The trend of crop tops for men

The trend of crop tops for men

The trend of crop tops for men. If you’re one of those who thought that crop tops were only for women, you’re very wrong. After all, they’re also designed for the male body. In fact, they became a trend in the 80s, when actors like Alex Winter, Carl Weathers, and Johnny Depp used them in some films.


Now, it’s true that this fashion was fading thanks to, for the most part, the social constructs of those who considered it a very feminine garment. However, we have noticed that these prejudices have begun to change. At least that’s what I want to believe.


We should highlight that a crop top is one of the first garments to break these stereotypes of masculinity. Who would say that a simple shirt cut to the abdomen would generate so much controversy?


The truth is that this garment can convey confidence, youth, and sensuality. It makes you feel comfortable with your body. So, even if it generates controversy, it’s quite interesting that when it comes to the world of fashion, everything is allowed.


What are men’s tops called?


The trend of crop tops for menThey have the name of crop tops and today, Romeo Beckham, middle son of former footballer David Beckham and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, showed his on social media, officially blew up the internet.


This controversial garment is considered by GQ magazine as an eclipse, because it’s something that exists, but is rarely seen. However, this year, we can dust off ours, or create a new one to be in trend.


Something that Zac “daddy” Efron showed to us during the filming of one of his films. Also, Matthew McConaughey showed it in Magic Mike, which shows us that it has always existed, but has been ignored.




What is a man’s crop top?


As I explained above, a crop top consists of a T-shirt up to above the navel. It’s been a thing since the 70s and became a trend in the 80s when it made its way as a trend for cinema, music, art, and fashion.


All thanks to the audacity of Nike, who wanted to know the behavior that the garment would have in the market.


It’s said that the first celebrity to wear this exotic garment was Johnny Depp in the movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Later, in the 90s, Will Smith conquered the screens with “The Prince of Rap”.


In this sense, everything in this world shows us that although this garment has had its ups and downs, now it returns with an aesthetic and very striking style. As well as to leave everyone speechless.


How to wear these tops?


Currently, according to the Crop Tops Are for Guys portal, we can see the truth about this garment. Now we know that the short shirt was originally created by men for men and was part of men’s fashion until women adapted it for them.


So, to use the crop top as a casual garment, since it isn’t considered suitable for more formal looks (although I must say that it’s to everyone’s taste). Besides, it closely relates to the sports world, due to the ease of movement when training.


Ultimately, it will depend on you and your style. Do you want to know some combinations to wear it with style? Take note, I come with everything!


  • Athleisure style.


The Athleisure style is based on comfortable clothing that can be like the one we wear to the gym; however, it isn’t that, but the one we use to be at home. It consists of joggers, sports-style shorts or leggings and sweatshirts or t-shirts.


To achieve this combination, you can choose a sweater-type crop top of your choice, combine it with sports shorts and sneakers. Now, if you prefer joggers, you can wear them! In this case, you can combine it with a tank top-style crop top.


  • Casual style, The trend of crop tops for men


Are you going out with friends to have lunch in a bar or an informal place? Then opt for this combination that consists of a brief, without tying the top part, and a short-sleeved, monochrome crop top. With black tennis shoes, it will look very good.


On the other hand, if your style is more daring, that shirt of your favorite band or colored letters, can become a crop top cut down to below the chest and combine it with low-rise jeans with a belt. You can show the elastic of your underwear a bit, for more impactful effects.


  • Street style, The trend of crop tops for men


Do you have to go to the market and don’t know what to wear? Say no more, I have the solution for you! The shirt you never wore (or maybe you did) from your school’s sports team, crop top cut, jean shorts with prints, and your favorite tennis shoes.


  • Romantic style, The trend of crop tops for men


An oversize t-shirt with a round neckline with horizontal stripes with slightly wide sleeves cut like a crop top up to above the navel and pleated pants. You can wear loafers or sneakers. What do you prefer? The sky is the limit!


  • Semiformal style, The trend of crop tops for men


Who says we can’t go semiformal with the crop top? I particularly love that everything is now on the table. So if you get an oversized white sleeveless boxy shirt with button-up pockets and black pleated pants, wear closed shoes of your choice. How’s it going? Would you add a blazer or jacket to this look?


  • Boho style, The trend of crop tops for men


Do you have a more scruffy and sloppy style? Then I recommend the boho style to wear men’s crop tops. In Bohemian style, we can choose one with short sleeves with transparencies, baggy pants, and espadrilles. With this style, you can go out on the street and steal all eyes.


What types of tops are there? 


For men, we can notice that there is variety in terms of fabrics and style. We can choose between patterns, sports, Boho style, sweatshirts, long, short or sleeveless shirts.


On the other hand, within its cuts, we can see how they vary between cut to the belly, medium or short (just below the chest).


The use of this risky garment will fully depend on you and how you want to see yourself.


They certainly look great, are daring, sensual, and convey a spark of rebellion attractive to prying eyes. Also, wasting personality in these times should no longer be a problem.


The trend of crop tops for men


At Vazol we invite you to wear this garment and dare to combine it with the style that suits you the most. You should always feel very good about yourself and not feel afraid when dressing. Fashion should allow you freedom, not the other way around. So make her your ally!


What do you think of the crop top? Would you add it to your outfits? Tell us! We want to read you.

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