Type of mens underwear, origin, and advantages of each one | Vazol

Type of men’s underwear, origin, and advantages of each one

Type of men’s underwear, origin, and advantages of each one. Underwear did not always have the use it has today. Formerly, this type of clothing implied a need to keep the intimate parts acclimatized during the cold seasons.


It evolved over time. And its meaning has varied, even in a social way. Since, at one point, it even determined the status of a person.


Origin and evolution of underwear


Type of mens underwear, origin, and advantages of each one | VazolThe birth of this piece of clothing dates back to the year 5000 BC. And it consisted of a piece of cloth, which both men and women placed around their waist, passing it through their crotch, all to cover their intimate parts, protecting them from the cold.


  • Early 1600s


By the beginning of 1600, the underwear models had changed drastically. The men’s garments in the form of breeches, counting 13 inches in length, are similar to the jockey model today. Also, presenting laces at the height of the waist and ankles to adjust it.


  • Industrial Age


In 1930, short pants with buttons as underwear was popularized. Which were initially made for the soldiers of World War I and were available to everyone later.


At this same time, the union suit began to be mass-produced. It was a complete garment covering the entire body, reaching its ends to the cuffs and ankles. Its main characteristic is the warmth it provides.


Another type of underwear that also emerged during these years is the boxer type. This garment was also designed for the use of infantry soldiers during World War I. They were used by everyone later with great acceptance.


Type of mens underwear, origin, and advantages of each one | Vazol

  • Arrival of the 80s


In the 80s, the thong model appears, specifically in the South American region, to later reach the north. It had a good reception and was perceived as a sexy garment. And it was strongly related to the fashion of aerobic clothing of tights and leotards used for exercising.


  • Present


Today it is possible to find from the most basic models to even more daring ones. In this evolution, what has been sought is that each garment offers comfort with its use.


Types of men’s underwear


  • Briefs, Type of men’s underwear.


Type of mens underwear, origin, and advantages of each one | VazolIt is the most common and popular type of men’s underwear. They are characterized by being tight, short, and made of cotton material. They fit perfectly to the body without being uncomfortable.


We find them in 3 types:


Short: which adjusts and offers coverage to the intimate and lower waist areas.


Medium: It is less tight than the short and covers the waist area completely. It is ideal for use with formal wear and suits and sportswear, and everyday wear.


Long: As its name suggests, it is the longest of this classification, giving greater coverage to the crotch area. And starting from the area just below the navel. It can be used in the same way as its predecessor, the medium brief.


  • Boxer shorts, Type of men’s underwear.


This is another highly sought-after and used model. A type of long garment whose extension reaches a little above the knees and is not tight like other types.


They are very comfortable, thanks to their mobility and the fact that they also cover the entire crotch area. They allow perspiration in that part.


However, the disadvantage of this type of garment is that it offers little support thanks to its loose fit. So, its use is not recommended for sports. This model has been used not as underwear but as sportswear and swimwear.


We can identify the slip type within the boxer, which is slightly tighter than the classic Odell already described. It is described as a hybrid between the boxer shorts and the boxer. Including spandex-type fabric in its construction provides greater elasticity and adjustment to the body.


They offer good coverage in the intimate area, reaching the middle part of the thighs, this part being in particular in cotton fabric for greater comfort.


  • Trunk, Type of men’s underwear.


This model is very similar to the boxer in any of its versions. The difference is that the trunk covers less of the thighs. And there are even swimsuits inspired by this piece, copying its shape and design.


It is tight, flat, and smaller underwear. So, it is perfect for slim and slightly defined bodies. It is ideal for practicing sports, daily use, or visits to the pool or the beach.


  • Tights, Type of men’s underwear.


It is the sports garment par excellence. When we see it, we can identify it or associate it with the typical lycra or sports leggings, but it does not reach the ankles.


It is tight but very flexible and provides good support for the practice of demanding sports activities. Also, it helps avoid injuries due to chafing or other types of injuries.


They start from the lower waist area without completely covering the abdomen, leaving it free to be able to exercise calmly and comfortably.


This garment is ideal and perfect if you usually dedicate yourself to physical exercise.


  • Thong, Type of men’s underwear.


If you are one of those who wears tight clothing, then this is the most suitable intimate garment to look phenomenal.


The thong offers discreet or imperceptible marks. So, you can wear your tight clothes without worrying about what can be marked and consequently tarnished. The elastic that borders the garment is thin and has a piece of fabric that tightly covers only the genitals. Leaving the buttocks completely uncovered.


If you are a fan of total tan, this garment is the perfect one because it will allow you to tan completely. Two types can be located within this classification: The G-String, better known as dental floss. This one is shorter and tighter than the traditional thong. And the Brazilian or semi thread, which offers more coverage and the edge of the waist is thicker.


These models are very similar, so that the selection will depend on your taste. Since they all have the same function and serve equally.


  • Mankini, Type of men’s underwear.


Do you know what the men’s version of a bikini is? The mankini, although it is not so literal.


This garment is thin and tight and is responsible for covering only the genitals. And it has the particularity that it is held using straps that go up the shoulders and go down the back. As if they were suspenders until they join with the main garment. Thus leaving both the buttocks and the back completely uncovered.


If showing off is your thing, the mankini is perfect for you.


  • Jockstrap, Type of men’s underwear.


It has its origin in the accessory used by athletes to protect their genital area from injuries and blows. And today, it is also used as underwear. It offers support in the front through strips, ribbons, or cords passed through the waist, buttocks up to a belt, leaving the back exposed like other models. They imply that you can move quickly and at the same time be protected.


For every taste and style, there is an undergarment that fits perfectly. Its use is essential daily. So, we hope that you will be able to choose the most suitable one for you with this guide, and your outfits will always look incredible and sexy.


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