Vazol - Retro fashion for men and how to wear it - man in retro clothes

Retro fashion for men and how to wear it

Retro fashion for men and how to wear it. Retro fashion, which is really more current than ever, is a style that, no matter how many years go by, never ceases to be in trend. Some elements and garments have more prominence at some point than others, but there is always some look or piece in an outfit that evokes other times.


What is vintage men’s fashion?


Vazol - Retro fashion for men and how to wear it - man in retro clothesVintage fashion for men is that style that is always present in each season. Each year is made up of garments launched in other times of great movement and contributions in the fashion world. Such as the 70s, 80s, and 90s, in which the trends became very relevant in popular culture, and people continue to wear them today.


However, retro or vintage fashion for men does not leave aside its charm. It is a way of looking sophisticated and elegant when dressing, as well as a versatile style since it can be adapted to each taste and used by everyone and everyone. That despite the fact that it may be considered over at some point, it is waiting to be rescued with some allusive garment.


Another great advantage is that you can put together your challenge outfits for men from clothes you have kept in your closet for years. Or go to your dad’s closet and refrain from investing large amounts in buying new clothes.


However, you must pay attention to the combinations you make and how you wear them. We’re here to help you bring vintage fashion to the best style.


What does retro style mean?


By retro or vintage style, we mean everything (clothing, designs, music, works, etc.) that has a certain age and had its birth in the past or many years before the current one. It is a term widely used in the fashion world. And as we have already mentioned, it refers to all clothing that, despite being made today, has designs from other seasons or years and looks like an old garment.


What does the retro style convey?


Vazol - Retro fashion for men and how to wear it - man in retro clothes

Nowadays, retro or vintage fashion does not imply looking old or out-of-date. On the contrary, as we also told you before, you can end up looking very sophisticated and elegant.


The retro style transmits personality, security, and style. However, one must be cautious when selecting both the clothes and the colors. Since it is a mistake to lean towards a majority of beige, gray, and other dark tones, which can be better to create an image of grandfather that we do not want to project.


This style aims to transmit a “vintage” image but is elegant. This can even be achieved by adding details such as accessories that make a difference and give you that vintage look without adding much more.


Another way to avoid looking old is to include current, bright, soft, and trending colors in your clothing that make you look sophisticated.


Difference Between Retro and Vintage Style


Vazol - Retro fashion for men and how to wear it - man in retro clothes

There is a difference, which, although it’s not much, makes a slight separation between the two. And it consists of the retro style based on seeking inspiration from the fashion trends of past times to design and make in the present. That is, they are current garments inspired by the past.


While vintage is that style created from your grandfather’s shirt, your uncle’s hat, and your dad’s sweater.


For example, it is built with clothing and accessories that have been around for generations and up to date. They are in good condition and functional.


But we know that in the same way, we will continue using one word for the other without a problem in making ourselves understood.


The best retro looks for men


Vazol - Retro fashion for men and how to wear it - Couple in retro clothes

  • Inspired by the 70s


This decade is characterized by its colors, prints, disco look, and the Western. There we see pants at the hip, with a bell cut, Hawaiian prints, psychedelics, accessories such as chains, and full denim, in which you can be inspired to dress. It is accompanied by earthy colors and garments made of fresh fabrics for this time of year.


  • 80s color, Retro fashion for men.


But color made its decade leap and went to the 80s, where men, especially those from the LGBT community, did not skimp on using chromatic clothing, including shoes.


So, if you want to lean towards this option, wear polo shirts with wide sleeves and recreate the style of the best eighties atmosphere.


Vazol - A classic and characteristic garment - man in retro clothes

  • Vintage Jeans, Retro fashion for men.


With this name, we refer to a classic and characteristic garment of all times, such as jeans. But in previous years, it was usually worn in looser models, with straight cuts and in lighter colors and effects of more wear. So, it is an excellent option when dressing in retro style.


  • Graphic T-Shirt’s, Retro fashion for men.


Nothing is more retro and trendier than a t-shirt with the print of your favorite childhood tv show, movie, or even better, your favorite cartoons. All this goes hand in hand with vintage and modern at the same time. There are also rock bands’ tees! So, the options are endless in this aspect and this versatile garment.



  • Back to the 90s, Retro fashion for men.


Vazol - A classic and characteristic garment - man in retro clothes

Even though many trends from the 80s went on to the 90s, fashion was simplified a bit.


Using more basic garments such as unicolor t-shirts with shorts and white sneakers or jeans without as much color and print as we have seen in previous years. In this decade, high socks are also all the rage and are being worn in the same way today. Do not hesitate to use them that way for a total 90’s look.


The vintage or retro style does not imply sticking to a single specific time or year. You can combine various trends and achieve the look that best suits you and with which you feel incredibly ready to steal glances. So before going shopping, double-check your closet. Some old clothes may surprise you!

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