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Trendy Hairstyles for this Christmas 2022

Trendy Hairstyles for this Christmas 2022. Seasons pass, and they bring changes in clothing and also in the way we style our hair. Each season brings us trends in the fashion world in every way, and of course, this festive season is no exception.


We know these days are special since there are many gatherings and celebrations around Christmas. This is the ideal time to look perfect from head to toe, not only through our clothes but also in our grooming.


So, if you already have your outfit ready but feel you are missing something that gives that special touch to your appearance, let’s find out what hairstyles are trending this season. And thus, choose the one that best suits you and adapts to your taste, style, and physique. With us, you will be more than ready to shine at Christmas.


Trendy Hairstyles For Men 2022


  • Face or Undercut Hairstyle, Trendy Hairstyles for this Christmas.


Vazol - Trendy Hairstyles for this Christmas - Stylish menIt has been one of the most popular this year and consists of a haircut that is shorter on the sides and behind and longer on top. All to show that the hair is reducing its length gradually until it fades and joins the skin. It is really versatile since it can be worn by both those with straight and curly hair.


This type of haircut has variants known as burst-fade, high-fade, mid-fac, or low-fade. And in its undercut version, this degraded effect is not necessary. You shave the entire head, except for the upper part, without the face effect (which is the fade).


  • Short or Messy Curls Hairstyle


The effect of singers like Bad Bunny has imposed a trend that we have already seen carried with enthusiasm: curly hair. Long ago, those with this type of hair opted for buzz or very short cuts, thus avoiding curlers and struggling when combing their hair.


But this year, we see how the curls have taken center stage and come out, but short and messy. All to make it look as natural as possible. So, if you have natural curls, it’s time to shine and make the most of them.


Vazol - Trendy Hairstyles for this Christmas - Stylish men

  • Buzz Hairstyle


It is a very classic way of wearing your hair. And also very simple and without much complication, since it involves going with very short hair, practically shaved. Still, depending on your taste, it can be a little more or less thick.


If you want to simplify things these holidays, this is your cut. Since you won’t have to deal much with its styling if you’re in a hurry.


  • Mullet Hairstyle, Trendy Hairstyles for this Christmas.


This hairstyle will make you look incredible if you have medium-length, straight, or voluminous hair. Since it is very modern, daring, and sexy, with which you can especially show your attributes this Christmas.


To achieve this, the hair must be cut in shorter layers in the front part, leaving the layers longer on the sides (or they can also be shaved) and at the back.


Vazol - Trendy Hairstyles for this Christmas - Stylish men

  • Medium-Length Hairstyle Blow Flow Style


For those with medium to long hair, this style suits them wonderfully. Because it seeks to give the hair its natural shape without working it too much. And thus, you get a casual and carefree look, and on these holidays, it´s giving sexy and mysterious air.


  • Comb Over Hairstyle


This hairstyle is worn with a gradient in the lower and lateral part but leaving the upper part bushy or with hair. We have seen it a lot in recent months. The idea is to leave most of the head shaved and the upper part to be worn in long layers. And then, you comb the hair backward with gel or mousse or to the side.


Vazol - Get your ideal option and adapt one to your style - Stylish men

  • Messy Bowl Hairstyle, Trendy Hairstyles for this Christmas.


First, it is necessary to clarify that this hairstyle does not go well with everyone, so it is reserved for those with oval or round faces. This hairstyle is perfect for hiding hair that is too fine and gaining a little volume.


The bowl-style hairstyle is nothing more than what we knew years ago as a mushroom cut. And South Korean and Asian aesthetics, in general, brought it back a while ago, but it is still valid.


Therefore, people with long hair with volume and who like this hairstyle can take advantage of this trend and have the best K-Pop singer style.



Vazol - Get your ideal option and adapt one to your style - Stylish men

  • French Crop Hairstyle


It peaked in the 90s, but it continues to be a trendy hairstyle in 2022, wearing the side part and the neck shaved, leaving the upper part longer.


In this, the shave is not as drastic as the undercut cut, and the hair is usually combed from the top forward and placed straight in case of having bangs. This type of hairstyle is trendy among singing artists of the urban genre and a clear trend this Christmas.


Styling your hair must not become an impossible mission. And with this guide, you can quickly get your ideal option and adapt one to your style and taste. Get ready to look impeccable and attractive at these festivities!

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