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The best men’s looks for Christmas 2022

The best men’s looks for Christmas 2022. The Christmas festivities are approaching, and with it, the need for unique clothing for those specific dates. And we are not referring only to Christmas Eve or New Year but to the endless get-togethers and exchanges that can arise during these weeks of celebration.


Regardless of the place where the party is (whether it’s a restaurant or your friend’s house), these occasions for the month in which they take place always imply a more sumptuous dress arrangement. Of course, we will not recommend a tails suit, but we advise you to avoid dressing as you would on a typical day.


So, to help you get the perfect look for this Christmas, here, in addition to helping you, we are going to tell you about the clothes you should have to put together incredible outfits and also have a functional closet for these dates and have what combines a diversity of pieces. And, of course, we get that touch that differentiates our clothes from everyday clothes.


Basic garments to combine and put outfits together


Vazol - The best men's looks for Christmas - Man style

  • A premium sweater


By this, we mean that you should have a sweatshirt that is not the typical cotton one you can take everywhere. But one made of thick fabric, perhaps woven, that has a good fit and feels comfortable. And above all, that you can wear, and that looks well combined with both jeans and dress pants. As an extra tip, opt for nude colours, which in addition to combining more easily with other clothes, are elegant tones and perfect for the season.


  • Dark pants, The best men’s looks for Christmas.


Pants in dark tones such as black, smoky grey, and similar will give you a significant advantage when dressing. From here, you can put together elegant and casual looks according to the occasion. But do take into account the cut of the pants, because they should be slim fit, slightly fitted, which is a secret weapon when combined with sweaters, shirts or t-shirts with ease and with the certainty that it will look great.


Vazol - The best men's looks for Christmas - Man style

  • A coat to go out


It is one of the essential garments that should be part of your wardrobe and a necessary investment that you will undoubtedly get the most out of. A classic-cut coat in good-quality fabric and a neutral colour will help you combine and go out beneath a testament to the garment for daily use. But that is one of its advantages since wearing it will make a difference. And during these days, you will undoubtedly take advantage of it.


  • Chelsea Boots, The best men’s looks for Christmas.


Footwear is essential, and to avoid losing your mind thinking about what to wear whenever you go out, a very versatile and comfortable option is a pair of Chelsea boots.


This shoe model has it all: they are classic, combine perfectly with everything, and they can modify the look according to what you wear. They will be perfect for the occasion you use them, whether a family gathering, work meeting, or with friends.


Vazol - The best mens looks for Christmas - Man style

  • A velvet jacket


This type of fabric may be significantly associated with this Christmas season. A velvet jacket will give you the perfect touch for those outings where you do not want to reach the maximum point of elegance since it is very casual in style. So please do not see it as a Christmas expense but rather an investment for the holidays. Since you can use it in the same way beyond these months and when you feel it is appropriate.


  • A turtleneck sweater, The best men’s looks for Christmas.


If there is one piece of clothing that will instantly make you look sophisticated and well-dressed, it is a turtleneck. In addition to visually stylising your torso and face, it will be perfect to wear with pants, jeans, jackets, and coats and achieve both casual and slightly more elegant looks, depending on the case.


Outfits for Christmas


Vazol - The best mens looks for Christmas - Man style

  • Total look in black


Black is an exquisite colour and one of the most used at Christmas. And to steal looks, what better than a total look, either in the same too, or perhaps combining a patterned garment with another plain, but based on black? Your taste and imagination will be the ones to decide. The essential thing is that black always works.


  • Jacket & t-shirt, The best men’s looks for Christmas.


For more casual and relaxed occasions, you can opt for a basic polo shirt, round neck, and jacket to achieve balance. And break with the extreme informality that wearing this garment implies and look just as good and ready to celebrate.


Vazol - The best mens looks for Christmas - Man style

  • Shirt and sweater


If your city has not an extremely low temperature, but there are variations, this look is ideal for it. In addition to looking effortlessly dressed up, it’s also a way to keep yourself groomed and ready, whether it’s a casual occasion or a slightly more formal one that you can quickly transform by just taking off your sweater.


  • Dress in pants with a polo shirt


Although it is a bit risky, a combination that works very well is dress pants like the slim fit model described at the beginning, chinos, etc., with a polo shirt or chemise. If you decide on this combination, you should try to wear your polo shirt fittingly. But only if your torso is not so voluminous or buff. Otherwise, you should use a looser one. As a final tip, wear it using a light colour on top and dark below.


Dressing up for these parties is not an impossible mission or a headache when choosing clothes. Trust your taste. And with this guide as a push, you will undoubtedly look perfect and ready to attract glances instantly.


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