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Look fabulous this spring-summer with linen clothes

Look fabulous this spring-summer with linen clothes. This is one of the best seasons of the year to bring out your fashionista skills since these are months where color is the protagonist, and you can dress lightly and a little more covered.


We have a wide variety of textiles to wear in garments that give us freshness and also make us look good. Still, among all the available fabrics, one, in particular, is the darling favorite of those who are dedicated to making clothes and those who wear them.


We are talking about linen, that light but strong fabric that, in addition to being versatile and making any outfit look good, also, due to its cost, will make you look like a member of high society, giving you elegance without much effort.


Many consider this textile part of the in-between seasons (periods between one season and another), but a linen garment can be worn at any time of the year. Also, if you live in a place with an eternal tropical climate, there is no reason to put it aside in any month.


Therefore, you can wear linen in spring-summer and throughout the rest of the year.


So today, we will tell you everything you need to know about this type of fabric and the most common garments people wear to build their wardrobe with this very special fabric.


What kind of fabric is linen?


Vazol - Look fabulous this spring-summer with linen clothes - Natural fabrics

Linen is a vegetable fiber textile made up of cellulose extracted from the flax or linseed plant. It is very soft to the touch.


The obtaining process is ecological. Since flax is resistant to pests, the use of pesticides or fertilizers is not necessary for production, nor does it create toxic residues. And the use of water is much less than cotton, for example, which increases the cost of its cultivation.


It is usually mixed with other types of fibers, such as cotton and polyester, to make it a little more rigid and prevent it from wrinkling so quickly. As well as to get different aspects of it.


What is the origin of the linen fabric?


According to historical records, the linen cloth originated in 7000 BC. C., in Çatalhöyük, an ancient settlement where today we find Turkey.


There are also records that in ancient Egypt, the mummies were wrapped in this fabric around the 4th century BC. It was also manufactured in Phoenician communities, being one of the most essential products of the Mediterranean trade.


Linen Fabric Characteristics


Vazol - Look fabulous this spring-summer with linen clothes - Natural fabrics


  • It is a resistant and durable textile, so your investment would pay off for many years.


  • Because it is not very elastic, it can retain its shape for a long time.
  • Helps protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.
  • It is a really light fabric and doesn´t weigh a thing.
  • It helps us in the evaporation of water and sweat.
  • It is an antibacterial and fungicide, so it neutralizes bad odors.
  • Regarding the medical area, this textile helps to eliminate waste from the body, making it ideal for treating open wounds and abrasions.
  • Because it is a natural fabric, allergy reactions are minimal.


What is the best linen in the world?


It is important to clarify that all linen fabric is of high quality and is reflected in its costs, which are usually high. In the same way, it is advisable to buy in stores or manufacturers of recognized trajectory to ensure that what you are acquiring is a product that is as pure as possible or with the least amount of mixed textiles.


Now, in the Western European region, it is where the best quality linen fabrics in the world are found. All because the climate provides better conditions for the flax plant. Many producers even have a European linen certificate to guarantee the quality of their manufacturers.


When to wear linen clothes?


Vazol - Give that touch of elegance - Natural fabrics

One of the best times to wear linen fabric is during the day. Since as we mentioned, it is a fabric that provides a lot of freshness and is light. So, on those hot days, it will be your greatest ally.


However, it is not limited only to daytime hours. At night, we can wear a linen suit, a shirt, and pants set, or shorts. So, the linen will be perfect if you must attend an outdoor wedding or an event under the same conditions.


Linen is a very versatile fabric, meaning an incredible option to put together both informal, casual, or semi-formal looks. When selecting the color, you must consider the time of your departure or meeting.


But with a linen garment, we assure you success in your image and make you look distinguished and elegant.


Most common linen garments


Vazol - Give that touch of elegance - Man with white shirt


  • Shirt, Linen clothes.


It should be an obligatory basic in every boy’s wardrobe since a white linen shirt for men is what you need to combine with absolutely everything.


From pants of the same fabric chinos, jeans, and shorts.


So, with a single garment, you will have a large number of combinations and looks available.


  • Pants, Linen clothes.


Do you want to live with that feeling of always being in summer? Well, linen pants are the answer to that. It is as comfortable as wearing pajamas, and in the same way, it gives you the elegance and that well-dressed look that we always try to achieve with each outfit we wear.


  • Bermuda, Linen clothes.


Vazol - Look fabulous this spring-summer with linen clothes - Man with Bermuda

For those casual outings during this season, and even more so for parties on the beach or pool during the day/afternoon, which last until night, shorts are the essential piece you need. If wearing pants is comfortable, imagine a Bermuda.


We’re talking twice as comfortable and with the certainty that you’ll look just as good, even with a more festive air, and that it allows you to show off your legs and that tan that you’ll surely have. Add sandals or espadrilles to be more comfortable.


As you can see, linen clothing for men will not only make you feel very comfortable but will give that touch of elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe that you surely did not know you needed. And with simple and light garments!


So, let yourself be seduced by the charm of linen and look for your garments immediately to show off this coming summer.

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