What colors go with your skin tone

What colors go with your skin tone to look like a fashionable man

What colors go with your skin tone to look like a fashionable man. Meeting you is a pleasure. And it should be that way because knowing what your colors are and what looks good on your skin type is what will help you the most when shopping and choosing seasonal looks.


I´m more than sure that when you go shopping or to get a haircut or simply male makeup, you care about everything suiting your style according to your skin and face type. Choosing the wrong tones can lead us to create fails that you will probably regret right away.


In addition, we don´t want you to wake up one day and look pale and with dark circles. So, knowing the colorimetry of your skin will make you look much younger and healthier.


It´s no secret to anyone that some colors look better than others in our skin tone. That´s why when we look at our closets, we can realize that sometimes we give priority to some colors more than others. Colors that highlight the characteristics of our skin. And that´s the secret to looking as radiant as the sun.


Today at Vazol we invite you to stay with us to discover which one is yours. To find out what suits you and what doesn’t. Read on to find out more.


What kind of skin colors are there?


According to the Fitzpatrick scale, there are six skin phototypes thanks to the presence of melanin. Which is a substance that´s produced by melanocytes and generates the pigmentation of the skin, eyes, and hair. The main function of melanin is to protect the skin from solar radiation, especially UVA rays. The more melanin your skin has, the darker it is, so it will have more photoprotection. The same in reverse.


According to the records, in the 20th century, a well-known American dermatologist and Harvard professor named Thomas Fitzpatrick classified them. All by tanning and divided them into six.


What colors go with your skin tone

  • Type I:


People who have this type of skin are usually Albinos or Caucasians. Also, with red or blond hair, they generally have blue eyes, freckles, pink or pale skin. It´s common in Scandinavians or Celts and they tend to burn very easily when exposed to the sun. They require a lot of care.


  • Type II:


This type of skin is common in caucasian races, fair skin, blond hair, blue, green, or hazelnut eyes. They also tend to burn easily. But they can become slowly tanned, which causes them to adopt an almost imperceptible brown tone.


  • Type III:


This type of skin is of races from like Central Europe. It´s centered in olive tones and some cases in Mediterranean and Asian ones. Blonde or light brown hair, green or brown eye color and during the winter season they get lighter


What colors go with your skin tone

  • Type IV:


This type of skin is characteristical of the Mediterranean, American races. They have light brown skin, brown hair, brown eyes. It´s common in the Mediterranean with light brown undertones, Asians with light yellow or light brown tones. Latinos or people from the Middle East with olive undertones.


  • Type V:


This one is of the Middle Eastern, Asian, and Latino races. The skin is dark brown, with dark brown eyes. Caramel-colored skin.




  • Type VI:


This type of skin is of African and African American races. They have black skin, dark brown eyes, and hair.


What colors go with my skin tone? For men


I want you to know that the first thing you should do is define what your skin tone is. For that, you must stand in front of a mirror in a place very well lit with natural light. If your skin tends towards yellow or gold you are warm. And if it tends towards pink or white your tone is cold.


Now, there are interesting combinations that can perfectly match the skin tone from the lightest to the darkest. And that´s why today I want to talk to you about that range.


  • Colors for white skin.


The colors that look best to men with white skin are dark tones such as blues, reds, greens, and purples. If your skin is white you can use browns and nudes that are stronger.


You must leave the yellow out because it doesn´t compliment you. However, black is an excellent option, as is white. Although if your skin tone is very light, you can choose to combine it with colors that stand out.


In the summer you can play with intermediate tones between these colors that I´ve mentioned. And use subdued tones if you´re going to play with dark tones. Since this will allow you to have personality and strength in your outfit.


What colors suit brown men?


There are several ranges of brown skin tones. So here I bring you an idea of ​​some colors you can use if you´re brown-skinned and want to dress appropriately to your tone. Take note of these tips.


  • Colors for brown skin.


They´re a very particular type of skin. So, if this is your skin tone, I recommend that you don’t choose dark colors. Because they will wash out your body color pallet. I invite you to always try to combine light colors to soften your looks.


Also, you should avoid under any circumstances the brown and beige tones in jackets or shirts. Since they can mimic and make you look dull and opaque. I suggest you swap them for pinks and intermediates between turquoise blue, green, yellow, and salmon.


  • Colors for dark skin.


Believe it or not, this skin color brings many advantages to those who wear it. Because you can combine it in different colors. But the color that generally will always predominate will be white, shades of gray, khakis, and blues.


Skip the purples, browns, and blues because they won’t help you stand out. It´s advisable to wear black and white patterned polo shirts and dress shirts. Since experimentation in bright colors doesn´t look good.


What do you think about this article? Do you already know what´s the skin type that characterizes you? 

At Vazol we hope that from now on every time you go out, you´ll do it with the best of styles. We assure you that by taking these tips into account you will never be out of tune again.

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