Vazol - Learn everything about male facial harmonization - Man having facial treatment

Learn everything about male facial harmonization

Learn everything about male facial harmonization. Wanting to look good, young, and attractive is a goal many of us pursue, and advances in science and cosmetics can make us achieve it.


Facial harmonization has become popular in recent months, revolutionizing the aesthetics world. Since through various minimally invasive procedures, it seeks to highlight the natural beauty of the face, enhancing those favorable and masculine features while improving the contour and profile, attenuating or eliminating those less desired details.


If you still don’t know about this procedure and you are one of those who wants to maximize your beauty, stay here and find out everything you need to know about facial harmonization and how to get the most out of it!


What is Facial Harmonization?


Facial harmonization is a non-invasive procedure that seeks to improve facial features to combat the signs of aging and rejuvenate facial appearance through the fat-filling technique.


Anti-aging facial harmonization: Male facial harmonization.


Vazol - Learn everything about male facial harmonization - Man having facial treatment

As we mentioned, facial harmonization is also used to rejuvenate the face, which is achieved by implementing a combination of minimally invasive techniques. Among these is the application of botulinum toxin (Botox), facial fillers with hyaluronic acid or plasma gel, and thread tensors, among others, to provide the face with support and structure, as well as a more jovial appearance in a natural way. It does not seek changes in the face but instead makes it look younger.


This type of easy anti-aging harmonization seeks:


  • Improve wrinkles and loss of forehead volume between the eyebrows and crow’s feet or periocular wrinkles in the upper third area.
  • Raise the eyebrows to broaden the gaze and improve drooping eyelids.
  • Improve the facial contour, mandibular (facial profile), cheekbones, neck, chin, and earlobes.
  • Correct dark circles and bags under the eyes that give a dull look and tiredness.
  • Improve the shape and appearance of the nose.


Procedure and recovery: Male facial harmonization.


Vazol - Learn everything about male facial harmonization - Man having facial treatment

The most commonly used method is dermal fillers or just fillers, which are these injectable biomaterials compatible with the body that is used to give volume and support to the tissues.


They are easy to shape and obtain results at the moment and are minimally invasive since It only requires topical anesthesia.


The procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon, who can use hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite, having previously determined which areas must be treated and improved and which options are the most appropriate according to the face and its needs.


This type of procedure implies a rapid recovery of approximately 2 to 4 days, avoiding exposure to the sun.


Facial Masculinization


Vazol - Achieving a more square and projected shape - Man having facial treatment

Now, the term facial masculinization has also become popular. It has been the same as the facial harmonization that we have been talking about. Still, in addition to rejuvenating, it also seeks to accentuate and define the masculine features on the face without leaving a side that you can refine the features with it if what you want is the opposite effect and look more subtle and feminine.


As we have mentioned, the fillers that are applied usually are hyaluronic acid or plasma gel to achieve the following changes:


  • Highlight masculine or feminine features on the face.
  • Get a rhinomodelation and improve the contour of the lips, adding volume to them and symmetry to the face in general.
  • In those cases you wish, redefine the face to make it look more masculine with lower and flatter eyebrows, jaw arch with a stronger, more prominent, and marked appearance, wider chin, and cheekbones with better projection.


Benefits of Facial Masculinization


  • It is not a surgical procedure. Therefore, it is considered non-invasive.
  • Local anesthesia is used to avoid the discomfort of the procedure.
  • Its result is natural and can be evidenced quickly.
  • His recovery only takes a couple of days.
  • Enhances the aspect of masculinity.
  • It also works as a rejuvenating treatment, fighting flaccidity and wrinkles.


What traits are commonly treated in facial masculinization?


Vazol - Achieving a more square and projected shape - Man having facial treatment

The most common areas or features to be treated with this procedure are the following:


  • Increase the chin: achieving a more square and projected shape.
  • Define the jaw and that it has a square shape.
  • Have a broad forehead and defined horizontal eyebrows.
  • Mark and define the cheekbones.
  • Rhinomodelation: the aim is to achieve a defined, straight and wide nose, this procedure does not reduce its size, but it does improve its appearance.
  • Lip augmentation: to define them and correct imperfections or differences between one lip and another. In some cases, you can also obtain greater volume if that is your goal.



Whatever your goal, facial harmonization is an excellent option to achieve that beauty and youthful appearance without resorting to surgeries or other more invasive procedures. And remember that although this seeks to enhance masculine features, you can always choose, on the contrary, to soften your features and make them look finer.

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