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Skincare for men in their 30s

Skincare for men in their 30s. Keeping our skin young and looking healthy is more than just a matter of attitude. At each stage, our body changes, and there are no exceptions concerning our face. On the contrary, as this area is the most exposed of our body and the one with the greatest mobility, it is the most affected by the passage of time.


For every decade we reach, our skin loses specific properties. Starting with the decrease in collagen and elastin reserves, which are responsible for the elasticity, firmness, and flexibility of the skin, which begins to accentuate when we are in our 30s.


Although these signs are indeed more visible when we are closer to turning 40. So, proper care from your early 30s is vital to move forward looking fabulous and without extreme changes on your skin over time.


Therefore, the goal of skin care is to prevent and delay as much as possible the aging caused by the things we mentioned above, among which we have expression lines, wrinkles, spots, and lack of luminosity, among others. That´s why today we will talk about the care that you should have from now on if you are in your 30s. All to slow down the clock a bit and have an enviable complexion.


Importance of skincare for men over 30


Vazol - Skincare for men in their 30s - Young man with cream on his face

Upon reaching 30, men’s skin begins transitioning, which is heading towards aging thanks to the loss of elasticity and pigmentation changes due to sun abuse and exposure without sunscreen. Likewise, testosterone production is decreased, which produces flaccidity and a lower level of sebum, which translates into dryness.


The skin of men and women is different. Although men’s skin is indeed thicker, it is also a reality that collagen degradation in males is constant. In women, this is accentuated by the arrival of menopause.


Other problems that are caused by age and by being a man is that the follicles dilate more, and due to the effects of testosterone, a greater amount of sebum is produced. This increases the tendency to suffer from acne, another reason to include specific care and avoid the latter being a headache at 30.


Basic Skincare Routine for Men over 30


Any routine at any age requires essential or mandatory steps that should be kept from being substituted or skipped. Since part of the success of all skin care is focused on them.


These are the necessary actions to start your routine:


Vazol - Skincare for men in their 30s - Cleaning

  • Cleansing


It is done twice daily, using a cleanser suitable for your skin type and specific needs (oily skin, acne, dry, sensitive skin, etc.).


You should clean your skin in the morning when you get up or bathe before going out to remove products applied the night before, as well as grease and impurities.


And at night, before bed, to eliminate the remains of the day, dirt, and bacteria and prepare your skin for the products you should apply then.




Vazol - Skincare for men in their 30s - Young man with cream on his face

  • Hydration


Hydrated skin is the key to avoiding aging and the appearance of expression lines.


For this, it is necessary to include a cream that helps preserve your skin’s natural moisture in your daily routine.


It is essential that the one you use during the day contains FPS and thus prevents UV rays from causing damage to your face.


Make sure that the cream chosen for the day is lighter in texture than the one for the night.


Vazol - Skincare for men in their 30s - Sunscreen

  • Sunscreen


It could be the most crucial product in your routine since nothing you do will be worth the effort without it. UV rays are the main enemies of the skin.


In addition to the possibility of suffering from diseases, they are responsible for stains and aging.


So, it is essential to apply sunscreen once you finish your routine, even if you will spend most of your day in an office or at home with artificial light.



Vazol - Skincare for men in their 30s - Young man with cream on his face

  • Exfoliation


Exfoliation is a technique where we manually remove, together with a specialized or chemical product, the impurities that exist in the skin, as well as dead cells. This gives way to a complexion with a fresh appearance, soft to the touch and shiny, and also helps prevent outbreaks by getting rid of dirt.


If you go the traditional way, opt for products that are not aggressive and that do not scrub your skin but can act gently. If you prefer chemical exfoliation, highly recommended in cases of acne, marks, and blemishes on the skin, those that contain salicylic acid are the most appropriate. Yes, it should be applied at night and removed the next morning.


You can do this step a maximum of 2 times a week to avoid irritating or damaging the skin.


What to include in a skincare routine for men over 30?


We already mentioned the basics in the routine. However, there are more products or steps that you can include and carry out if you want to go further or if you need an extra good to treat acne, and spots, among other problems.


With these types of more advanced routines, you will make your skin look gorgeous and, above all, healthy.


Vazol - Skincare for men in their 30s - Young man with cream on his face

  • Toner, Skincare for men in their 30s.


About toners, there are conflicting opinions. Some affirm that their use does not make much of a difference, while many claim to have noticed significant changes when using them regularly.


Many of these are recommended as a way to prepare the skin for the rest of the products that will be applied after cleansing.


And also balances the pH and reduces the greasy appearance, so it is up to you whether to use it or not in your routine.




  • Eye Contour, Skincare for men in their 30s.


We highly recommend including this product in your skincare routine since this area is very delicate and fine. When it loses its firmness and thickness, you begin to notice the signs of dark circles, crow’s feet, and dark areas more accentuated.


These special creams for this area will help you keep it hydrated, strengthen it, and also, depending on the ingredients, illuminate your look and make you look awake. You can apply it in the morning and at night.


Vazol - Skincare for men in their 30s - Young man with cream on his face

  • Masks, Skincare for men in their 30s.


In the cosmetics world, there is a mask for everyone. Yes, there is a wide variety of mask options to meet all kinds of needs. The most common are those that work to reduce the greasy appearance or regulate sebum and are commonly made from clay or activated charcoal.


They are known as deep cleansing masks because they penetrate the pores, cleaning them and removing dirt, leaving the skin looking clean.


On the other hand, moisturizers are the other most sought-after option since they are in charge of entering the skin, and their ingredients revive tired, dull, or dry skin.


Apply the mask of your preference twice a week.


Vazol - anti-inflammatory properties - Young man with cream on his face


  • Serums, Skincare for men in their 30s.


Another product that has had its boom in recent years is the serum. We also have one for each type of skin and specific needs.


The most commonly used is hyaluronic acid, moisturizer par excellence, and the current favorite to start taking care of the skin from the signs of aging.


The serums are applied after cleansing and before the moisturizer. In the case of hyaluronic acid, it is used both day and night.


However, other serums are only for a specific time.


Most used ingredients in skincare for men over 30


We already mentioned that a common product in a skincare routine is serums, which can contain different ingredients to treat various skin needs.


These active ingredients or concentrates have become the focus of attention in skin care.


These, because they are concentrated vitamins, acids, and minerals, among others, act more directly and profoundly, helping the skin get what it needs. For this reason, we will mention the most common serums and what functions they fulfill.


Vazol - anti-inflammatory properties - Young man with cream on his face

  • Retinol


This derivative of vitamin A is the best component to deal with aging, as well as helping to combat acne. It is used only at night, and combined with hyaluronic acid, you will have a powerful weapon against wrinkles.


  • Vitamin C, Skincare for men in their 30s.


It is used to give luminosity to the face, help reduce discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and obtain uniformity in the skin. It cannot be mixed with all acids or serums, so you must check beforehand. It is used once a day. And it is often referred to as ascorbic acid, the purest form of vitamin C.


  • Niacinamide


It is one of the most sought-after ingredients, thanks to its sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory properties that fight and reduce acne and can help lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation marks.


Vazol - anti-inflammatory properties - Young man with cream on his face

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Skincare for men in their 30s.


Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) are water-soluble molecules that work by exfoliating the skin to eliminate dead cells, blemishes, and other types of imperfections and counteracting the appearance of wrinkles, lack of elasticity, and loss of firmness, by producing an epidermal transformation and improve skin quality.


These are the components we mentioned as chemical exfoliants, the most common being glycolic acid and lactic acid, bringing these many benefits to your skin. Of course, this product should be applied at night and at most twice a week.



  • Beta-Hydroxy Acid


The beta hydroxy acid (BHA) par excellence is salicylic acid, the main ingredient to fight acne and excess oil. So, it is normal to find it in products aimed at this purpose.


Vazol - anti-inflammatory properties - Young man with cream on his face

  • Collagen, Skincare for men in their 30s.


It is a protein produced by our body, which is responsible for supporting the fibers of the dermis. Over time, its production decreases, and that is when problems with sagging skin, loss of luminosity, and expression lines appear, among other things.


This way, the importance of consuming it and using products that contain this ingredient is so relevant to the body that we can recover what was lost and give our face a more lush and alive appearance.


Skincare is a topic that has no age. From the age of 20, it is recommended to start a basic routine, which should be deepened as we grow older. So, you should not skimp on products and routines since everything you do for your skin today will benefit you for years to come.

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