the best Lycra tops for gays

The trend: the best Lycra tops for gays

The trend: the best Lycra tops for gays. We are in summer! So, I want to invite you to, in addition to wearing a good swimsuit for the beach where you can leave everyone speechless with your figure and singing Babylon by Lady Gaga, to give your wardrobe a little care with this basic garment that every gay needs.


It is important to clarify that every gay man should have in his closet a varied repertoire of outfits that speak of his good taste. Besides, it must be full of comfortable clothes perfect for all the occasions and parties that come your way in life. And yes, I know that there are many things that we must take into account. But let’s take it easy!


If you have come this far, it is to update yourself, laugh a little and always be fashionable. So, I bring you a very particular garment and a little undervalued by many: the Lycra shirt.


A bit of history and the fashion revolution


the best Lycra tops for gaysSomething that catches my attention is the revolution in men’s fashion, which since the sixties began to diminish the association between fashion and homosexuality.


How did this happen? This was a consequence of the subcultures that were created and the fashions of Carnaby Street.


After this, what we didn’t believe was acceptable, became the opposite. As a result, today, we can see men interested in their appearance.


This Carnaby Street style was initially sold to a theatrical and artistic gay clientele. In the United States, the tight European style was promoted, which was used mainly by homosexuals and sold mainly in boutiques.


Lycra t-shirts for gays


the best Lycra tops for gaysHow incredible that this street opened a way for there to be more freedom when it came to choosing how we saw ourselves.


So, let’s thank those men from our past who weren’t afraid to wear whatever they wanted.


Now, entering the field and thanks to these revolutionary changes, the sports style no longer only fulfills the role of being functional when it comes to doing sports. Now, you can take it anywhere without feeling out of the fashion world, and this is something that Vazol we know very well. That’s why in our store you can find different styles of Lycra and transparencies that may be of interest to you.


Lycra T-shirts are made to resist wrinkles because we rather are dead than wrinkled! Also, it gives you a flawless look. The quality of the closure, which provides an asymmetrical cut style, will give you a particular and very fashionable style.


Can Lycra tops be worn in the summer?


Yes, Lycra fabrics have moisture control in their fabric. What does this mean? It means that it will absorb all that sweat that comes from a hot summer. This way, you will feel fresh at all times. Besides, it’s also elegant and versatile to combine with whatever you like. From pleated pants to summer shorts. You will be comfortable and in trend.


How does breathable clothing work? The best Lycra tops for gays


There are many technologies incorporated into garments when making them. However, whatever the type of clothing, what you should always keep in mind when buying a Lycra shirt is:



  • It has to be light. This type of garment is made with special materials that should keep it light. No heat, nor that you feel that you are roasting inside. You get this in the crafting materials.


  • It must be adjustable. The good thing about Lycra is that it is elastic and adjustable to all body types, this is how it works. Especially at the top. However, in its designs, you will find that the loose part is the bottom with a V-shaped opening in the back to look spectacular.


  • Thermoregulatory. How? Well, the garment must trap body heat and retain it in its fibers. Therefore, something that helps you feel freer is precisely this V-cut that you will find in our store.


What are the best Lycra t-shirt designs?


At Vazol we want to show you that you can find various types of design that, adding to your attitude, will make you look incredibly spectacular. You will feel that you shine where you step. Because the really important thing to take into account is that not only the design matters but how you wear it.


Next, I will leave you some types of shirts for you to choose your favorite.


1. Lycra with prints, The best Lycra tops for gays


Do you want to steal glances wherever you go? I don’t need to be a fortune-teller to know that’s a fact. That’s why, if you like to attract attention, this shirt is ideal for you. Made with Mojica Lycra and striped Lycra, you can pair it with black jeans and dress shoes. Smash wherever you go! Because safety first.


2. Lycra with sequins, The best Lycra tops for gays


 Are you one of those who want to spread glitter wherever you go? Then this is the ideal option for you. Made of black Lycra and sequins, sleeveless and black sequin hoodie, it’s the perfect option to shine.


You can combine it with colored jeans or summer shorts. With that, I am sure you will wear the style and steal glances!


Take with your eccentricity and brilliance


I am pro-shine! And I am convinced that you are too. If you go on a night out and you have no idea what to wear.


Opt for a short-sleeved t-shirt with exotic silver fabric. This way, you will show your attributes safely.


This can go with anything you want to pair it with. The good thing about black Lycra is that it is versatile and goes with everything.





Lycra shirts with uneven cuts, The best Lycra tops for gays


Going outside our comfort zone for a little bit, I want you to think about design. Think about a shirt with a diagonal cut in the front and a peak on the right side. Can you imagine it as a draped touch? Well, that’s the way it is. In light colors, it will make you look quite fashionable and incredible.


With black pants and shoes of your choice, you will achieve a successful look for the date of your dreams … or to the outing with friends that you want so much.


As you can see, there are many styles of Lycra clothing that you can combine to create a casual look that will impress whoever looks at you. You will go down the street feeling proud of being what you are without fear.


At Vazol we want to help you do this and show you, too, that the versatility of the garments is possible and very fashionable. Are you already wearing your Lycra shirts? What is your favorite style? Tell us in the comments and follow us for more fashion and trending articles.

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