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Shoes for men, types and their uses

Shoes for men, types and their uses. It is said that there is no chance for a second good impression, and in this case the image goes hand in hand with the impact we cause on others when we see each other for the first time.


So a well cared for and produced image or stamp will be an excellent cover letter, however, there is one detail to always take care of when dressing, the shoes.


Men’s shoes are the icing on the ice cream, that is, that final touch that will complement the outfit and that is considered extremely important within the genre.


For this reason, they should not only be consistent with the clothing in general, but they must be impeccable at all times, since, imagine the perfect outfit, but with the shoes looking sloppy. It would just be a mistake.


A masculine look full of style and empowered, wears good shoes as the perfect complement.


But, you should know that the choice is key, because that pair for which you are inclined must be versatile, comfortable and of course that it adapts to your wardrobe, since, if you make an investment in a relevant garment, you must ensure that it is functional with most of your clothes and will serve you for different occasions and events.


 To this end, we must know the different types of footwear so that when shopping time comes, you can choose wisely according to the functionality of each one, so continue with us and learn about the diversity of footwear that the Market has for you. 


Types of shoes for men


Let’s start our classification with those who carry moorings


Shoes with laces


Shoes for men, types and their uses | Vazol Design San Francisco

  • Oxford


This type of footwear or ark its difference entered others, since the lining it has is sewn under the instep so it is not visible, the lace closes so its appearance is more elegant, being an excellent model for very special occasions. formal and goes perfect with dress suits for occasions such as weddings, or events of the same target.


  • Derby


Contrary to the Oxford model, where the laces are closed and the lining is hidden under the instep, this model is the opposite, with the lining open at the bottom, as well as the laces, also being of a formal style, but daily use, that is, to use it on those occasions during the day such as a meeting or work matter that deserves a more polished look.


The most common colors in which we can find this model are from cognac to various shades of brown.


Shoes for men, types and their uses | Vazol Design San Francisco

  • Brogue


This model presents us with a less formal proposal than the Oxford, however, without leaving aside the elegance that a certain occasion may merit and being the perfect complement when you want to give a sophisticated touch to that casual or moderately informal look, so they go very good with jeans too.


Its main feature are the holes scattered throughout the shoe, which come together to form different patterns.


They are found in different colors such as skin, brown tones and black.




Other types of shoes


Shoes for men, types and their uses | Vazol Design San Francisco

  • Dress boots, Shoes for men.


If this model winks at you, then don’t hesitate to invest in a good pair.


It could be classified as a seasonal garment, since it is more frequently used during the winter, and the good news is that this type of shoe comes in a wide variety of models, from the most casual to even a little more formal, so that you can look for that prototype that suits your taste and style.


  • White Tennis, Shoes for men.


Or also known as a sneaker, it is a sports shoe that became a trend a few years ago and continues to be popular, since it breaks that formality in the look, becoming that casual touch to wear on occasions that indicate it.


The outfits with this shoe look super good, plus they combine perfectly with most clothes.


  • Loafers.


This type of shoe is very very casual, so they are useful for the daily as well as the summer season, since, apart from being a very cool shoe, it goes well with jeans, pants, Bermuda shorts and shorts.


They are not elegant or formal, so they fit perfectly with your outfits of the day that do not require so much care in dressing.


There are a variety of colors, so if you like this model, you can buy it in various shades and put together fabulous combinations.




  • Monk, Shoes for men.


This shoe is camouflaged here, however, it occupies a place among the most elegant models.


Despite not having laces, but having more presence of buckles, they are classified as even more formal than the Oxford model and of course, also on moccasins, they are used with suits and for formal and elegant evenings.


  • Nautical, Shoes for men.


They are for informal use and their name comes from the use for which they were intended, since it was exclusive to nautical activities, being used over time for day-to-day use, it is informal and its colors are versatile, so they will fit properly and easily, with other shades and colors of garments.


  • Sandals or espadrilles, Shoes for men.


It’s a shoe purely informal, it is used mostly in the summer, however, you can use it for events in swimming pools or the like.


When using them, try to have an impeccable and well-cared dress so that the entire look does not tarnish with this type of shoe.


  • Shoes.


We have already mentioned the use of white tennis shoes, which we also call sneakers, but here we are going to mention another model, which, although it is a close family, are not exactly the same.


With the term sneaker, we also refer to sports but casual footwear, which is designed for daily use, taking it out of physical training activities, since the shoes intended for these usually have more specific models oriented to results for employment and not they go well with casual outfits, since they would make them look lackluster.


  • Chukka


Its main feature is its peculiar design, which reaches the ankles at the back, and is completely closed at the top, tied with short-range laces.


They are associated with winter, also because of the material from which they are made, being a soft fabric that provides complete coverage to the foot. They look great with jeans and corduroys and can add a less casual touch to your casual outfit.


There are many models described here and that cover different styles, the important thing is that you choose according to yours, being faithful to your tastes and needs when dressing.


Never forget to bet on comfort too and above all to feel happy and satisfied with the image you are going to project.


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