7 styles for non-conventional men in 2021

7 styles for non-conventional men in 2021

7 styles for non-conventional men in 2021. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be invisible. But to step away from the current standardized patterns, the non-conventional man needs to step up his game when it comes to dressing. 2021 is not over yet, and the options to dress and cause some unforgettable impact are the order of the day.


So we have selected 7 styles that will definitely bring interesting options this year. Of course, to adopt these styles you need a lot of attitude, something you will surely have a surplus of as you are a very non-conventional man.


If you are one of those who doesn’t scare off easily, or who loves to challenge the common judgment, you have come to the right post. We are sure this article will help you, even if you are one of those conservatives who have changed their image.


The only thing you need to keep in mind is that dressing up is just another way to have fun, especially to boost your self-confidence.


1. Vintage Hipster, styles for non-conventional men


7 styles for non-conventional men in 20212021 is a year that merges the new and the old in an unparalleled way. In style terms, the Hipster trend has been redefined with some past touches. Therefore, vintage has become a way to add an odd touch to your outfits.


To find the ideal balance between both trends, we recommend you go one step at a time. The first thing is to define the hair and facial style. Depending on your facial features, you can try a Taper Fader cut, which adapts easily both to facial hair and to a clean-face style. The important thing is that you take care of the cleanliness. 


Blazers and hats. This trend maintains a brilliant feat by combining blazers and head accessories, like hats or vintage headwear, with flannels or modern shirts. The textile patterns in earth tones and browns are a must for this look.


2. Suits and turtlenecks


7 styles for non-conventional men in 2021For formal events or prestigious dinners, it is always great to dress in a suit. But for a non-conventional man, there are certain tweaks that will make you stand out. Here, we suggest you combine tailored suits with turtlenecks.


Turtlenecks are a winter classic or for very cold places. However, they also bring us sophistication and elegance, without looking too classic or traditional.


For this trend, the best is to work with solid color blocks. Keep in mind that this look gives a lot of class so adding patterns or complex motifs can be too much, so you should avoid them.


To give it a final touch, you can go for a Mid Fade cut; which you can distinguish for its faded effect toward the middle of the scalp, favoring the volume at the top. It works really well with straight or wavy hair, and you can wear as accents subtle highlights. With this style, the best you can do is keep a washed face with a good facial shave.


3. Caramel Block, styles for non-conventional men


7 styles for non-conventional men in 2021With color, we cannot deny the versatility and popularity of the caramel or beige colors. You will hardly look out of place on any occasion if you opt for this color.


The twist for this 2021 is to dress entirely in this color, adding brown accents. For this, you can focus on the different layers of your outfit. Whether it is for an informal occasion or a business meeting, the softness of this color allows you to integrate with the occasion without going unnoticed, much less looking out of place.


In the corporate world, the caramel tone allows us to look confident, serene, and it conveys security. Besides, this is a professional color that doesn’t look too stiff. Therefore, you will become the cool and well-dressed guy at the business meeting. The important thing is to maintain coherence with the wardrobe composition. Don’t go crazy with the combinations; it will never look good to wear joggers, blazers, and patent leather shoes for an outdoor dinner.


4. Soft sporty textures


The sports world has always been filled with fresh and ventilated fabrics. It is common to find nylon and micro-perforated clothing to exercise or go for a sport look in our clothing. But that is a thing of the past.


In 2021, sports attire has come to unexplored terrain by experimenting with fabrics, fur, and suede textures. This style can be a valid option for post-workout wear. For example, after lifting bars and weights, you can take off your gym-worn clothes and dress in a light-tone velvety jumper. Or maybe a suede sweater to go to the movies or have a drink with friends.


This style statement will be impossible to ignore. Besides, we know that fabric softness is a caress-magnet.


Warning: use this style in moderation. Nobody wants to look like Elmo from Sesame Street when they leave their homes.

5. Oversized: plus sizes and silhouette


2021 came with a clear regression to the slim fit trend. The man of today worries less to outline their figure with way-too-tight outfits. On the contrary, he has left behind his tight clothes in favor of bigger sizes than he would normally wear.


For this trend, the key is in the layer game. This style is not suitable for beginners, as it demands a wide arsenal of items in your closet and a clinical eye to build the perfect outfit. You can build the blocks with bigger and more geometric items that will add volume.


Another option would be to go for asymmetrical pieces like trenches or clean-cut jackets. We always suggest going two or three sizes above what you usually wear. It is definitely a daring and provocative look, worthy of any fashion blogger. Besides, it adds to masculinity. On the other hand, always keep in mind your color palette.


6. Outside the barracks, styles for non-conventional men


Military fashion has made a comeback. But this time it’s not focused on campaign prints but on the general military aesthetic. In other words, the army forms and garments have a certain glamour that has hit the streets.


Aviator jackets in brown leather and a bit worn-down, tactical gloves, and military boots are some items you’ll see will get more popularity this year.


Earth, forest, and desert tones go hand in hand with the items for this style. As if coming out of a platoon, the non-conventional men can lean on this trend that will highlight their toughest and strongest side.


In order to wear this style perfectly, we recommend measuring the accessories well. Glasses, chains, and earrings can help to sell this image, but don’t go to the extremes as it can come out as a total miss. Complement your image with low and polished cuts that give you a lot of structure.


7. Straight and vertical lines, styles for non-conventional men


As for the motifs to keep in mind this 2021, vertical lines stand out. Prints and textiles with thick and straight lines come back as an accent to your look.


This trend doesn’t discriminate among pieces, items, or ethnicities. It is also very beneficial for shorter or robust men. Vertical lines help give the illusion of height and visually distribute very well the weight. However, it is important to highlight that the stripes should be far apart and with the body.


For this year, contiguous and very close lines will look old-fashioned and out of tone. We will see sporty, casual, and formal clothing spread out equally in this style.


Last, we remind you that these lines will be more frequent in the focal point, meaning: your striped pants or your jacket will become the center of attention. The rest of the outfit can combine textures like denim fabric or cotton shirts.


Stay consistent. As for the hair, you can go for a Messy Chic style; a messy but under control touch will help you sell the grace and style this look needs.

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