The best routine for oily skin in men

What is the best routine for oily skin in men?

What is the best routine for oily skin in men? Many people think that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. However, I think the face in general is. Because it´s through the factions that they will be able to notice the impression we make on the world. And how well or badly it gets along with us. This makes us improve if we properly manage our strengths and weaknesses.


In this sense, the skin is decisive to look well cared for and groomed, as well as harmonics. So, today at Vazol we want to show you some of the best routines for facial care for oily male skin. And how you should pamper it so that this valuable organ looks cared for and spotless.


There are three types of skin: dry, combination, and oily. But today we will talk about the last one. To know what´s that perfect routine that can lead you to glory and always look fresh as lettuce. So, if you have oily skin, take note of these valuable tips.


How to take care of a man’s skin?


The best routine for oily skin in menI have told you about this before. Still, it´s worth telling you that to take care of a man’s skin you only need to be willing to do so. Even if you think you don’t have too much time. Taking care of your skin is super important to maintain it. Believe it or not, on the days that you do not plan to do anything other than Netflix and Chill too. So, I invite you to pay attention to these tips.


  • Wash your face, The best routine for oily skin in men.


At least twice a day. It´s, if not, the most important thing to have a good face. In the morning and the evening. When waking up with gel that adapts to your skin. Zero soaps unless your trusted dermatologist has prescribed the one you need. It´s in this way that you will remove impurities and toxicity from the skin.



The best routine for oily skin in men

  • Exfoliate at least twice a week.


And do it at night. When you exfoliate the skin, you help it to remove those unnecessary toxins that accumulate from sweat or the simple contamination of the spaces where you live.


  • Hydrate twice a day, The best routine for oily skin in men.


There are already creams that are for the day and night routines. So you can use the moisturizer that best suits your skin to get better care. 



  • Take care of your beard.


You cannot go through life sloppy. The fact that you have a beard, if you have one, you must be very intentional in caring for it. That´s why I suggest you keep it trimmed and with the necessary products to make it look soft and silky. Manageable.


  • Wear sunscreen, The best routine for oily skin in men.


Super NECESSARY. It´s the most important thing. There´s no use doing this whole routine without using sunscreen. As I told you, we are full of UV rays that hurt when they penetrate our pores. In this sense, never leave the house without good sunscreen.


How to improve a man’s oily complexion?


Care will always be about the basics. Although, men with oily skin tend to need a little more care in their routine. Because if they use or combine products that are not according to their skin type, they can generate the opposite reaction. Thus making your complexion appear ready to fry a chicken.


So, if your skin is oily, what you should do as a first step is to go to a dermatologist. To give you a treatment that meets your needs. In the meantime, there are some steps you can take to regulate your skin and reduce blackheads, acne, and sebum.


Clean. Use products or tonics that help you keep your face clean during the day and reduce sebum production.


Exfoliate. Compared to normal skin, if your skin deserves it, you can even do it up to three times a week.


Hydrates With the application of serum suitable for oily skin, you can balance your skin and its oil production.


Sunscreen. Yes, you also need sunscreen and at least use it twice a day to keep your skin well protected.


Also … you need to maintain a balanced diet full of fiber. And this is how food will provide you with a good amount of vitamins. Drink more water than you think you can, to help you eliminate toxins from your body that can come out of the face. On the other hand, do exercise. In this way, you will strengthen and preserve the collagen in your skin. And eliminate the unwanted from your body when you sweat.


On top of that, two or three times a week you can give your face a few minutes to use a facial mask. That will allow you to deeply hydrate and cleanse, exfoliate and help you with luminosity. Remember that every time you use it you must have clean skin.


How to highlight the beauty of a man?


So, when you have a correct facial routine, the important thing is that you comply with the steps to follow.


In which you properly use the necessary products that lead to hygiene, eye contour, serum, and hydrations. It´s in this way that you will make your skin feel like new.


It´s no secret to anyone that men’s skin tends to be oilier. And that´s why you must follow the routines to the letter. Paying attention will make you more intentional and will make you get in the habit of doing it forever. Since once you handle it, you won’t be able to let it go.


Now, what will help you enhance your beauty is a good attitude and personality. That´s linked to your cleanin

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