Haircare tips for men

The best Haircare tips for men

The best Haircare tips for men. I know that you like to take care of yourself, as well as I am sure of your daily dedication to the care of your image and that in this way you can always project the best. Especially so that the passing of the years comes and it is not noticed, because eventually, we all want skin without wrinkles or expression lines, right?


Now, in addition to the creams for sleeping or getting up, the skincare routine, the moisturizing cream for the body, and the cologne that goes according to the outfit do you pay attention to the hair?


We generally think of it as basic care such as shampooing, rinsing (if you deserve it), and washing it every day or every day, when in reality it is not. That is why today at Vazol we are going to talk to you about the attention and care that your hair requires to stay healthy and shiny.


What is good to take care of your hair?


Haircare tips for menAssuming that men’s hair is different from women’s hair due to its characteristics and genetics, hair production always depends on hormones such as androgens and testosterone. Men’s hair is thicker and greasy, so its care must be different.


The first thing we must know is what our hair type is and it is after discovering what it is like we will be able to find the appropriate treatment to keep it alive. Ready to find out? Take note!


  • The shampoo should be according to your hair type, Haircare tips for men.


It is not that you are going to go buy the first thing that you come across to clean. No sir. Is your hair oily, dry, or brittle? Once you answer this, you will find the specific shampoo that is really going to help you.


  • Wash your hair two or three times a week, Haircare tips for men.


This is not a rule of thumb that you must follow to the letter. However, if your hair is oily, washing it daily can stimulate the production of sebum that causes the scalp to enter a vicious cycle. If you don’t like not washing it often, at least every other day.


  • Dry your hair naturally, Haircare tips for men.


Yes, I was also a fan of the iron and blow dryer, but unless it’s for a special occasion, try to dry it naturally. And if your hair is long, use the towel to remove the moisture by gently massaging the head.


However, if you do decide to blow-dry, try not to apply the heat too close to the scalp and work from top to bottom. Be careful not to leave it at maximum temperature.


  • Don’t abuse the gel, Haircare tips for men.


The gel or also the wax and the foam prevent the scalp from perspiring properly, which causes it to leave residues that take a long time to disappear. You can use them on special occasions and only on the ends. This also applies to fixatives.


  • Cut it regularly, Haircare tips for men.


Depending on the length you like best, cut your hair periodically to keep it in good condition and in good style. It will also be a great help for you when combing it in the morning.


How to maintain straight hair in men?


Haircare tips for menWe want fast and effective solutions. Especially efficient when it comes to taking care of our hair, so using these tools will be the basis to keep your hair straight with a lot of shine and make it look like a magazine.


  • What is my shampoo?


You wouldn’t think I’d leave you in limbo with what’s most important. Of course not! As I explained, you should choose the one that works with your hair type.


    • For dry and dandruff hair. You should bet on moisturizing products based on oils or butter.
    • For brittle and weak hair. Get a restorative shampoo that has proteins like collagen or keratin.
    • For thick hair. Use a moisturizing shampoo that refreshes and absorbs excess oil.


  • Avoid hot water.


Don’t panic! Hot showers can dry out your scalp, so I recommend warm or cold water to cleanse. Rinse completely with gentle massages.


How to tame a man’s unruly hair?


Haircare tips for menCurly or unruly hair is very striking and a little more complicated when it comes to caring. So I’m going to give you some tips to tame those curls like an expert.


  • Double wash.


A single wash is not enough to remove dirt, especially if you wash it every day. Curly hair is thick and kinky, which makes it pronounced. In this sense, I recommend that you wash and rinse once and then wash a second time, massaging the scalp very well.


  • You cut frequently, Haircare tips for men.


It’s the only way you’ll be able to control it. We don’t want hair that lives fighting with the brush, so I recommend that you get a good stylist to shape it and not look like a shapeless scouring pad.


  • If you want to wear it long, wear a mask, Haircare tips for men.


If you are one of those who love their curly and long hair, leave them happy by using masks to soften it and prevent it from getting more tangled than necessary.


  • Comb with a wooden brush, Haircare tips for men.


Plastic and metal generate electricity, did you know? Which makes the volume of it do like the lion of the Sedal Anti Sponge propaganda. Therefore, use wooden brushes to avoid frizz.


What can I do so that my hair does not get damaged?


There are certain things that you can take into account when taking care of your hair, and thus control other factors such as dandruff or alopecia in time, also to avoid early hair loss. It is for this reason that at Vazol we made some points that you can take into account to keep your hair looking good.


  • Healthy food.


And yes, this is real and it influences our hair. “We are what we eat”. In this sense, we must maintain a healthy diet based on proteins and other vitamins that will help us strengthen it.


  • Avoid stress.


Friends, stress kills. This is not a secret. And it also causes hair loss. So live a healthy and stress-free life as much as you can.

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