10 most modern men’s haircuts of the year

10 most modern men’s haircuts of the year. We are at this point in 2021 and you still don’t know what to do with your hair. You’ve probably spent way too much time locked up in your cavern and you want to make yourself a little more decent. The problem is that with such isolation, you are no longer sure what are the current trends, nor what kind of haircut would suit you the best.


As a man, changing up your style can be a very complex decision. Should you keep your hair longer to show off your waves, or should you try a shorter style? What happened with those fades that were in style? Should I cut my hair or let it grow a little longer?


If these doubts have been haunting you, you are lucky to have stumbled on this post. We invite you to check these trending haircuts of 2021, so you can choose the one that fits your style, energy, and aspirations.


10 most modern men’s haircuts of the year


There is a bit of everything on this list whether you are looking for a more casual, relaxed, sexy, or refined look.


1. Lateral fade with waves


Vazol-10-most-modern-mens-haircuts-of-the-year-2021 has brought back some renaissance reminiscence. This year’s trend is curly hair for men, something that wasn’t usually considered. If you let your hair grow at the top, you can work those sexy and dashing waves easily.


This style is highly compatible with hair gel, especially on those days when you are looking for a quick fix to control your hair. Wild waves give an extra sex appeal, as long as you keep the sides to highlight the top half of your body.


If you are still feeling adventurous, you can include a subtle and elegant design to your fade.


Depending on your stylist’s skills, the options to complete your look are endless. From mandala lines to anything you can think of.


2. Tousled top with a Shave Fade, most modern men’s haircuts of the year


Vazol-10-most-modern-mens-haircuts-of-the-year-If you want to rock with your hair, this is a clear option for a man with an attitude.


Tough, flexible, and careless is the message this haircut sends. To pull off this style, you need to make the extra hair at the top slightly disheveled.


This hair rowdiness emulates the intriguing “bed hair” style.


On one hand, the sides are trimmed in a fade look until you reach full-on shave, strengthening your manly attributes. If you also have a rough beard, you will have the perfect complement. 


One thing to consider with this look is that it is definitely not compatible with round faces. 


3. Slicked back with shaved sides


Vazol-10-most-modern-mens-haircuts-of-the-year-If you lean more to a short style, this is for you. There is nothing more polished, refined, and, frankly, sexier than this.


For the man of today that looks to convey style and fashion sense, this hairstyle meets all these attributes. 


To achieve this haircut, you need to let your hair grow just a little. Especially at the top.


You can give it more structure and balance to your cut by applying gel or lacquer while you slick it back. The intent is to leave no loose strand.


Once you have defined the point of the cut. Shave the sides right to the scalp. This cut does not work well with oval faces.


4. Platinum Toss Back with shaved sides, most modern men’s haircuts of the year


Vazol-10-most-modern-mens-haircuts-of-the-year-If you want to create a “WOW” factor with your look, this is the time to experiment with color.


The Platinum Toss Back look comes from achieving an ashy blond with platinum highlights, in contrast with facial hair in its natural color.


For those who have a black or dark brown beard, it is a perfect match, as it gives a dramatic and impactful impression.


It is best to leave the hair at the top of the head longer, mold with more precision the top and reinforce the hairstyle with gel.


When you are done, we recommend tousling generously to add a seductive but fresh and cool finish. 


5. Everyday Fade


If you lean more toward elegance and short hair, you will surely love this haircut. Some men like to sit down, relax, and enjoy the day. If your personality is more informal, easy, and cool, but you want to add a modern twist, try this style.


The top should have a medium length, the hair should be cut in layers to benefit the spikes and strands of different lengths.


This cut doesn’t need a very stiff hairstyle, on the contrary, you can dishevel it a little so your side fade can look better.


This fade ends in a mild shave right at the skin. This option benefits those who want to look radiant in the day-to-day.


6. Half mane waves, most modern men’s haircuts of the year


If you enjoy a half mane hair, you could give this trend a chance.


This look creates a style that flows deeply with a high-class and sophisticated personality.


This look doesn’t exaggerate when it comes to casual, this is the perfect hairstyle for the man who likes to take it easy but can work hard when it’s needed.



It also gives an air of mystery to the eye, creating an irresistible and intriguing aura.


7. Naturally curly with a stiff and designed fade


Vazol-10-most-modern-mens-haircuts-of-the-year-If your hair goes from an intense curly to an afro, you can try this cut. It is a short and curly haircut for men that is very popular this year.


The idea behind this haircut is to leverage natural curls. With the right work, you can make them look amazing. It is recommended to exalt the length of the curl, at least at the front of the head.


This detail will give a precise, fresh and clean look. While the sides of the hair are faded neatly, you can even include your beard in the design. A sexy incitement.


The finish of this haircut should be precise, geometric, and with clean lines. A man with no fear of shapes can also include some designs into the fade.


8. Hairstyle with highlights and a side fade, most modern men’s haircuts of the year


If you are a bit conservative, and you haven’t yet changed the color of your hair entirely, you can definitely try highlights. Here we present to you an exceptional variant to carrying short hair.


This hairstyle is definitely a plus for dark brown hair, and it works better with straight hair. Brunettes have always had to deal with looking a little mundane or common, thankfully highlights help fight that.


If you want to stand out and add a surprising contrast, add some light blond highlights to your mane. To create an exotic and unique appearance, sort out the top but add a distinctive fade to the sides. A shaved touch to the side adds a bit of personality to this attractive style.


9. High top and short sides


If you want to refresh your summer look, this option will make you stand out from the rest.


There is nothing special about moving with the herd, so we encourage you to take this step.


Leaving the top high you get versatility, you can design the hairstyle and adapt it to every decision.


You can wear this haircut slicked back for a business meeting or tousling it to make it look disheveled and ready for the beach.



10. Short, disheveled, and washed out top, most modern men’s haircuts of the year


If you don’t want to have to deal with hair volume every day, your best option is to keep your hair short.


However, wearing your hair short is no excuse to look unkempt.


To achieve this look, you should keep the top shorter and comb the hair forward.


With a subtle dishevel you can give some freshness to your haircut and if you wish to lighten the weight of the cut, you can fade the sides to update your cut frequently.

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