What can I wear with brown shoes

What can I wear with brown shoes?

What can I wear with brown shoes? Despite being a very common shoe and one of the best ones to achieve incredible outfits, not everyone feels comfortable wearing them. However, today I want you to open your mind and give them a chance, since they don’t have so much color, they have more time to live.


Believe me when I tell you that wearing brown shoes isn’t complicated. In fact, by following these tips from Vazol, you will avoid common mistakes and will be able to perfect every outfit that you dare to wear. Ready to discover how we can wear brown shoes with style? Keep reading to learn some basic rules!


Before starting, I would like to show you a few things to keep in mind when using this shoe.


Don’t wear them with a black tuxedo or white tie.


What can I wear with brown shoesWhile it’s true that they’re perfect for many things, they aren’t made for certain outfits, such as tuxedos. Why? Because coffee is intrusive and different, they will always be noticed and steal the limelight.


  • The type of shoe.


Not everything is about color, the model you wear is also important. For example, if you wear a suit, oxfords are the best option, meanwhile, if you go for something more casual, you can choose leather boots.


  • The perfect match.


Although we can see the same color, it also varies in its hue. Now, I recommend using it in a dark tone for a gray or blue suit. However, you can also wear them with jeans, because you can complement them with a jacket or shirt.


  • The stockings or socks.


And this is probably one of the questions that many of you must ask yourself. What socks do I wear to match them? In this sense, I recommend using blue or some with patterns. However, you must be aware of the tones and especially the pants.


What kind of clothes goes with brown shoes?


What can I wear with brown shoesKnowing how to combine brown shoes is often complex for many. However, I want you to know that it’s easier than you think. You must take into account the texture to the combination of the colors. Do you have brown shoes? Combine them like this!


  • The ideal pants, What can I wear with brown shoes.


Being such a versatile shoe, it looks good with almost everything, so if you choose black pants it will go very well, if you choose chinos, even better. With them, your classic brown shoes will look very good.


For its part, you can also choose jeans, as they are a great alternative. You can also opt for beige pants and dark brown shoes. In addition, you can combine it with white pants.


  • The top must be correct.


It’s all a matter of understanding the components and the contrast. You know what the right pants are, it’s time to find out what’s the best top, which may be a bit more complex, but nothing to write home about. Here, what’s important is to match it to your pants.


In this sense, you can opt for a white shirt with black pants and brown shoes. At the same time, you can opt for a black t-shirt that you can combine in a total look and bring out color with your brown shoes.


  • Vazol style, What can I wear with brown shoes.


Of course, we couldn’t stay behind. In our store, you can get some Lycra shirts in different types of black that will be perfect in a total black look and wear it with the brown shoes of your choice.


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What’s left with brown shoes?


As you may have realized, there are many combinations you can play with to wear brown shoes in different shades. Now, what else can help you? A gray blazer or in your palette, because this color looks good with almost any skin tone.


Now, if you decide to wear a light gray or white that is on the top or pants, the other part must be dark, and the shoes must be brown.

How to wear brown sneakers?


The secret of shoes is knowing how you should wear them in your day to day, as you know. When it comes to classic pieces, such as a pair of brown shoes, people tend to create a great variety of myths. However, we will disprove them one by one from now on. Pay attention!


  • They aren’t for formal events, What can I wear with brown shoes.


Lie! What you have to take into account is that, as I explained above, they should not be used when wearing a tux, however, they look great with other formal outfits.


  • Brown shoes with jeans.


Always! Just take into account the cut of the pants and the type of shoe you will use for what type of look. If you opt for something more oversize, opt for more relaxed footwear.


  • Combine it with a belt, jacket, backpack, or bag, What can I wear with brown shoes.


No! Just no! You can make an interesting match with shoes and a belt. However, it doesn’t have to be with all of your clothes. Allow yourself to play with other shades of brown.


  • Don’t use them with a shirt.


Forget about this! If you wear a good basic shirt and a bomber jacket, you can wear your brown sneakers. Dare to experiment!


  • Never brown and black, What can I wear with brown shoes.


Of course, they do go together and they look great! We’re in the 21st century, we can mix styles and colors and look great.


What color of shoes goes with everything?


Do you still have doubts? I really hope not. Technically black is the shoe that goes with absolutely everything. However, brown is the second one on that list because they go with almost everything. As you may have noticed, the trick is knowing how to combine them and wear them with the best of attitudes.


If you notice, you can use it with any color of pants, you just have to learn to play with the shades of brown you’re going to use to achieve the effect you want. The brown shoe can get you out of trouble at any time, so don’t put them aside.


At Vazol we invite you to break stereotypes and dare to wear unique and fun garments that complement your style with those brown shoes that can get you out of trouble so much. Do you already have your shoes? What do you think of these ideas?

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