Vazol - Types of socks for men and how to wear them - Mens clothing

Types of socks for men and how to wear them

Types of socks for men and how to wear them. The theme of socks for men, like many garments in the fashion world, has also evolved. And the thing is, having a pair of black and white stockings is not enough anymore.


It would be a crime to attend a formal event where you must dress up wearing white sports socks along with a pantsuit and jacket. Therefore, currently, there is a type of sock to wear according to the occasion, type of clothing, color, etc.


If you have doubts about which one to choose when shopping and you end up with a classic daily package, then today, we will clarify your questions. All so that from now on, you become an expert when choosing this underappreciated but essential accessory.


Importance of socks in your outfit


As we mentioned, many people do not give the necessary importance to this accessory since it can end up giving that special touch to your wardrobe or damage it immediately if you do not choose the right pair, in addition to being decisive in the style you want to show.


What are the materials of the socks?


  • Cotton


Vazol - Types of socks for men and how to wear them - Mens clothingIt is one of the most common materials that we find in the market. Cotton is characterized by bringing freshness and lightness to the garments made with it, ideal for hot days or climates. However, in thicker models, they are perfect for cold weather.


This type of sock is very common in sports. They are usually durable and, best of all, affordable. And in terms of colors and designs, we find an infinite number of options.


  • Wool


Wool is a textile that goes hand in hand with low temperatures to protect from their ravages. But it is crucial to consider that it does not have a great capacity to absorb moisture, so this type of environment should be avoided when using it. You can find pure wool socks that are thicker and tend to be abrasive, and a synthetic version that is softer and more comfortable than the previous one. They are robust, and that makes them durable but not cheap compared to other types of materials.


Vazol - Types of socks for men and how to wear them - Cashmere

  • Cashmere


A wool-like material, it provides warmth in cold climates and comfort but is delicate. Therefore, it must be cared for by hand washing to avoid damage to the fibers.


  • Silk


Silk is a delicate fabric, so it is reserved for formal or elegant occasions. It does not have the durability of cotton or wool, so if you buy a pair, reserve them for outings and special occasions.




  • Synthetics


Many sports garments are currently made from this type of material, with socks for practicing sports being one of the main products we can find in this textile.


When combined with natural fibers such as cotton and wool, they become more durable and comfortable for doing sports.


What are the types of socks for men?


Vazol - Types of socks for men and how to wear them - Mens clothing

  • Invisibles, Types of socks for men.


As their name indicates, they are designed not to be seen by the naked eye. And for this reason, they only cover the sole and the edge of it.


Its purpose is to provide further comfort when wearing the shoe and avoid chafing.


We recommend wearing them with casual and informal low-cut shoes such as nautical models, moccasins, or sports shoes.


  • Shorts, Types of socks for men.


Despite their similarity, they are different from the invisibles. This model is usually a little longer but without showing too much. Its use is also casual and sporty.



Vazol - Types of socks for men and how to wear them - Anklets

  • Anklets, Types of socks for men.


Very similar to the previous ones, this type of sock, unlike its predecessors, protrudes approximately 4-5 cm above the ankle and thus protects the foot from rubbing and discomfort when walking.


Their main thing was for sports use.


However, currently, they are worn with casual shoes and even for elegant occasions and can be used with any shoe.




Vazol - avoid recycling socks from one day to the next - Calf-high

  • Calf-high, Types of socks for men.


We begin to describe knee-high socks.


And in this case, this model, as its title reads, covers up to the calf.


It is very common to see socks of this length in the sports field, but we also find this model in dress socks in other more casual and formal materials.


  • Knee High, Types of socks for men.


They reach the knee, but without going over it, they are ideal to use in cold climates as part of the first layers of clothing. Also, in finer materials, they serve to be worn on casual and formal occasions.


Vazol - avoid recycling socks from one day to the next - Tights

  • Tights, Types of socks for men.


They are full stockings and are usually used in winter or extreme cold seasons as the first layer of clothing. We find them in cotton and wool materials for greater warmth. Also, they are used as sports compression stockings to speed recovery and prevent wear.


  • Sporty, Types of socks for men.


We find them in synthetic material. Mostly, they are made to offer ventilation and moisture absorption to the foot when practicing sports. As well as compression to avoid muscle fatigue and, in cold climates, keep you warm.


How many socks should a man have?


You should keep in mind that dark-colored cotton socks should be the priority choice when buying since they are used for all kinds of occasions, both casual and informal. We recommend having one pair for each day of the week and avoiding recycling socks from one day to the next.


What is the correct sock color?


If the shoe is brown, you should use the same color but in a darker tone. In case of using another color of shoes, go for a pair of black socks.


Basic tips to avoid mistakes with your socks.


Vazol - avoid recycling socks from one day to the next - Basic tips to avoid mistakes with your socks

  • Leave white socks only for sports.
  • The invisible and short socks are only for informal or casual occasions, never for elegant events.
  • The material must be consistent with the clothes you wear since both must combine in color and this aspect. Soft and fine cotton adapts very well to classic suit pants.
  • The darker the color, the bougier the event. So black socks should be reserved for wearing with a tuxedo. And, in the case of navy blue or charcoal gray, for professional environments.
  • The socks should always be a lighter shade than the pants. Except when dressing up, then it is good to opt for total black.
  • The calf must not be seen, not even in cases where the legs are crossed, and the pants are up. In the case of rigid fabric jeans, we recommend a pair of calf-length socks and a model of the high ones for more fluid pants.


We want the act of choosing your socks not to give you a headache. So, follow these tips and always dress appropriately at all times and for all places and occasions!

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