Vazol - Men´s Pants: types and trends for 2022 - Clothing for men

Men’s Pants: types and trends for 2022

Men’s Pants: types and trends for 2022. One of the infallible tricks to dressing appropriately and choosing the right clothes to buy, in addition to saving money on unnecessary clothing, is knowing the models around a specific garment.


To give you extra help when choosing, today we will talk about the types of pants that exist. And what kinds of bodies they fit best. So, take note and choose the one that is the most suitable for you.


Types of Jeans 


Vazol - Men´s Pants: types and trends for 2022 - Clothing for menThe Jean is a type of pants that, due to its fabric, is very resistant and versatile. This makes it suitable to put together looks for both day to day and night and slightly more casual and semi-formal events. And these are the models to choose from:


  • Skinny, Men’s Pants.


Also known as skinny or slim, it´s a model that is tight from the waist or hips to the ankles. This type of pants accentuates the shape or figure of the leg because the fabric adheres to the body, making them look longer. So, its use is recommended for tall men with muscular legs and goes well for informal and formal outfits alike.


  • Straight


The straight or straight cut is one of the most classic, popular, and sought after. The king of jeans created this model, the Levi’s brand, immortalizing it with their 501 pants. They are straight from the hip to the hem. It favors men with more body volume since it helps stylize the figure. This is a type of jeans that everyone should have in their wardrobe.


Vazol - Men´s Pants: types and trends for 2022 - Clothing for men

  • Flared, Men’s Pants.


It was trendy in the 90s. This model is wide, hanging in the area of ​​the buttocks and straight to the end, where it widens more. It is flattering for those who have a little more weight.


  • High and low waisted


They are models with peaks and moments of glory because of how cyclical fashion is. The high-waisted is a model that stylizes the figure by covering the hip and belly area. And the low-waisted one is for those bodies more stylized or slimmer, as they show the lower hip area, providing a sexy air to your look.


Types of Pants


Vazol - Men´s Pants: types and trends for 2022 - Clothing for menNow let’s see the types of pants, as it is a model that serves you for casual, informal, and formal occasions and gives versatility to your wardrobe.


  • Chinos, Men’s Pants.


They are presented as an alternative to jeans. The cut is very similar but changing the material. These are made of dense cotton, and the most common and characteristic color is beige or light brown. However, today, you can find it in various shades for you to choose from according to your taste and style. The best thing is that they adapt to all body types.


  • Pleated


It is a type of pants that are used as a complement to a suit. And nowadays, you can wear it independently with a shirt, sweater, or vest for something more informal or casual. The popularity of this trend has been so great that it is already being made individually.


Vazol - Men´s Pants: types and trends for 2022 - Clothing for men

  • Joggers


Joggers are the pants of comfort. It is a trend that has already been with us for several years, associated with the sporty or street style. People wear them today for all kinds of occasions due to the softness of their fabric, the comfort they offer, and the looseness of their shape, without a doubt. It is a type of pants that many wear firmly.


  • Cargo, Men’s Pants.


Its origin is military uniform use pants, which are straight but wide cut with pockets on the sides. And we can find them in thick and thinner fabrics.


They are informal models, so they can be worn with shirts, T-shirts, and polo shirts, among others. Here, the guideline it´s you and your tastes when dressing.


Vazol - ideal for styling and refining the figure - Clothing for men

  • Cord


This type of pants is the one you should have in your wardrobe without fail. It can be used throughout the year because of its breathable material. Place a strap and f with a drawstring without a zipper and waistbands. All of this makes it a very comfortable garment.


Additionally, it comes in a wide variety of colors. And the thickness of the fabric also varies so that you can choose a more robust or thicker fabric model for the winter season. You can combine it with sweaters, T-shirts, shirts, and jackets for its versatility and ease of combining.


  • Dress and suit pants, Men’s Pants.


We return to the straight style that flatters the figure so much. But this time with pants made to wear and to match the suits.


In addition to the pleat-type trousers we mentioned before, this model is slightly fitted and thus enhances the figure. Previously uploaded was limited to dress shirts as well. However, nowadays, less rigorous shirts and more casual looks can also be used for the office.


It is ideal for wearing with blazers, vests, and jackets or layering to achieve a more elegant style.


Vazol - ideal for styling and refining the figure - Clothing for men

  • Linen


For hot weather, it is the ideal garment. Linen is a fairly fresh fabric. So, if you live where the heat prevails for much of the year, you should not miss having one of these pieces among your favorites.


The difficulty is that it tends to wrinkle too much, and you will have to iron it often.


For a total summer look, combine it with linen shirts, either short or long sleeves, polo shirts, sandals, or t-shirts.




Trends 2022


Vazol - ideal for styling and refining the figure - Clothing for menNow let’s see what trends will prevail this year regarding the use of pants.


  • Of different length, Men’s Pants.


A trend we will see in 2022 is the pants, specifically the jeans, whose length falls over the shoes and form pleats in the ankle area. The high waist is also ideal for styling and refining the figure.


  • With Design


The prints on the pants, colors, cuts, and graphics are back, giving your outfit a different street-style-urban touch. The Diesel brand already showed them in its latest collection that will make eyes turn towards you when arriving at a place.


  • With Effects, Men’s Pants.


The famous pre-washed jeans, also known as faded, or chlorinated graphics, are back in prominence in 2022. So, if you have a forgotten model from other years in your closet, it’s time to take them out again.


Let your style and taste be the ones that determine the model to wear. Look for the most favorable and have fun putting together your outfits and creating new combinations.

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