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Trendy colors for men in 2023

Trendy colors for men in 2023. One of the things that get the most attention when we talk about fashion trends is colors. Just as it is essential to know the garments, combinations, and outfits that will prevail during a specific year or season, it is also important to know those colors that will succeed for a period.


Being up-to-date with the colors that are being worn also equals being fashionable. And it is very relevant since each particular color has a meaning and reflects emotions and sensations to those who perceive it.


In addition, it is decisive when dressing according to the occasion. Since it would not be wise to attend a daytime wedding with a black suit or similar colors. However, today we will not focus on this point. But instead, in which colors will be bomb this year. All so you can wear them with the assurance that you are super current and dressing with the latest that the fashion world dictates. 


What are the trending colors for men in 2023?



Vazol - Trendy colors for men in 2023 - MagentaAs we have already mentioned, we want to introduce you to those colors that will be taking off with greater force this year. Although at the end of 2022, Pantone let us know its favorite for these 12 months, it does not exclude its derivatives and other opposite tones to wear with equal harmony.


So, take note of those tones that should be present in your closet this year!


  • Viva Magenta


The color of the year selected by Pantone as the king of 2023 is a vibrant color based on current culture and emotions. It mixes garnet red and purple as the main components and, together with similar shades, we will wear during these months. 


  • Denim


Perhaps this one is not a color as such for many, but when mentioning the word, we all know what tone it is in our minds. Yes, we´re talking about the blue of the jeans, which is difficult to confuse. However, this year (until late autumn), its lighter or paler version will predominate, so combining denim with more denim is appropriate for a total look. Being able to include more or less light or dark variations according to your taste and style that you want to achieve.


In summer, do not hesitate to make combinations with white. And already entering the autumn-winter, the darker colors will come out imminently.


  • Metallics


Vazol - Trendy colors for men in 2023 - Vazol metallicThere is no doubt that these types of colors are here to stay.


The most futuristic style continues to be in vogue, and consequently, it will continue to be worn this year without underestimating the basic and classic clothes and everyday colors.


Colors like silver, purple, blue, the ever-loved golden, green, red, and also the pastels that have been so popular will be dressed for the most elegant and not-so-formal occasions where you want to catch some eyes and dazzle.


The best of the case is that these types of colors can be used and dressed throughout the year. You don´t have to wait for the Christmas season. For example, or a summer night to get this heavy, shiny artillery out of our closet.


  • Natural Colors, Trendy colors for men.


Vazol - Trendy colors for men in 2023 - Colors of natureBrown, brown, nude, and green colors in their various shades will also be present this year.


Usually, we use these colors to combine or wear with other garments.


Still, this year, the invitation is to dare to wear a total look of any of the shades above and mix it up to get an outfit with each of these and have an image worthy of mother nature.


You can save the lighter shades for the summer season and, already in the fall, add more color from orange and yellow pieces in their burnt versions.


So, put your imagination to work and have fun combining with these beautiful colors!


Vazol - Trendy colors for men in 2023 - Lavender

  • Lavender


In 2022 we had Veri Peri as the color of the year, which was a kind of lavender with light blue.


It finally left us with a lovely tone because lavender returned to the forefront thanks to this and its derived tones. And with the promise to stay a long time. Since the months have passed and we continue to wear this beautiful color with determination and security.


We recommend that those under 30 wear it in its most intense tone. However, from this age onwards, it is better to wear lavender in its lighter versions and thus achieve a sophisticated image.


And, if not, get inspired by the subtle lavender suit worn by Daniel Craig while wearing it in other equally elegant and attractive styles.


  • Pastels, Trendy colors for men.


Very connected with the previous point, we bring pastel colors that, like lavender, have also been maintained over time. They will help you to give yourself a very fresh image. And what’s best, they are not reserved only for spring or summer, since you can wear them with dark tones and have a night out or casual thing.


Basic Colors



Vazol - the catwalks and other fashion proposals - Basic colorsThey are the usual colors, certainly, but that does not mean that they cannot be relegated. Therefore, this year and although they do not stop being used, we will see these tones in clothing more frequently.


  • White


The basic and classic par excellence that goes perfect at any time of the year offers endless possibilities to be worn and combined without much difficulty. Plus, you want to stand out only a little, which with this color is complicated since it is equally striking and elegant.


White will always be a success. So, you should always have it in your closet.



Vazol - the catwalks and other fashion proposals - Azul

  • Blue, Trendy colors for men.


This time the turn is given to blue in its summer turquoise version, which is not a pastel since it is strong enough to deviate from this range. But it does not go into the dark either. Because you have a lot of work ahead of you to wear it successfully and look fabulous, as well as unique and sexy.


  • Red


In their burgundy, maroon, and red wine versions, together with their direct family at Viva Magenta, they will infect the clothing styles this year. From sporty and casual outfits to the most elegant and chic for the night.


  • Yellow, Trendy colors for men.


Yellow will be kind this 2023, and it will work for everyone and everything. From its shades, mustards, vibrant pastels, and even neon, they will be present on the catwalks and other fashion proposals. You will have a yellow for every occasion and time of the year.


We hope you found your favorite color on this list and combine it in the best style that only a Vazol Boy knows how to slay!

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