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What kind of shirts are best suited to wear during the summer?

What kind of shirts are best suited to wear during the summer? The sun is more scorching than ever and summer is starting. To get over the heat, it is important to have the appropriate clothes. This way you can keep the style and comfort.


Using shirts in the sun does not need to equal getting hot under the collar. You can opt for season-appropriate designs in fresh fabrics and vibrant prints to handle everything, from heatwaves to vacationing like a pro.


These are the summer shirt styles you need to know:


1. Cuban collar


Vazol-What kind of shirts are best suited to wear during the summer-BannerMany mistook the return of the cuban collar as a fleeting fashion trend when it came back to the public’s awareness a few years ago.


However, this laid-back shirt has consolidated its basic summer reputation thanks to its laid-back look and informal versatility.


The perfect option for vacations, afternoons in the park, or nights in outside restaurants, this short-sleeve alternative with a retro print has all the bases covered.




2. Linen clothes, shirts to wear during the summer


Vazol-What kind of shirts are best suited to wear during the summer-BannerThe masculine fashion’s appetite for texture can be hard to satisfy during the hottest half of the year, but not if you embrace linen. This misunderstood material often gets a bad rep for wrinkling and its unfortunate aging hippies connotations.


However, design it well and it will be a powerful ally during the summer months and beyond.


For the most part, linen shirts work best when worn casually. Try combining one with chino pants and moccasins, with the sleeves loose. This does not mean you can wear them with tailoring. You can combine separate suits, khaki colors, and desert boots for a laid-back look perfect for a summer wedding.


3. Polos in pastel colors, shirts to wear during the summer


Vazol-What kind of shirts are best suited to wear during the summer-BannerSometimes a simple t-shirt is not enough, but a shirt is too much. For these occasions, a well-fitted polo must be your first option. Of course, there are many colors to choose from, even though neutrals will always be a safe bet. If you really want to improve your summer style, pastel colors are the only way forward.


Cool tones embody the look and the polo offers the perfect recipient to place a mediterranean sophistication into your closet. To get the best results, you can use them with a backdrop of subtle and earthy colors.


A lime polo with some dark green shorts, for example; or a dusty pink design with navy blue shorts. You can pair them with some white canvas shoes and you are set.


4. Printed cuban collar, shirts to wear during the summer


Plain shirts with a cuban collar are great and versatile add-ons to any summer shirts selection.


A vibrant shirt offers a great way to complement even the most pedestrian of summer outfits. You just need to make sure that you get rid of any other items that might compete for attention.


Beach prints, botanic products, and vertical lines are big this season.


You can pair them with some navy blue chinos and suede espadrilles for summer nights spent at bars next to the beach.


5. Chambray, shirts to wear during the summer


Cotton denim is thick, heavy, and usually not the most practical fabric when it comes to summer shirts.


Chambray, however, is light, comfortable and still preserves the good looks and versatility of its heavier counterpart.


Something that makes many men walk away from experimenting with chambray is that it can be hard to style, especially with jeans, but it can be done.


When you wear denim at the bottom, make sure the tones are different enough to contrast, as anything too similar will look discordant. For a fool-proof focus, switch your jeans for some lighter-toned chinos like beige, off-white, or grey.


6. Madras, shirts to wear during the summer


With its bright colors and busy checkered design, madras-style shirts are not for everyone. This indian fabric is light, which gives it its breathability, this vibrant shirt style can be a hard thing to accomplish, but the results are worth it. This is a summer shirt from start to finish, and it exudes east-coast refined elegance.


7. Oxford button-down, shirts to wear during the summer


There is no wrong time of the year for a classic Oxford button-down, and the summer is no exception.


This timeless men’s clothing is ideal to settle in the winter, but it can also support itself with some short pants and slippers when the sun reappears.


One thing to keep in mind during the summer is the color. In the heat, lighter tones usually work better; think white to reflect the sun or light blue or pink. The fit is also crucial.


It is important to make sure the seams line up on your shoulders. It is also necessary for the body to have a thin -but not restrictive- cut, and for the hem to fall a couple of inches below the waist.


8. Light t-shirt, shirts to wear during the summer


It would be good if we could trust the summer months to be soft from start to finish. Sadly, it does not work that way. It is more likely to be an occasional cold period, and when this happens it is worth being equipped.


The overshirt is truly a garment of wonder. This is one of the few exterior clothing items you can enjoy year-round. It is a trusted companion for the summer days that did not turn out as you were expecting.


You must look for cotton or nylon versions to get maximum versatility. Both materials are light, easy to use, and can be worn in layers during the colder months.


To get bonus style points, opt for one in a bright color to add a touch of personality even to the most basic outfits.


The best summer fabrics for men


Summer fabrics should be lighter, with looser outfits that allow heat to escape and keep you cool. Next, we will present to you some of the most common summer fabrics you should consider:


– Cotton


The king of summer fabrics. Most of your summer outfits will be 100% cotton or cotton blends, like cotton and linen and cotton and silk. Why is this a great summer fabric: cotton is extremely breathable and versatile? Thanks to the tighter weave, it wrinkles less than looser weave fabrics like linen.


– Linen


Linen is made from flax and is a common summer alternative to cotton. This means that anywhere you can find cotton (button shirts, t-shirts, shorts, and even suits) you will find a linen variant.


Why is this a great summer fabric? Linen fabrics have an open weave, which lets the heat escape and the air pass through. This breathability is a lifesaver for hot and humid months.


Linen often looks ruined because it wrinkles easily. This is because of the wider and lighter weave. To avoid this, you will often find blends like cotton-linen that can leverage the breathability of the clothes with the structure of the cotton.

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