Trends to wear men's blazers

7 trends to wear men’s blazers

7 trends to wear men’s blazers. We are already in the cold season, so it’s time to update our closet with original and fashionable looks. This is the time to take advantage of these new trends, such as layering, to always look amazing. Do you fancy the idea?


At Vazol, we want to show you some interesting outfits options that you only need to complement with a basic garment of your closet: the blazer. Why? Because the blazer is almost the same as a white shirt or a black t-shirt. It is a basic that should never be missing in your closet.


A blazer works for almost any occasion: office, weekend, night out. Plus, you can wear it with dress pants, jeans, shorts. Whatever you want, here we always leave room for you to let your imagination run wild. And although trends are always changing, this piece is so wonderful that we can adapt it.


What is a man’s blazer?


Trends to wear men's blazersIt is a dress jacket that differs from the coat because of its more casual cut and accessories such as pockets, patches, or metal buttons. In its early days, people used it as a sports jacket so it makes it long-lasting. Interesting, isn’t it?


No other garment will give you more versatility in your outfit than a blazer. With the passing of time, it has become a staple in everyone’s closet, since it allows you to distinguish yourself, it enhances your attractiveness, style, and poise.


It also slims your figure and gives you an air of satisfaction and sophistication.


This is one of our favorites. They fit your body very well and will give you a style that can range between informal, casual, or semi-formal. The trick is in how you combine them to help you achieve your outfit goal. Do you have a blazer? Which one is your favorite?


How to wear a blazer? Trends to wear men’s blazers.


Trends to wear men's blazersLike everything in this world, there are certain rules that you must take into account when wearing this garment. Therefore, today we are going to show you some of them that may interest you. Get a pencil and paper!


The fit of the shoulders. Be very careful with this because it is the only part that the tailor will not be able to adjust. So always make sure that the top line ends a little before the shoulders but that it doesn’t feel too tight. If the area doesn’t wrinkle, it’s your size.


The sleeve should not go beyond the wrist. The sleeve should reach just to your wrists, not over them. You can show the strip of the sleeves because it will help you give it an extra touch. Don’t give priority to accessories, they should blend in alone and naturally.


Do you know which button to fasten? Yes, there are varieties of blazers as well as basic shirts, so you must be familiar with them to know how to button them. If it is a one-button model, keep it closed when standing and open when sitting. If it is a two-button model, the top button should always be fastened and the bottom button should always be loose. If it is a three-button model, follow this advice: sometimes, always, and never.


Think in contrast. We love that this option helps you get out of your comfort zone and also helps you explore your creativity. You can use shirts, polo shirts, and t-shirts that stand out in shades opposite to the blazer or simply highlight with small details. 


How to wear a men’s blazer? Trends to wear men’s blazers.


To elevate your look, you should always count on a blazer as an ally. This is the most basic thing to wear when it comes to dressing well. Unlike the jacket, the blazer has a more casual cut that makes it adaptable to any occasion. Take note of these interesting combinations!


1 With a classic shirt. If you opt for a navy blazer, you’ll never go wrong. You can find it with slim lapels and sleek silhouettes or a slight extra volume to get into the very seventies’ loose trend. We recommend that it’s not too boxy or tight. Pair it with gray pants and a white shirt.


2 Very sporty style. Sports fabrics are here to stay after the pandemic. There are no buts about it. And you just need to go out on the street and notice that everyone is wearing sporty fabrics in their outfits. You can choose a blazer with viscose and elastane fabric. This garment will give you the perfect fit. If you want something traditional, you can wear corduroy pants.


In our store, you can find some shirts that will look great with this style. We have a great variety that you will surely love. They will play very well with the colors and purpose.


3 Break away from structure. While you can wear it for semi-formal events, you can play with this garment on weekends and wear it with dark jeans or joggers to look more relaxed. Plus, they’ll set you apart from the rest and you’ll turn heads – you’ll look amazing!


If you visit our online store, we recommend you to check out some basic lycra-type t-shirts that could be quite functional with this outfit.




4 In velvet. Velvets are in fashion, especially at this time of the year. It is a very interesting style that gives you elegance to stand out and look sophisticated. Velvet is a garment that will not make you too hot, which is perfect to combine with fun in-between seasons.


5 In plaid. This is a MUST HAVE for this year. The plaid blazer, especially if it is made of wool, will give you a very vintage style that will make you fall in love with it almost immediately. You can try them with blue pants, a white shirt, and brown loafers. 


6 With jeans. The flexibility and shape allow you to combine them with jeans and create a casual outfit that will make you stand out. Wear plain denim jeans and combine them with a basic black T-shirt, a blazer of the same color, and white shoes. Its versatility is incredible!


7 Do not be afraid of accessories. And by this, we mean scarves or brooches. This will make you stand out almost unintentionally. It’s a perfect option that won’t make you look anything ostentatious. If you want something more elegant, the handkerchief in your pocket will get you out of trouble. 

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