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Male makeup: uses and most common products

Male makeup: uses and most common products. Male makeup is not something new among men. Certainly, there is still a deep-rooted culture regarding the use of makeup and that it should be exclusive to women. However, it is increasingly common to see makeup on male faces. And we are not referring only to makeup artists or on the occasion of an event, but to day-to-day.


Perfect faces and flawless skin are far from real. Well, there are cases in which it is possible to observe them. However, it is more common to see skins with one or another detail. And through makeup, we can correct imperfections, accentuate our attributes, and highlight looks, among others.


So yes, makeup is a great ally to enhance your beauty and masculinity. From the security it will give you to feel beautiful and empowered.


Origin of male makeup


Vazol - Male makeup: uses and most common products - OriginsMale makeup is much older than we think. Already in Mesopotamia, henna was used to outline the eyes.


And a little closer to our history, specifically at the end of the 18th century, at the court of Versailles, people belonging to the aristocracy marked their social status through makeup, which was quite remarkable.


Powdering the skins, these being of a white color, red lips, intense pink cheeks, and painted moles.


However, after the French revolution, this custom disappeared.



Men’s makeup today


Currently, prejudices are being knocked down. As we mentioned at the beginning, the main objective of using male makeup is to seek, enhance and enhance the benefits of the face and logically beautify it.


Whether to correct and achieve expressiveness in the eyes or other areas, a series of steps to follow before applying makeup will give you a better finish while taking care of your skin.


Steps to properly apply makeup


Vazol - Male makeup: uses and most common products - Rimmel

  • The first thing to do is wash our face well to remove impurities. Later, you can apply a tonic to balance the pH, but you should never stop moisturizing it. Another option is to use a primer, a special product to apply just before putting on makeup.


  • The next step is applying a makeup foundation, according to your skin type and requirements, to cover the necessary areas. Such as the hairline, ears, and neck. An important fact is that men’s skin can be oilier than women’s, so it’s best to select a light base.


  • The base serves to unify the tone of the face. And once this step is reached, the concealer is applied to hide dark circles, redness, pimples, scars, or any other mark you want to cover.


  • If you want a natural look, you can apply a shading powder, lip gloss, moisturizer, mascara, or clear mascara to define your lashes naturally.


  • If, on the other hand, you want to highlight the look through makeup, you should include the eye crayon or eyeliner, shadows, blush, highlighter, and contour, among others.


Most common makeup products for men


Vazol - Male makeup: uses and most common products - Dust

  • Foundation, Male makeup.


As its name indicates, it is the first thing to apply. The base serves to unify the tone of the face. As well as cover imperfections and improve the general appearance of your face. The way to apply will depend on the finish you want to achieve and with which you feel most comfortable. It can be with a sponge, brush, or even your fingers.


  • Concealer


It is your great ally in case of dark circles and imperfections. Dark circles make us look tired and dull and even older, as well as marks and redness. 


To do this, you should first select a concealer closest to your skin tone. And then apply it blended with your fingertips until it disappears and melts together with the base, and no difference is noticeable.


Vazol - Problems to your skin such as acne - Eye shadow

  • Blush, Male makeup.


If you haven’t been sunbathing in good weather and your skin looks pale, then blush is your perfect ally. The idea is to give a touch of color that looks natural. And not as if you had spilled the color on top. Please do not fall into excesses that will give you an ornate look. Remember that the more natural it looks, the better it will be. A technique? Start from the center of the cheek towards the temple, blending with soft touches.


  • Crayon for eyeliner


To imitate the style of Johnny Depp, Elvis, or David Bowie, you must have this product on hand.


With it, you will outline the water line and even the upper one to add depth to your look and, without a doubt, make it much more attractive and captivating.


Vazol - Problems to your skin such as acne - eye crelone

  • Eyeshadow, Male makeup.


Do you want more drama in the look? Well, do not hesitate to buy a good eyeshadow palette. If you are starting in the world of makeup, then go for neutral tones that you can use for both day and night makeup. And we also recommend applying it with your fingertips for a more natural look. Or while you master the art of brushes and applicators.


  • Highlighter


The highlighter is a simply beautiful product that resembles fairy dust. And that comes to highlight areas of the face that generally go unnoticed. Its objective is that the light, when reflected, shows these areas. Where to apply it? Brow bone, the upper part of the cheekbone, chin, or the nasal septum.


  • Mascara, Male makeup. 


Do you want to enhance your look to its maximum expression? Well, apply mascara as the final touch to your makeup. Mascara is used to define and volumize the lashes and achieve a daisy paw effect if possible. Again, if you are new to this field, you can either select a transparent mascara while you master the motions to apply the same. Or also use this one for the day and a colored one (black and brown are the most common) for the night.


Final Tip


Vazol - Problems to your skin such as acne - Man with makeupNever go to sleep with makeup. It is a rule that is always next to each time a face has makeup.


So, it is necessary that before going to bed, you undergo a cleaning routine and thus prevent your pores from becoming clogged and bringing other problems to your skin such as acne, wrinkles (in the long run), and other imperfections that can be avoided, with adequately cleaning your face.


Changes in mentalities have paved the way for the use of these products to be more and more frequent in men. So, be part of this revolution, join the make-up trend, and look beautiful through makeup.


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