Vazol - Male baldness, its causes, and how to treat it - Man without hair

Male baldness, its causes, and how to treat it

Male baldness, its causes, and how to treat it. One of the significant concerns in men is hair loss, which, beyond affecting the scalp, can also wreak havoc on self-esteem by directly affecting the image we reflect.


Hair loss is a constant in our lives. We go from childhood losing hair, a situation that is accentuated mostly in old age. However, some already suffer from this problem in their adolescent or young adult stage, commonly called alopecia.


And if you, like many others, are going through this situation, keep reading! Because we are going to talk about the different things that cause baldness, and in this way, you can better understand what happens and how to treat it.


Why do we lose our hair?


It is normal for us to lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair daily, but at the same speed that we lose it, we recover it. However, when it does not grow back or is replaced naturally, that is when baldness starts. This may be happening for several reasons, like:


Vazol - Male baldness, its causes, and how to treat it - Man without hair

  • Inheritance


It is one of the main factors for which we lose hair, called androgenic alopecia, which occurs progressively and in a predictable way, such as receding hairlines or bald spots.


  • Hormones and medical conditions, Male baldness.


It is possible that some hormonal alteration or being subjected to some medical treatment may contribute to this hair loss condition. This is why it is necessary to determine it with a doctor. Although, in these cases, baldness can be temporary until the intake of medications is completed or some lack of control of hormones is regulated.


Vazol - Male baldness, its causes, and how to treat it - Man without hair

  • Medications or supplements


As we mentioned before, being subjected to some medical treatment, which involves the intake of specific medicines, may be related to hair loss. The consumption of supplements can also cause the same effect, so if, after taking any product, you start to notice that you are losing hair, it is advisable to consult your treating doctor immediately.


  • Chemical Treatments, Male baldness.


Practicing radiation treatments, among others, is a very common cause of hair loss, so it is possible to recover it later. However, in some instances, I do not know the same usual way.


  • Stress


It may be one of the most common causes for our hair falling out, and it is that going through stressful episodes that imply an emotional shock leads to the thickness of the strands decreasing, weakening it, and causing the fall. The good news is that this loss is temporary, and you can gradually recover.


  • Hair products and treatments, Male baldness.


The use of certain products to shape the hair, moisturize, and apply chemicals to smooth it, among others, can also cause hair loss. Likewise, if you wear your hair long and you dream of picking it up with braids or tight pigtails, we tell you they can cause traction alopecia, this being also reversible, with a good care routine.


What are the risk factors for baldness?


There are a variety of factors that increase the risk of suffering from baldness, with some affecting more than others:


  • Inheritance
  • Age
  • Extreme diet regimes that make you lose weight significantly.
  • Medical conditions.
  • Stress.
  • Bad nutrition.


What are the symptoms of baldness?


Hair loss can occur progressively or radically, so the most common symptoms that we can experience are the following:


Vazol - Male baldness, its causes, and how to treat it - Man without hair

  • Progressive Loss


The gradual hair loss in the upper part of the head is the most common, accentuating as we age, seeing how the hairline on the forehead recedes.


  • Loss by zones, Male baldness.


Another symptom is hair loss in specific areas, which can present patchy, circular shapes, and occur not only on the head but on other parts such as eyebrows or beards.


  • Hair Loss


We already commented that stress and diets or medications could cause hair loss and that it occurs in an extreme way since we can shed strands when combing our hair, but it usually occurs temporarily.


  • Total loss, Male baldness.


Hair loss can occur not only on the head but on the entire body, which can occur due to age, but also due to intense chemical treatments, as we mentioned. But, in other cases, is also temporary and recoverable.


How can male pattern baldness be treated?


Treatments for baldness are optional, although if you are here, it is possible that it is what you are most interested in knowing about the subject. Still, in advance, we recommend that before resorting to any option, consult with a specialized doctor in the area and whoever guides you to find the most appropriate solution for you, your body, and, above all, your health.


Among the alternatives to treat male pattern baldness are:


Vazol - Consult your doctor and avoid other types of health problems - Man without hair

  • Minoxidil, Male baldness.


It is a treatment to treat baldness, stimulating hair growth, slowing hair loss, and is more effective in people under 40 years of age. However, it does not work for pronounced entries. It has side effects, which stop when you stop using the medication, as well as growth, appearing baldness again.


  • Finasteride, Male baldness.


It is a medication that blocks the production of testosterone in one of its most active forms and that is linked to baldness, thus delaying hair loss, but when it is stopped, it appears again.


Vazol - Consult your doctor and avoid other types of health problems - Man without hair

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Male baldness.


This procedure consists of extracting blood to collect platelet-rich plasma and to be injected into the scalp, specifically in areas with a greater presence of baldness, applied in several sessions, all aiming to stimulate hair growth.


  • Hair Transplants, Male baldness.


As the name indicates, the aim is to extract hair from the parts where it continues to grow to place it in areas where there is already baldness. It requires several sessions, and this is a high-cost treatment.


When is it necessary to go to the doctor for cases of baldness?



There are situations where hair loss is no longer average or attached to the margins of some treatment or circumstance. These are some reasons to go to the doctor:


Vazol - Consult your doctor and avoid other types of health problems - Man without hair

  • In case hair loss occurs in an atypical way, quickly, generalized, or in the form of patches.
  • When losing hair, we also notice itching, skin irritation, redness, flaking, pain, or other similar symptoms.
  • If you are undergoing any medical treatment, this side effect should be reported.
  • Before starting any treatment for baldness, which involves the intake of a drug.


Baldness is not a condemnation of our image. On the contrary, many people achieve their hottest selves without hair on their heads.


However, if it is not your style, before starting any treatment, consult your doctor and avoid other types of health problems.

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