Shirts that every stylish man should have

Shirts that every stylish man should have

Shirts that every stylish man should have. Style is something that we acquire over time, that’s why the fashion world is constantly changing and each time taking out different collections that adapt to you. Do you know yours? It’s very important to know it to know how to combine this basic garment. It’s no secret to anyone that everyone, without distinction, must have a wardrobe that complements that style that characterizes us and that shows personality without the need for words.


Today, we will tell you about a basic garment that cannot be missing in any wardrobe, because it’s the one that will add 50% of the outfit you choose: The shirt. In this sense, I want to tell you which are those shirts can be adapted to different situations of the day.


What are men’s shirts?


Shirts that every stylish man should haveWe’re all on the same page when we say that you can’t wear the same shirts to the office as you do for your casual looks, right? Because you really have to separate the outfits. In this sense, GQ magazine listed some types of basic shirts that will help you identify them and not confuse them. Do you want to know more? Take note!


  • Office shirt.


They are made of cotton and their appearance is neither thick nor thin. They are ideal for going to a business meeting.


  • Flannel shirt.


They are an interesting option for the cold or to dress in style. They’re made a bit thicker and worn over a basic tee or on their own as a layered outfit for a much more casual look.


  • Oxford-type shirt.


Made with a blend of cotton and polyester. Considered a timeless and versatile classic to transform a casual look into a semiformal one. Its purpose is focused on comfort.


  • Polo shirt.


They lift whatever outfit you wear. They’re the key to a careful outfit and its classic cut is ideal for the summer. Their advantage is that they aren’t difficult to combine, they look good with almost everything.


  • Overshirt. 


They’re a very successful option for cold climates, as well as to take an alternative look between casual and different. Its wide fabric is one of the favorites to wear as capes, and they’re used unbuttoned to wear another shirt underneath.


How many shirts should a man have?


Shirts that every stylish man should haveAs I have been telling you, the wardrobe you have will depend on you and the lifestyle you lead in all areas and aspects of your life, from the personal to the professional.


I know that we all have very diverse lives and that it’s also conditioned by our age. So, you should have at least these types of shirts from a grand universe, but so real, that if there is a zombie apocalypse and there are no more clothing stores, you will always come out dignified and regal.


Here are other types of shirts that we must take into account. Keep reading to know more!


  • White shirt. Shirts that every stylish man should have


Perfect for formal events, and also to be worn with suits or jeans for a more informal look. The white shirt will never fail you when you have no idea what to wear for an event of any kind. You can combine it with leather jackets, suit jackets, bomber jackets, vests … with everything it will be incredible. The style will be your ally!


  • Striped shirt.


A striped shirt is an option that we must always keep in mind when putting together our wardrobe and style. Now, you should take into account the thickness of the line for formality, because the thicker the line, the more informal it is.


  • Plaid shirt. Shirts that every stylish man should have


Who doesn’t love a plaid shirt? There are many styles between colors and types of fabrics or their thickness. They can give you different personalities. Like the stripes, the thicker the look, the more information will be.


  • Guayabera shirt. 


Of my favorite options, guayaberas are great for any occasion. You can use them at different times of the year and they look great to give formality to your outfits. They are made of linen or synthetic fabrics.


  • Jean-type shirt. Shirts that every stylish man should have


Any excuse is good to wear denim. And currently, the total denim look has taken over this year’s runways. They can provide a shy and very country aesthetic. This material is a timeless favorite, which makes it a favorite.


  • Hawaiian shirt.


To feel that you live in eternal summer, you will need this garment! Its tropical prints will make you the king of the night. Do you already have yours? What do you think of her?


  • Tuxedo shirt. Shirts that every stylish man should have


Special only and exclusively for formal occasions to always hit the mark on style and occasion. It’s best to wear it in white with a dove neck, chest, and hole for cuff links.


What shirt colors should a man use?


Colors may vary based on your color preferences. However, I consider it prudent to have shirts in neutral colors such as white, black, gray, blue, also pink, and purple.


However, you could add bright prints and colors. It will depend one hundred percent on you and what you like the most to combine.


The good thing about shirts is that they allow you to play with your imagination, colors and also encourage you to be more creative when it comes to clothing. You can get everyone’s attention just by walking by.




How many white shirts should a man have?


We already know that they’re essential and yes, it’s true, many have always told us that we must have a certain amount of them.


Now, is it really worth it? Among so many options of collar, cuffs, shapes, sleeves, all?


I particularly think that it isn’t necessary to have so many and in so many ways because an outfit isn’t just about white shirts.


However, we can consider having two white dress shirts, and you can play around with the options so that they aren’t the same.


Also, you can consider two daily sports types to complement. In the end, it never hurts. What do you think? How many white shirts should you have in your closet?

Shirts that every stylish man should have


What are your favorite shirts? The ones you can’t get rid of. At Vazol we believe that white, black, and some with patterns are the ones that cannot be missing in a gay men’s wardrobe. What do you think?

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