How a fashionable man dresses for Christmas

How a fashionable man dresses for the Christmas holidays?

How a fashionable man dresses for the Christmas holidays. It smells like Christmas already. I’m sure you smell it in the air, and many feel it because of the low temperatures. In this sense, you´re surely thinking about what you should wear if you want to be fashionable on these important dates to share with the family and also for new purposes.


That´s why at Vazol we hope that these holidays are full of joy, happiness, and good things. Such as the gifts that you can give to your friends by entering our virtual store. So, today I bring you some modern and successful styles. To give you an idea of ​​what you need to wear for this Christmas.


Christmas is life, health, experiences, fun … in some cases snow and others cold. The important thing is living it with the best of styles. So that you feel like a fashionista and the envy of all. Ready for what’s next? Take note so you are up to date.


How can I dress for a Christmas party?


How a fashionable man dresses for ChristmasI would like to start this article with Christmas because it´s the first thing we will have around. In just a few days we can say that we will have the night. When Santa or the Baby Jesus arrives, whatever you want to call it. And nothing better than starting it with a suit.


The important thing is that the suit you choose is elegant, nothing better than that. And if you wear it in gray it will be the best success you will find this year. Now, if what you´re looking for is something less formal, you can wear a brown plaid suit. It´s elegant, distinguished, and on point. Perfect for a classic and modern touch.


But, if you want to feel that you´re going to an event worthy of the Oscars, I recommend a Tuxedo. With a white or black shirt to match. You will be too perfect to be the center of attraction. If it´s one with three pieces, you will be able to elevate your outfit a lot.


How a fashionable man dresses for ChristmasOh, don’t forget. All these suits can be combined with any of our shirts that you find in our store. As they´re basic colors and shiny, they make an ideal option for formal and semi-formal events. We invite you to take a look at them. And dare to stand out by combining the formal and the informal to exude creativity.


Also, we move from suits to jerseys, with or without motifs. This pick is perfect to wear at Christmas because it´s nice and it can also make you feel warm. For this reason, at Vazol we bring you some ideas to sweep away.


One option is a navy-blue zip-up neck jumper with designs throughout. You will look familiar and very adapted to the moment. Don´t be afraid. On the other hand, another alternative to wear these dates is the Christmas sweater with a high neck. It´s a way to feel Christmas and stay elegant.


And if what you need is to go warm but without anything, Christmas on the outside but wear it in spirit. You can wear a plaid sweater without Christmas details or just plain to have options. You can be daring and combine it with red or fun colored jeans. So that you can always be the center of attraction.


Another option is to wear a sequin biker to shine since it never hurts. I´m convinced that it can´t be missing from your wardrobe at Christmas. In addition, you don´t need to dress special, one of our shirts in our store will be an excellent complement.


What clothes to wear for New Year’s Eve man?


How a fashionable man dresses for ChristmasAt Vazol we love to make life easier for you. So just as we choose some looks to wear at a Christmas dinner, we bring you some ideas for New Year’s looks for all tastes and occasions.


Then, I invite you to be inspired by these suggestions and find a look full of originality. Something out of the box, but with a very fashionable touch, like you.


  • Vest and boots, How a fashionable man dresses for Christmas.


And the season allows it. At this time, it can work very well to get monochrome looks. So, you can go for fall-based looks like beige, brown, and orange. I invite you to choose a beige long-sleeved shirt, brown pants and the vest of the same color to contrast. You can also wear boots with buckles or laces. The important thing is that you look elegant.


  • T-shirt and jacket, How a fashionable man dresses for Christmas.


Perfect to find a fashion and very cool touch. So, you can wear your favorite jeans and use a jacket and scarf to have much more style. If you wear a shirt that is plain gray, a black jacket, and a red scarf so that red is the one that draws attention. You can play with tennis or loafers to impress.


  • Sweater and shirt, How a fashionable man dresses for Christmas.


It´s an outfit that could never be a fault. Classic and elegant. If you want something more formal, you can opt for dark colors like black and gray. Although, you can inject a bit of color with scarves for more style. I suggest that the shirt be smooth so that it´s a safe bet. However, stamping is an excellent option.


  • Jean and jacket, How a fashionable man dresses for Christmas.


It´s a modern and very fashionable look. You will be the king of the night. The trick is that this jacket matches your jeans and a t-shirt. The best thing to do is choose the jacket and its color very well. You will look perfect, comfortable and very fashionable. Almost like a prince.


  • Suit and coat, How a fashionable man dresses for Christmas.


Elegance and formality. That´s why you must wear this suit. A good option is that it´s gray and that you can combine it with a white shirt and purple tie. To create an outfit worthy of a magazine. You can also add a wool coat in a darker tone and oxford shoes.


How to dress for a men’s gala party?


Well, as you can see, elegance and style are something that can´t be lost. So, I invite you to review the previous points and choose what goes with you these dates and what doesn´t.


On the other hand, we want to invite you to visit our store. And check which are those basic t-shirts can work to elevate your style and make it extraordinary. At Vazol we´re here to help you feel like a king.

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