Styling tricks to hide a man's midsection

Styling tricks to hide a man’s midsection

Styling tricks to hide a man’s midsection. Many may feel uncomfortable when it comes to shopping for clothes. Because they have no idea how to hide their growing midsection that came out in December after all that food that we couldn´t stop eating.


In this sense, if you have a few extra pounds. And you don’t know what to do or how to make them disappear, today it’s your lucky day. We at Vazol bring you some tricks that can help you look a little thinner. Because let me tell you, it’s not just about sizes, it´s a philosophy. And nobody, really nobody has a perfect body, all of us have our insecurities.


So, if you don´t feel sculpted by the gods of Olympus. And if you have a few extra pounds that you would like to hide, like a good part of the world’s population. Don´t be discouraged, because you can still look great. And if you wonder how you can, it´s quite simple, follow these tricks that we bring for you. So, take note so that from now on you can implement them and feel a little more secure.


How to hide a man’s midsection?


Styling tricks to hide a man's midsectionStyling tricks to hide a man’s midsection. If in your case you´re looking to divert attention from the abdominal area, what I recommend is to find clothes that flatter your figure. Or wear colors that don´t add volume, because they make you look bigger than you are. The important thing is that even if we´re in the stage that we are, with these tricks you´ll be able to look better. So much so that others will not notice that they are there, neither will you.


Wear dark colors. Like black, dark grey, navy blue. Above all, use them on that part of the body that you want to hide. Light colors attract attention, so if you´re robust, black will always help to hide what you don´t want to show. Also, you can wear them on plain garments, to stylize. Wearing this dark upper body and light lower body will give you proportion, especially if you have a larger torso.


Pants are the key. They have to be perfect, in their place. Never very loose, nor less fitted. Don´t wear low-rise pants, don´t wear long-waist pants. Preferably wear a straight cut since they have the same width throughout the pants. If the pants fit you well, you don’t need pleats. You can choose those that fit at the waist, they should be zipped just at the navel.


Styling tricks to hide a man's midsectionThe size must be correct. Keep in mind that clothing that´s too tight is not flattering on you.


Yet, neither is a size that´s too large, because it will give you more volume. Neither of these two forms is favorable.


Tight clothes will show the world your love handles. So, if a garment is not your size, don´t wear it. Choose the exact size so that it doesn´t stick too much to the body.


Always a V neck. You should avoid round shapes in t-shirts and choose V-necks instead. Because they produce a vertical effect that you want to get when it comes to balancing the roundness of your face.


Also, you should leave the last button of the shirt unbuttoned because visually it looks great. The only thing you must take into account is that the neck is not too big.


What do I wear if I have a belly?


Styling tricks to hide a man's midsectionStyling tricks to hide a man’s midsection. In addition to what I mentioned above, there are also other tricks that you can consider when it comes to hiding that belly that sometimes drives us crazy. So, keep reading to find out.


Show your personality with accessories. However, make sure they´re not too big or heavy, as they will add volume to your waist. You can use the inside pockets of the jacket or a good-quality shoulder bag. To show off your appearance with elegance and personality.


If you´re going to wear coats, always chose long ones. If it´s cold where you live, I recommend that you wear large coats because they will hide your silhouette. They will also help you look more formal and elegant, especially fashionable. 


Zero extravagant prints. If the problem is in the abdominal area, never wear clothes that have prints in that part of ​​your body. Since you will attract attention to that area that you do not want to highlight. So, when choosing patterns, try to be asymmetrical and lines that are not horizontal, as well as repeating images.


Take good care of your beard, if you have one. If you´re one of those who have a beard and don´t want to part with it. Then leave it and take good care of it, it will help to hide those extra pounds. And by the way, you will look much sexier, the eyes will focus on your face because of your beard. Keep in mind that it´s not just about having a beard and letting it grow without care. But that it must be shiny and trimmed.


How to hide your extra pounds?


Styling tricks to hide a man’s midsection. Considering these style tricks, the important thing to know is that you will be able to attract attention without even looking for it. In addition, no one will likely notice those extra pounds if you know how to cover them well. And you can do that by keeping in mind what we mentioned in this article.


Now, another thing that you can remember is the use of vests. Which, although they have been hidden for a long time, are back in fashion. And they´re something that we must take advantage of since they will help you hide that midsection. And will also give you a very elegant and seductive style


On the other hand, you can´t forget about shoes. Because for you, the most recommended are those with a round toe, rectangular or oval lasts. Since they lengthen the leg and make the figure appear tall and slim. For its part, forget the wide and square lasts.


At Vazol we hope that these tips will be useful for you. And that you no longer have an excuse to pay attention to these fashion rules that will help to favor your physical appearance. In addition, they raise your self-esteem, which will be a win-win.

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