Types of glasses to look fashionable

Types of glasses that will make you look fashionable at all times

Types of glasses that will make you look fashionable at all times. It’s incredible how some things over time went from being a mockery to a complement that elevates your style and outfit. Therefore, it also helps our self-esteem. Do you wear glasses? Did they make fun of you in college or school for having them?


Now that will no longer be a problem because, in reality, the fashion industry and style experts have defined that they not only help us look more interesting but also raise our style from zero to one hundred. This boom has generated so much impact that people now use them without glasses to look better.


We can find varied designs such as modern or more avant-garde styles, through classic designs or a more vintage and retro style. Glasses are in! You just need to decipher or know what your style is to take them with the best of attitudes.


It’s for this reason that today in Vazol we’re going to help you, show you what are the types of glasses that you should use to see to look fashionable. Are you ready for this adventure?


What types of glasses are in fashion?


Types of glasses to look fashionableAre you interested in fashion and looking sexy and spectacular? I know! Glasses are also becoming fashionable and today we are here to help you in that incessant search to find the ones that best suit you according to the latest fashion trends.


First, I would like to clarify that choosing them is a task that can be tedious and a bit complicated. They have to adapt to the shape of your face, as it’s the most important thing.


Otherwise, you won’t create the impact you’re looking for. However, don’t be discouraged, there are many brands, frames, and also materials that you can choose from. Do you have a pencil and paper? Write these tips down!


  • Half-frame: sophisticated.


In tortoiseshell or brown, transparent or black, half-frame lenses are ideal to wear to any occasion, no matter how old you are. They are a classic model, inspired by another era, but that also makes you look modern and simple.


  • Thick and square: the trendiest, Types of glasses to look fashionable. 


These glasses go too well with people who have a round or oval face. You can also find square, metal, or pasta frames. They are resistant and robust, which makes them a perfect option for players or athletes.


  • Aviator style.


Unmistakable! Their water drop shape makes them super modern and always considered a good option to wear with style. They look great on almost all types of faces and give you a very interesting and retro look.


  • Vintage type: designs and shapes, Types of glasses to look fashionable.


Do you love vintage? Then this is the option that best suits you. The colors, in contrast, are very fashionable. To find the freedom to choose the shape that best suits you to be a complete winner.


  • Geometric type: originality.


Of my favorites, they give a lot of style to the face and you can find them large and geometric: hexagonal or octagonal. What I like the most is that they fit any face shape and are also very original.


What glasses make you look younger?


Choosing the lenses is a task that we must fulfill with meticulousness and scrutiny. After all, not all frames will fit us well. One of the things it can do is make you look younger or older, why is this happening? Because it’s essential to choose the correct ones, otherwise it’s impossible not to notice them.


In this sense, if you want to look good, fashionable, and also jovial with your glasses, you should take these recommendations into account.


  • Stay in trend, Types of glasses to look fashionable.


Always updated, because it’s what will keep your face cheerful. A good recommendation is the cat eyes or vintage type because they will give you a very simple look that will highlight your cheekbones.


  • Choose the ones that suit your style, Types of glasses to look fashionable.


Your personality goes above everything. Your glasses shouldn’t be too big or too small for your face type. It’s important to make sure that the frame isn’t higher than the eyebrow.


  • You must have more than one and in different colors, Types of glasses to look fashionable.


Don’t be afraid to be different, unique, and be true to yourself with the glasses you’re wearing. However, you can vary the frame for a few days. Always looking to surprise and highlight the color of your eyes.


What kind of lenses go with your face?


As I have explained, comfort is very important, as well as your confidence. Knowing and accepting the shape of your face is a plus that will be very helpful when choosing your lenses. Do you know how to get the shape of your face? Get a tape measure!


The first step is to measure the length of your face and you will do it by locating the midpoint of your hairline, passing over the nose to the chin. Second, you are going to measure your forehead, finding the widest part between the two points. Next, measure the distance between your cheeks across the top of your cheekbones after the outer corner of your eye.


Finally, you are going to measure the line of your jaw from the beginning of your jaw to the tip of your chin, that measurement you multiply by two to obtain the length of both sides.


  • Square shape. 


It’s almost the same measurement in length as in width, the measurements of the forehead and cheeks are similar and the jaw has defined angles. The lenses that best suit you are the ones that balance the lines, therefore always choose round or oval frames. Thin and delicate frames. However, these frames should be wider than the cheekbones.


  • Rectangular shape.


They’re longer than they are wide, the cheeks measure the same as the forehead and the jaw. Its angles are well-defined and straight at the corners. They look great with round or curved frames that emphasize the width. Choose frames with equal edges and also that have a low bridge to reduce the size of the nose. Aviator glasses are excellent allies.


  • Oval shaped.


They are longer than they are wide, with the cheeks being wider than the forehead and jaw. They look great with lenses of any frame: teardrop, round, or plastic. If it suits your personality, the better. Play with colors, styles and even adapt them to your mood.


  • Circle shape. 


The same length and width. It has wider cheeks than the forehead, and the jaw and chin line is curved and round. Round faces go very well with pronounced frames: square and rectangular.


  • Triangular shape.


They are longer than they are wide, but slightly. The forehead is wider than the jawline and the chin is slightly narrower, slimmer, and longer. This type of face looks great with lenses that highlight the middle of the frame, such as semi-open, two-tone, or thin metallic.


  • Diamond shape


The measurements of this face are wider than the forehead and the jawline. Defined and straight angles at the corners. You will see better with rectangular lenses are the ideal one’s for you.

Types of lenses to look fashionable


What do you think about this article? Do you already have your next glasses? It’s very important so that from now on you go out with a lot of style with them as a complement to your look and always look fabulous.

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