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Trends in men’s footwear for this 2023

Trends in men’s footwear for this 2023. For a lot of people, the beginning of a new year implies a restart of goals and projects. And this, too, applies to fashion. Since the coming of a new era creates expectations regarding what everybody will wear, what will be trendy, and what we will keep from the previous year or old trends.


In the case of men’s footwear and what the male wardrobe is in general, contrary to what one might think, there are many options for dressing. Because shoes are such an essential element in daily clothing, today we will talk about the models that will be a trend in 2023.


What are the trending men’s shoes for 2023?


  • Derby Model, Trends in men’s footwear.


Vazol - Trends in men's footwear for this 2023 - men's shoesThis type of shoe is a classic and, therefore, timeless. Having the particularity that it has been able to adapt to the trends and demands of fashion. And it has been versioned to have a large number of models today, colors and textures without having to settle for the original model that implies more formality.


In this way, we can tell you that there´s a Derby for everyone that will adapt to taste and, above all, their lifestyle and rhythm. And they will have in their hands the power to put together a look that is both comfortable and casual, elegant, and that we can wear with most of the clothes we have in our closet with the certainty that we will hit the mark in our outfit.


So, if you are thinking of starting the year by investing in a good pair of shoes, this is undoubtedly an ideal option.


  • Combat Boots


Vazol - Trends in mens footwear for this 2023 - men's shoesSince there is something here for all tastes and personalities, we can´t leave combat boots out.


If you want to break with the classic and typical and your style is more irreverent, this model is excellent for you. It will give you a wild, rock or grunge look, with which you will definitely attract attention.


You can find these types of boots in different textures. The most common are those that reach the ankles and up to the shin, but your taste defines your height and the texture. Since we find models in leather and other more brilliant patents for those who steal glances.


Perfect to wear with cargo pants, jeans, shorts, or shorts. So put together your outfit and show off those boots with sass and style!


  • Sandals, Trends in men’s footwear.


Vazol - Trends in mens footwear for this 2023 - men's shoesIt is not summer yet, but soon the heat will start anyway. It is the ideal opportunity to start taking out your freshest clothes. And what better footwear to wear with your shorts, Bermuda shorts, and wide-legged linen pants than a pair of sandals?


In addition to being comfortable, they will also make you look elegant and stylish. This is why they should be your must-haves this year before the spring-summer season.


Although if you live in a tropical climate, even better! Since you can wear them all year long.


As well as many other footwear models, this one also presents variations and a diversity of styles. Those with straps without one of the most popular, and those made of fabric, Velcro or leather closures, Spartans, and crab shoes.


New Trends


The previous models are not exactly new. They are considered classics, each one in its own style, and they have been with us for a long time and will continue to do so, thanks to their versatility, comfort, and ease of combining.


That is why we now name another type of footwear that, although it is not atypical, differs from what we usually wear frequently.


Vazol - A totally different texture - men's shoes

  • Suede


Certainly, it is not the most accessible material. However, the shoes of this textile are extremely elegant. And if you want to make a difference this year and make an excellent investment, this is the one you want. As for the colors that will predominate this year are grey, green, blue, and metallic.


  • Shoes with accessories, Trends in men’s footwear.


The decorative elements will make an appearance. So, we will see shoes with buckles, rivets, and fringed loafers. Among other details that can add a chic touch to this accessory and glamour, style, and personality to your image.


Vazol - A totally different texture - men's shoes

  • Desert Model


Similar to the derby but with a totally different texture and gives a more rustic or informal appearance than the first mentioned model. It will be a pioneer type of shoe this year due to the ease of wearing it daily and on casual occasions. It comes in color beige, coffee, brown, and blue.


  • Sports Models, Trends in men’s footwear.


This style is already part of all wardrobes, so its presence is not a novelty. We have seen how they are worn with jeans, shorts, capris, pants, and more casual-formal clothing and achieve a sporty chic image.


So, in 2023, this trend will continue to be popular. If comfort is essential for you, a pair of tennis shoes is necessary. Please don´t fret about ruining your elegant image since it´s proven how well this combination works.

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