Vazol - How to choose from containing the best tie for Christmas - Tie

How to choose from containing the best tie for Christmas 

How to choose from containing the best tie for Christmas. Christmas is right around the corner. With it, parties and gatherings usually involve dressing differently from how we do it daily. Many of these will be very casual and informal activities, while others (especially work-related) require that we wrap them with a little more care.


An accessory or complement commonly used in these times is the tie. Because although it is associated with very formal or elegant outfits, the truth is that it can be used even for casual occasions. Of course, if you know how to wear it and give a chic touch to your look.


For this reason, today we will tell you how to choose the best tie. And we will add some tips to combine them best, so you look fabulous this Christmas.


What to consider before choosing a tie


Vazol - How to choose from containing the best tie for Christmas - TieGet to know the tie, its parts, and the type of fabric it was made. And in this way, you can select the most suitable for the occasion.


We recommend choosing one whose lining is cotton since this material makes the knot easier and does not wrinkle.


Remember that not all models and ties go well with all shirts. So, it is essential to know that wide-collared shirts are worn with wide ties and large knots. Andsmall-collared shirts lead in the opposite direction.


A silk tie or similar textile is the right thing when wearing a suit. While wearing a vest, you can opt for corduroy ties or similar material.



Types of Ties and How to choose them according to their Classification


Vazol - How to choose from containing the best tie for Christmas - Tie

  • According to the type of fabric, The best tie for Christmas.




They are lighter than those made of silk fabric, and they have a very modern air. Although their use is recommended in spring/summer, at informal events, or for daily use.




They are a type of fabric that makes the tie a very casual garment, and in case, its thick texture is ideal for climates with low temperatures, such as the one experienced in autumn/winter.


However, its use is intended and reserved for daytime occasions.


Vazol - How to choose from containing the best tie for Christmas - Tie



It is the fabric we most commonly find in the manufacture of ties, worn both day and night. And there are infinite models, colors, prints, and motifs to combine to your taste and style.




Cotton offers the advantage that it is straightforward to wash and iron, and it is a very resistant textile. But do not mix it with hot water, which can cause it to shrink quickly.




They are very lightweight. However, they can make them look less flashy or low-cost, as the fabric gives off a sheen in the light that seems artificial compared to silk.


  • According to the width, The best tie for Christmas.


Vazol - How to choose from containing the best tie for Christmas - Tie



It alludes to a skinny, narrow tie (not very wide) that you can wear with a little jacket since it will visually make your shoulders look broader. And for this reason, its use is recommended for guys with thin bodies.




It is the classic tie in everyday use. It goes well with everything and can be found in any color, fabric, and pattern, from the cheapest to the most expensive.






They are ties of approximately 8-9 centimeters. They are the opposite model to the skinny ones, ideal for use on figures with an overall complexion. And they will give the opposite effect and make you visually reduce the width and the proportions, stylizing the silhouette since it will fill the space between the shoulders.


  • According to the occasion (elegant), The best tie for Christmas.


Vazol - stay within these parameters- a darker color

Bow Tie


It is the accessory used with the tuxedo suit, which is for its exclusive use and extraordinarily formal and elegant occasions.


However, times have changed, and the bow tie has evolved and is currently worn in informal, colored, and patterned fabrics.


You can easily combine it with single shirts, suspenders, casual jackets, and jeans. This is a fun way to wear this accessory, which will look perfect during Christmas.


  • Bonuses, The best tie for Christmas.


Tie Clips


Tie Clips are a clamp placed to fix the tie with the shirt and prevent it from moving. It must always be placed between the third and fourth buttons starting from the top of your shirt.


How to successfully combine and wear your tie 


Vazol - stay within these parameters- a darker color

  • Pink or blue striped or checked shirt 


For these types of colors, use a tie in a darker color than the shirt and if it is patterned. Make sure that these are of a larger pattern than the stripes or squares on the shirt.


  • Blue shirt, The best tie for Christmas.


It is a very commonly used shirt color. So, if you use one in a light or light blue tone, wear it with ties from the same family (blue). And you can include shades such as dark green, yellow, burgundy, or pink.




Vazol - stay within these parameters- a darker color

  • White shirt


It is the most widely used shirt color due to its versatility and ease of combining with any color and type of tie.


So, consider the pants you will wear and the jacket, if applicable, to select the link that will suit you best.


  • Suits, The best tie for Christmas.


Remember that, in these cases, the tie molds into the suit and the shirt, not the other way around. So, take these tips into account before choosing:


Vazol - stay within these parameters- a darker color

  • If the claim is wide-cut, thin ties work well.


  • The standard width of ties is 5-7 centimeters. So, try to stay within these parameters by avoiding the ends of links that are very thin or wide.


  • The tie you choose should be one tone or color darker than your shirt if it is solid.


  • White and cream shirts and black, gray, and navy suits go well with just about anything.


  • If your look is effortless, add a tie with intense color or a bold pattern to make yourself stand out.


  • With a double pattern (shirt and tie), make sure that the design on the link matches one of the primary colors of the shirt.


  • Finally, keep in mind that the length of the tie must reach the height of the belt. And the knot must cover the button on the neck.


Choose according to your taste and style and follow these tips so that this Christmas, you can wear the best outfits with a tie and not go unnoticed at any party or get-together.

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