Round

The cheekbones and the length of the face have similar measurements. They are bigger than the forehead and the jaw, which also have similar measurements. The jaw’s angle is softer and much less defined.

Vazol-How-To-Shave-Your-Beard-Completely-Off-Banne5. Heart

The forehead is bigger than the cheekbones and the jaw. The chin is pointy.

6. Square

Every measurement is very similar. The angle of the jaw is sharp instead of round.

7. Diamond

The length of the face is bigger. Then, in descending order: the cheekbones, forehead and the smallest is the jawline. The chin is pointy.

How to pick the best beard for your face shape?


What beard fits an Oval face the best?

With an oval shape, there is a wide array of beard styles you can have that many men cannot pull off. This versatility comes from owning both square and round features, which means you do not need to balance anything. All you need to focus on is to keep your beard and look for your best appearance.

What beard fits a Rectangular face the best?

Vazol-What is the best beard for my face-What beard fits a Rectangular face the bestA rectangular is the longest face shape. Therefore, having a long, triangular, or pointy beard style on your shin will not do you any favors.


Having fuller cheeks on a beard will give the illusion of having a wider jaw, making sure the attention is taken away from the length of the face entirely.


Do not try to exaggerate the shape you already have. So give a little width and, if you can, grow hair higher up on the cheeks as well.


If you do this, you will avoid making your face look too long.




What beard face fits a Triangular face the best?

Vazol-What is the best beard for my face-What beard face fits a Triangular face the bestWith a triangular face, which is essentially the opposite of a “heart” shape, the aim is to draw attention away from the prominent chin.


The easiest way to do this is to wear a mustache with stubble. This is a serious and fresh look that will draw attention higher on the face.

With this hybrid style, you must avoid any beard that is too full or thick on the cheeks.


This can give an unwanted impression of an even wider jaw. Keeping the hair away from the cheeks allows you to carry some sideburns lower on the face. Instead, you can square the lower part.


What beard fits a Round face the best?

Vazol-What is the best beard for my face-What beard fits a Round face the bestBeard-prep must never be overlooked, regardless of the face shape.


However, growing a bigger, careless beard, in this case, will only turn your head into a bowling ball. SO, to fight this, you need to work on your angles.


A round face benefits from having a triangular style. You must go for a shorter beard on the cheeks, and longer towards the chin.


For example, a goatee with some stubble on the cheeks will give the illusion of a longer and sharpest chin.



What beard fits a Heart-shaped face the best?

Vazol-What is the best beard for my face-What beard fits a Heart-shaped face the bestNo man wants to be accused of having a weak chin. Fortunately for those who have a heart-shaped face, there is a way to fix this with a beard.

That said, you should not invest right away in beard oil, combs, and trimmers from the start. This is a smaller face shape, so a beard will only make your face look smaller. The risk lies in growing a beard and turning your face all-beard.

Instead, go for a design stubble on the sides that will give you a rough-and-ready look without dominating your natural bone structure.


In the meantime, try to leave more length on the chin and on the mustache to add more depth and volume to your jawline.



What beard fits a Square face the best?

Vazol-What is the best beard for my face-What beard fits a Square face the bestA square beard with defined lines and straight angles will not flatter a wider jawline.


To complement this face shape, make sure the chin area is rounded or triangular.


Elongating the chin with a goatee helps to soften thick and wide jaw, at the same time as it creates a chiseled look.


This will also focus the eye on other features of the face, given you the chance to shine.



What beard fits a Diamond-shape face the best?

Vazol-What is the best beard for my face-What beard fits a Diamond-shape face the bestThe diamond-shaped face is wider on the cheekbones, with a narrow forehead and jaw, which are symmetrical in width.


Therefore, the aim should be to keep some hair on the chin to make up for the cheekbones, so leave the razor down. Ideally, you should square the prominent chin to create the illusion of a balanced bone structure.


It is important to keep in mind that length cuts your chin as well. Do not spend too much time on the chin, anything too pointy can emphasize this face shape. You can go wider on the cheeks and wider on the jawline, so square at the lowest part of your face.




The key to growing a beard is giving it time


Vazol-What is the best beard for my face-The key to growing a beard is giving it timeThis is really the first and most important step. The good news is that you just need to NOT shave. One of the most amazing traits you will get is patience.


It takes approximately 30 days for the beard to come into play. In fact, facial hair grows, on average, 1 centimeter every month. So if you are aiming for a 15-centimeter beard, it will probably take an entire year to grow.


Do men really dedicate so much time to growing a beard? Yes, and it is important to know that hair grows at different speeds. You will notice more thickness in certain areas because of this. But do not be alarmed or tempted to even them out. It is all part of the process.

Besides, keep in mind that a beard can cause some itching in the first 1-2 weeks. This is why many men give up and go back to shaving. But, if you have made your decision, you can stand the discomfort (with the help of some beard oil or a similar product). After this period has passed, the beard turns softer, more manageable, and a lot less itchy.

You need to take care of your beard

Vazol-What is the best beard for my face-You need to take care of your beardThere are men who let their beards grow and take good care of them. Having a nice and groomed beard improves the appearance and makes it easier to keep. If you take care of your beard, in the same way as you take care of your hair, you can have a more sophisticated and elegant look. Next, we will give you some tools to take care of your beard.

Beard oil helps to deal with flakes or itchiness, at the same time as it keeps facial hair hydrated and smelling great. A softener helps make the stubble softer during the earlier growth stages.

A beard comb or brush can be used to get rid of tangles in your beard before leaving the house.

As for beard trimming, there is only one important rule to follow: do not trim too close to the chin and neck area. The general structure of a beard needs a good base. If you leave all the hair in this area shorter, it can look strange and incomplete.

Using the best parts of the beard

Vazol-What is the best beard for my face-Using the best parts of the beardThere is no right or wrong way to grow a beard. As we mentioned earlier, there are different beard styles you can experiment with. You can choose to go bigger and wild or try a neat version with shorter hair and straighter lines.

You need to find out which areas of the facial hair are your strong points, and take advantage of them. Maybe your mustache grows nice and thick. Or a goatee goes perfectly with your jaw. Or maybe different sideburns go better with your hairstyle.


Therefore, you will want to check the “lush” areas of your facial hair from the start. This will help you choose which beard style to pick.


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