the perfect type of shirt collar

How to choose the perfect type of shirt collar?

How to choose the perfect type of shirt collar? How detailed are you? When you go to buy a shirt, do you look at different types of collars and patterns that differentiate it? If the answer is yes or no, you’ve come to the right place! In Vazol we will talk about the types of collars and how to choose them for certain occasions.


In fact, the structure of the neck of each shirt fulfills a function and helps to stylize our face, as well as attracting attention to specific places. Do you want to know more about this topic? I invite you to keep reading and discover more.


Knowing about shirt collars and identifying them is important to achieve formality in our looks when we want it. Besides, it’s also important to know our body proportions to know what we need and what looks good on us. Take note of these tips that I bring for you!


How many types of shirt collars are there?


Choosing the ideal shirt won’t only depend on the type of event you need to attend. You must understand your face proportions. This way, choosing a collar will be a lot easier. Knowing about our proportions is the premise.


Today, I want to talk to you about different types of shirt collars. Also, about the versatility that each one of them offers and how they can elevate your style to achieve the desired effect.


Within some types of shirt collars we have:


  • The English collar or turn-down collar.


  • The Italian collar or spread collar.


  • Cutaway collar.



  • Neck with loop or tab collar.


  • Pin necklace.



  • Mandarin collar.


However, there are more. Keep reading to know more about them!


What are long-neck shirts called? The perfect type of shirt collar


the perfect type of shirt collarThey are called a turtleneck since it’s a type of round and high neck folded covering the garments, usually sweaters. It’s unisex and its popularity began in the 70s and until now it sets a trend, especially in cold weather.


This garment is considered a basic that everyone should have. It never goes out of style and over the years it reinvents itself, conquering great celebrities. Here’s how can you wear it.


  • Under a coat.


In addition to its timelessness, its versatility allows you to dress in layers, which you know is very fashionable. You can wear it under a coat or raincoat. It also works with a suit for a very preppy look.


  • Minimalist.


It looks great with chinos and oxford shoes. This way, it will give you a fifties air that will not go unnoticed. Also, with jeans or pleated pants. Creativity is yours!


What is the American collar?


the perfect type of shirt collarOne of the most iconic when it comes to finding shirts with collars. They are present in gabardine, corduroy, and denim shirts.


It’s closely related to preppy, and therefore its use is very relaxed.


You don’t need a tie as an accessory because of its buttons on the sides of the neck and the thick fabric that gives you extra volume.


Created by the Americans, forgive the redundancy.


Its origin comes from athletes, and its objective was that the neck shovels did not hit the face. However, this style was soon acquired by some tailors.



What is the English collar like? The perfect type of shirt collar


Similar to the American, however, in this type of neck the tips open a little more in the winglet and are longer. You can wear it with a tie and has fixed rods. It’s generally higher than the collar of casual shirts and gives the feeling of more style. They are perfect to wear in suits.


If you wear a tie, take into account that being narrower, the knot of it must be finer and much tighter. If your head is narrow in diameter and your neck is long, this is the one for you.


What’s the name of a shirt’s collar?


It’s called a mandarin collar which is simply the foot of the shirt collar, it can be curved, straight, or blunt. It’s inspired by Chinese imperial suits and is generally worn in casual shirts or also in some more formal ones. This depends on the cut and type of fabric.


What makes it different is that a thin line runs around the contour, with a button in front. Although, it usually relates to a much more relaxed style. This neck is functional for people with a short neck because it reveals a large lower part of the face.


What is a cutaway collar? The perfect type of shirt collar


This type of collar is trimmed and provides a lot of elegance if you know how to use it properly.


After all, this collar doesn’t look good on anyone. It’s important to take into account the physical complexion.


What does this mean? If your neck is wide or short, this isn’t for you.


The position of this collar is open and it always needs to be worn with a tie where the knot is thick, otherwise, it will look unbalanced.





What is the Italian collar? The perfect type of shirt collar


Also called the Spread Collar, this collar is more open, standing, and shorter with short ends. We can see them in Southern Europe worn with or without a tie, it will depend a lot on the occasion.


It favors almost all face types, and especially people with large heads and short necks. This is because it’s lower and will give the impression that more air enters between the face and neck.


How to dress if I have a short-neck man?


It’s important to find shirts that direct the attention towards the chest, without the need for the buttons to be open. In this sense, English-type shirts will look very good in your style because of the elongated tips. What do you think about it? Do you know the type of neck you have?


How to choose the perfect shirt collar type


Choosing the perfect shirt collar will depend, as you now know, on your complexion, on the size of your neck in terms of height and width. Remember that not all collars go for all occasions and that not all are with a tie or bow ties. So, choosing the shirt according to your type of neck will be a great success. It isn’t necessary to be overwhelmed. Here are some tips.


Long neck. 


You can wear any type of collar as long as it isn’t the Mandarin type. You can also wear bow ties.


Wide neck.


I recommend choosing the collars with the ends together and the tie. You will look very cool.


Narrow neck. 


Shirts with separate ends or a Mao collar will suit you very well. Don’t wear ties, just bow ties.


Did you find this article helpful? From Vazol we hope that it has been like that and that from now on you choose the right pieces to impress and charge yourself with that particular style that will attract everyone’s attention wherever you go.

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