Secrets to avoid early baldness

Secrets to avoid early baldness

Secrets to avoid early baldness. No kidding! Did you look in the mirror and see a weird blank space there on your scalp? I know! It’s the worst. It happens to me too. And it turns out that hair loss is not just because of a lack of haircuts. But it involves a series of factors related to your well-being.


The human body has approximately five million follicles. And of those five, between one hundred and one hundred and fifty thousand are found on the scalp. So, it is easy to see where your hair is falling with your own eyes. What are the first signs? Finding loose hair in the shower or on your pillow.


Terrible! I know. I tell you that in the case of men, 25% develop baldness when they notice these signs before turning thirty. Many realize this much earlier. Now, is it possible to avoid it? No. However, the process can be slowed down. And that is why at Vazol we decided to explain these secrets to you to avoid early baldness.


What prevents alopecia?


Secrets to avoid early baldnessBefore diving deep into the subject, I would like to explain what alopecia is. Alopecia is generalized hair loss and is directly associated with baldness, but it is not always linked to it. It´s used to define hair loss that can occur in density, patches, or holes.


It can be caused hereditarily, or by stress, diet, excess of chemicals, autoimmune diseases, or hormonal problems. In this sense, you will surely ask yourself, when is it considered worrying?


A follicle is considered healthy when lost hair recovers between two and three years, which is considered the hair cycle. It is not about counting the hair you lose every day. But depending on the amount is when we will know if it is normal or not.


Premature baldness can have a very strong emotional impact on those who suffer from it. So sometimes we can see obsessions while watching your hair fall. As I said, stopping this loss is possible in some cases if you know where it comes from. I invite you to consult with an expert to discover the main cause. If you don´t know it.


Generally, the first symptom is an increase in hair loss. This is noticeable when bathing, rubbing with the pillow or when you comb your hair. You may also see other symptoms such as dryness, redness, or skin changes.


In young people, extensive baldness of grade three or higher is related to the years. So that between 10 and 20 percent of men experience this fall between the ages of 16 and 29. While 30% present it at 30 years and 40% at 40. Going over until at 90 years of age, 90% of people have a degree of baldness.


How can you fight premature baldness? Secrets to avoid early baldness.


Secrets to avoid early baldnessHair loss or premature baldness greatly affects our self-esteem and confidence, which causes us to suffer emotional blows and insecurities. This occurs mainly due to a genetic predisposition, but there are other dermatological cases.


I insist you can avoid it. I don´t guarantee a one hundred percent effective result, though. Because we will not know what your case is and that is why when you notice these changes. You must go to a professional to evaluate the cause and treatments. But I can help you with these recommendations to delay the fall.


Keep good hygiene. Wash your hair at least twice a week or every other day to keep it clean. Lack of hygiene generates seborrhea which promotes hair loss. Use a good shampoo that suits your hair type.


Have a balanced diet. And you probably sneer at me or think that this is not right. But the truth is that food´s the basis of our well-being, so a good diet will help prevent hair loss. Always eat adequate proportions of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, as well as vitamins and iron.


Cut your hair regularly. This is extremely important. At least once every three months or two, cut your hair to heal it and keep the pores open.


Perform hair massages. You can do it while watching TV or while talking on the phone. Even if you work from home, get massages to reactivate blood flow. These massages should be circular starting from the center of the head.


What can be done to fight baldness? Secrets to avoid early baldness.


It´s not always preventable, however, we can try to. Don’t be discouraged! For example, if it is hereditary, you cannot avoid it. That´s why here we will leave you some other measures that you can consider to slow down the process.


Lifestyle changes. In addition to a healthy diet, you should stop smoking, meditate, do exercises that relieve stress. Besides working for this, it will also help improve your general well-being.


Drugs against hair loss. Not all of them are too effective, or not at all. But some drugs do help slow down hair loss such as finasteride that suppresses the effects of DHT. Or minoxidil that helps growth.


Platelet plasma. In PRP treatments like biostimulation where they take the blood of the same patient, they centrifuge it, and then it is injected into the scalp to stimulate growth.


Now, if you have run out of options and want a more effective solution, I suggest you see your trusted specialist. So you get treatments such as extracting follicular units from not affected areas and grafting them on the recipient surfaces. (hair graft).


We don´t recommend one hundred percent this treatment for hair loss in young people. As they will continue to lose hair due to hormones.


From Vazol we hope we have given you help by letting you know these secrets to avoid early baldness. Besides its causes, and possible treatments. We recommend that you always consult a professional to diagnose your case. And apply what your scalp needs for the best results. Was this article helpful to you? Share it with whoever needs help with their early baldness.

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