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5 ways to wear neon like a fashionista

5 ways to wear neon like a fashionista. The neon color has become a strong trend in this first quarter of the year. So, from now on you must be more than updated to wear it like the fashionista and fashion lover that you are. In this sense, I invite you to uncover those tastes for these electric colors. Acidulated and with more caramel than anything else.


Right now, according to GQ magazine, there’s a taffy fantasy. Which is as robust as the one we experienced in the ’90s. I mean, there’s a weird Willy Wonka-style fascination with candy. This brought rave culture to extend its tentacles and infect us all with its good taste.


For this reason, we´re seeing this revolution of neon color, with such a prominent role that it leaves us impressed. And it´s considered a somewhat normal response after confinement. Because after neutrality and clothes full of formality, now we need the aesthetics of color. We need to feel alive. And although this pandemic isn´t over, we can have a little more freedom to go out, with awareness of course.


How to dress with neon colors? Ways to wear neon like a fashionista.


5 ways to wear neon like a fashionista | VazolWearing this particular color palette is somewhat daring and risky. Nothing you can’t handle though. Because with your good taste and our help at Vazol we found some ways you can make a statement by wearing this trend.


Think monochrome. It´s fashionable and very up-to-date. And we could see it better in the Canali and Qasimi collections. Which showed us that you can wear a full flour color look. Combine a suit with a white t-shirt to tone down the intensity of the color a bit and look lighter.


A very psychedelic look. Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana showed us that on their catwalks. With very psychedelic graphics, complemented with jewelry and some more vintage-style prints. You can wear these looks on a suit in a total look or with a shirt in a neutral color to tone it down.


Rainbow Gradient. To make you feel like a unicorn. So, wearing gradient neons can be a very interesting style. One that you can combine with traditional-style white sneakers because they will give you a very cool look.


Combine in blocks. Neon colors have the particularity of being very decisive. Meaning, striking. And the interesting thing that Luis Vuitton showed us is that they can be worn in both pieces. As long as it´s with a solid base color, that will give your look a lot of character.


What clothes to wear to a neon party?


5 ways to wear neon like a fashionista | VazolWays to wear neon like a fashionista. These very bright colors can be considered a bit excessive and can seem unusually daring. So, sometimes you can think that they don´t combine easily. But they’re fun and I want you to get out of your head that you can’t easily wear them. Because the truth is that it´s possible and much more so when it’s time to go to a party.


Bright yellow. It was very fashionable last year. And at the beginning of 2022, we will also see it in its most garish tones. You can change the gray for black or brown and I guarantee that it will look great. What I recommend is that you avoid too flashy accessories. You must follow your good taste for party outfits and be the center of attention.


Pink, but very strong. This color is spectacular and striking at the same time. It can give you a very romantic air, which helps to wear it with more neutral colors. Ones such as black or white, because it will help you give your face more life. Now, for a party, you can combine it with denim jeans and a bomber jacket.


Don’t be afraid of purple. Eye-catching, fresh, and gives a lot of joy to those who see it and wear it. So, it´s one of the colors that can take us back to the 80s. Also, dare to combine it with yellow, green, or even red. This combination will be explosive to the party.


Electric Green. Perfect to wear with brown, white, and blue tones, because it will give you a balance to look very striking. But you will never lose style. You will remember me. Also, this color goes very well with prints and some sporty details. As it gives you more of a street style, which is now very popular at parties.


Happiness orange. Many associate oranges with joy and joviality. And you can afford to wear them on shirts, ties, or other accessories that match the style while still going for your most elegant side. You can opt for blue suits so that your outfit has a life of its own.


What’s the neon blue color?


Ways to wear neon like a fashionista. We can´t forget the neon blue color. Because it´s also part of this great trend that´s very fashionable this first month of the year. You can wear it in a psychedelic look, as proposed by Moschino. Or in its combination of matching blocks with colors that achieve a unique and original outfit.


The secret to wearing neon is to use them with neutral colors to dull the garishness. And you can wear black, white, or camel. Although gray will also help you get what you want. Another important point is that you try to have only one garment that highlights your look. Unless, of course, you wear one of the suits mentioned above, because otherwise, it will look unbalanced.


Something worth mentioning is that, if you don’t have the slightest idea of ​​how to combine this color, but you´re determined to wear it, you can do it. In touches or as a complement such as a bag, a hat, or shoes. Because they will give an interesting tone to your outfit.


Now, remember that what matters is that they complement these rather striking colors. In a look that inspires confidence and attitude. It´s not about using them for the sake of wearing them. And remember that each color you wear must be in balance with your skin tone. So, when choosing this palette, know your strengths well.


At Vazol we want you to take the risk of wearing neon and tell us about your experience. Also, we want to invite you to our store. So that you have in mind some of our garments that can be very well complemented with those neon colors.

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