13 Male accessories: uses and trends for 2022 | Vazol

13 Male accessories: uses and trends for 2022

13 Male accessories: uses and trends for 2022. We can transmit and reflect our personality through clothing and evoke sensations in others. However, with accessories, we enhance our style.


There is a diversity of items cataloged as accessories you can wear at any time. And thus, complement your look or wear it daily as part of your stamp.


It doesn´t matter if your outfit is simple, or on the contrary, it´s more elaborate, or for a formal occasion. With the right accessories, you will always be successful at all times and places.


Imagine that perfect shirt and suit combination with a tie and cufflinks that dominate the look and make an impact when arriving somewhere.


Also, we can turn a day or work outfit into a casual one that can be used for a cocktail or night out just by incorporating an accessory without changing all the clothes completely.


Then, let’s get to know the accessories you can incorporate into your wardrobe and how to use them properly.


13 Accessories you must have in your wardrobe


  • Watch, Male accessories.


13 Male accessories: uses and trends for 2022 | VazolWe consider it to be an accessory worth investing in. Not only will it make you aware of the time. It is an object that brings great style and personality to your overall look. A watch says a lot about you since those who wear this accessory are usually perceived as organized people.


Many models of watches cater to various styles, colors, materials on the market, and costs. The selection will depend on your taste.


We recommend buying two models, one for daily use and resistant materials. Something that goes well with practically everything. And then a more elegant one that you can wear for night outings is more elegant.


The watch is an essential accessory that you cannot fail to include in your wardrobe.


  • Sunglasses.


Another basic and almost mandatory to have on hand are sunglasses. You look good wearing good glasses with style and determination.


Like many other accessories, we find them in various models and colors. Just try to choose the one that goes well with the shape of your face. And, of course, the one that goes best with your taste and personality.


And finally, don’t forget that they also protect our eyes from the sun and the UV rays it emits.


  • Wallet, Male accessories.


13 Male accessories: uses and trends for 2022 | VazolDespite being an accessory that is hidden most of the time, it is one of the most essential. Here we carry our personal documents, cards, and money everywhere. Therefore, it is necessary.


But also, the wallet has been a cover letter every time we take it out of our pocket.


A worn or torn wallet will reflect an image of carelessness and sloppiness immediately, detracting points from your appearance and style.


For this reason, make sure that the wallet you buy is made of quality material that is projected to have long durability while at the same time being kept in good condition.



  • Bag.


13 Male accessories: uses and trends for 2022 | VazolNowadays, it is more common to see a man carrying a bag on his back to carry his personal things.


Whether it is the rucksack or backpack style or the popular college-style leather totem model, the bag has become an excellent ally for gentlemen who want to have everything at hand during the day.


Especially if you have to go to class or work and frequently move from one place to another.


Please choose an easily combinable model with most of the colors and styles that you have in your wardrobe. So, you get the most out of it.


Of course, you can always buy several to change and combine periodically.


13 Male accessories: uses and trends for 2022 | Vazol

  • Money Clips, Male accessories.


Another beneficial element is the tweezers or clips that keep your bills pressed and in order. Thus, preventing them from falling and losing money. We also find them in various colors and sizes to meet a variety of tastes and styles. They are ideal for carrying in your pocket and have your money in hand quickly and safely.


  • Scarf.


If you enjoy the four seasons of the year or low temperatures are part of the usual climate in your place of residence, then you should definitely incorporate scarves in your outfits.


In addition to protecting you from the cold, they will give you a sophisticated, unique, and exquisite air. Something to which you will undoubtedly become addicted. So, run and arm yourself with the best colors and fabrics. And have fun adding a lot of style to your clothes with this accessory.


  • Necktie, Male accessories.


13 Male accessories: uses and trends for 2022 | VazolIt does not matter if your work does not require a dress code where the tie is necessary. It is still an accessory that we will wear at some point in our lives.


Today, even for not so formal looks, it is customary to wear a tie. The advantage is that there are many models, colors, and textures available. From the most sober, one-colored to the most extravagant. Choosing just one is what will be complicated.


And along with your tie, don’t forget to add a clamp or clip to hold it. This will give your look a much more sophisticated and elegant look.


These usually come in silver and gold tones, so save them for slightly more formal situations.


  • Stockings.


13 Male accessories: uses and trends for 2022 | VazolIt is possibly an accessory that is not given the attention or importance it deserves. They are essential to ensure that everything harmonizes and fits perfectly in an outfit, especially when it is elegant.


There is a rule: white socks should only be reserved for use with sneakers. Therefore, they should never be worn with shoes or pants.


Other details to consider are that they must be combined with the pants and not with shoes when wearing socks. Being able to use a darker shade of socks compared to the color of the pants but not lighter.


When wearing patterned stockings, do it preferably for daily and casual occasions, combining them with the tie. But do not use this formula for elegant events.



  • Belt, Male accessories.


An also essential accessory is the belt, which we also find in various colors and materials.


Hence, it is possible to choose according to the occasion that will be used. Since there are a variety of materials that do not always go well with everything.


An example of this is leather belts, which are worn for formal occasions but not for everyday wear.


And make sure that the buckle is not bigger than the palm of your hand. But, on the contrary, of a discreet size that does not protrude.


  • Cufflinks.


The cufflinks are small and placed on the cuffs of the shirts to provide style and make you look sophisticated.


Previously, it was a type of accessory intended for use in suits and elegant occasions.


Or even in the workplace, but a formal one. However, today, we can see many men wearing them every day when they wear a shirt without the need to wear the whole suit.


There are many models and different materials in which we can find them. So, choosing between so many incredible options will also be a problem.



  • Hat, Male accessories.


The hat has become a popular accessory nowadays. We can see it for casual occasions such as outings with friends, outdoor activities, or to wear to a disco during the summer season.


Like many other accessories we have named, we also find many hat models and colors that adapt to different styles. So, select the one you like the most and go well with most of your clothes.


  • Bracelet.


Men’s bracelets are no longer a novelty or a stigmatized accessory for having their origin in female use.


More and more people are joining this trend of wearing a bracelet to complement their daily clothing. Together with the watch, even combining several. Here the guideline dictates to your taste and style.


  • Pocket Handkerchief, Male accessories.


We know that it is not a common practice. However, you should know that it is super elegant and chic. Therefore, if you want to stand out from the rest, you should definitely wear it in your jacket or blazer.


The white cotton scarf is the most common. But you can also choose some silk and colorful models to combine.


Trends in men’s accessories for 2022


13 Male accessories: uses and trends for 2022 | Vazol

  • Pearls, Male accessories.


In the best style of artists like Harry Styles, Shaw Mendes, or Joe Jonas, who wear this accessory with a lot of attitude, you can also join this trend for this year. Even though, for many years, it was considered a purely feminine piece. From delicate necklaces combined with metallic pieces in different shades to acrylic or resin materials for more informal or casual looks. They can be worn in a very fun way that will undoubtedly make you stand out.


  • Graphic Tees.


With a retro vibe from the 80s-90s, these graphic tees are back on the scene to give you a very unique and original look by wearing this garment with the best attitude and style.


In 2022, we will see them very present. And an excellent way to combine them is with oversize garments or straight-cut jeans.


13 Male accessories: uses and trends for 2022 | Vazol

  • Bandana around the neck, Male accessories.


The difference concerning scarves is the fabric with which this piece is made, which is much softer to the touch. The bandana does not provide much heat. So it is used for cool days and gives a vintage touch to your look.


  • Tote Bags.


As we explained a little above, tote bags are a type of bag widely used by men. Since they are spacious and allow you to carry everything comfortably everywhere. It is the definitive work and casual bag.


  • Retro Glasses, Male accessories.


You will have already heard that everything comes back, so it’s time to take them out if you have some retro-style glasses. As for the trends, we will strongly see those with broadcast and non-traditional frames.


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