Vazol - Men's print trends for spring 2023 - Men dressed in orange

Men’s print trends for spring 2023

Men’s print trends for spring 2023. The arrival of each season of the year changes not only the weather but also the way we dress, like wearing warmer or lighter clothes. As well as in terms of image, trends, and colors, among other things.


It is worth knowing that the spring season is associated with warmth, color in all its forms, fresh clothes, and garments of different shapes. And one of the protagonists for this time of year is prints.


These types of textiles get us out of trouble on many occasions. Since by combining them with another garment and without having to add much more to our clothing, we will be more than ready to go out and seize the day. And as we have mentioned, fashion and trends are in constant movement. So, from time to time, we must check what people will wear in the following months.


For this reason, we want to talk to you about those fabrics with prints, which will be in trend this season. All so you can include them in your wardrobe, and when you put your outfits together, you look up-to-date and in trend.


Trendy Prints for Spring


  • Psychedelics


Everything that contains this word, people are going to wear. We are talking about retro patterns, where abstraction is the rule, artistic designs, colors, and glitter, among others. Everything is combined in the same piece to be the most striking, a characteristic of this particular pattern we will be seeing this season.


Vazol - Men's print trends for spring 2023 - flower print

  • Floral, Men’s print trends for spring.


The floral print is not a novelty, it has been worn for a long time, not only in shirts but also in shorts. And since this pattern is something typical to wear in the spring, it is not a surprise to include it in this list. This year, we will see an abundance of green, wild-style flowers in strong tones and everything that evokes a wild air brought to your clothes.


  • Camouflage


Just as cargo pants are back, camouflage is just a little behind and is coming this year to make a name for itself in the trends. As it triumphed in the yk2, it made a comeback. We will see it worn by combining it with padded vests, boots, sports shoes, pants, jackets, and shirts.


Vazol - Men's print trends for spring 2023 - Checkers

  • Checkers, Men’s print trends for spring.


Another classic of prints is the checkered pattern, which never goes out of use, and is always a hit when dressing, both for casual outings and for more formal ones.


We could consider it a wardrobe essential since it never hurts to have a checked garment.


However, this season we will see this pattern worn not only on shirts but also on pants and jackets. And combining it with other checkered prints so that we will have checkers on checkers. But remember the basic rule when combining two prints: that both have a common color.



Vazol - Men's print trends for spring 2023 - nature print

  • Natural


Just as flowers have their fixed position, other prints that allude to nature, such as leaves, trees, and everything related to these, have also made their way.


And as we have seen in past seasons, this will not be the exception.


Follow the same line of combination as with the flowers, and look for solid colors that scream nature.


Wear them with all neutrals and earth tones to make them stand out much more.


  • Mix and Match, Men’s print trends for spring.


It is not a pattern itself but a way of wearing them. Here the idea is to wear garments with uneven prints, moving away from aesthetics and what is visually correct. So, the proposal is to create artistic looks, selecting a pattern to uncoordinate it. For example, using two types of stripes of different sizes and colors. You can also do the same with flowers and checkers and psychedelics with patchwork. Use your imagination!


Vazol - Mens print trends for spring 2023 - Pinstripes

  • Pinstripes


Another classic of the prints we usually see more than anything in dress suits is the pinstripe, which is extremely thin and almost imperceptible, placed vertically throughout the garment.


We can find it in dark white bases and light fabrics in black, grey, and navy blue, among others.


This spring, we will see shirts, full suits, vests that are currently so fashionable, and even shorts with this pattern. You must see it in your closet if your style is classic and elegant since you can wear it with informal clothes such as boat shoes and hats and get a perfect outfit for spring nights. 


Vazol - Mens print trends for spring 2023 - Scottish plaid

  • Scottish plaid, Men’s print trends for spring.


We talk about checkers in general and that these are a must-have in every wardrobe. The checkered print is very versatile and easy to combine and wear for various occasions. But in this section, we will discuss another variant of this form, the Scottish checks.


Scottish plaid is also considered a timeless print, but we include it among this season’s trends since they have been seen quite vigorously on the most recent catwalks. So, without a doubt, it will be worn without need before fall or winter arrives.


In addition, a great advantage is that you can put together both formal and informal combinations and a wide variety of color combinations, so there is one for each skin color.


  • Bright knitted and colored


For those cool nights or if you go to a place where the temperature is low, there is nothing like a comfortable sweater or cardigan. Still, before selecting the typical one, we tell you that, in the best retro and seventies style, colorful designs and bright points make you stand out from the rest in the best style.


Vazol - Mens print trends for spring 2023 - Tie dye

  • Tie-Dye, Men’s print trends for spring.


Another retro print is the tie-dye, which returned approximately three years ago. Still, its furor has subsided until the spring, when color is the protagonist, and abstract and striking patterns stand out. Vibrant and striking colors are what this trend of wearing tie-dye will demand. But if you are more conservative, lean towards pastel and dark colors such as navy blue or black, which in the same way, will make you look incredible and very jovial.


As we always remind you, the main thing when choosing your clothes is to be faithful to your style, tastes, and comfort. So, whatever combination you come up with or the pattern you choose, do it with the certainty that it will make you happy when you wear them.

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