Looks with Shacket for gays

Discover the looks with Shacket for gays, 2021

Looks with Shacket for gays, 2021. Do you want to know how to wear shakets this fall? Then you have reached the ideal place. Today I am going to talk to you about these perfect allies for this season where the autumn cold begins. Also, this wonderful garment will help you highlight your style in many ways, and in addition to this, it can be combined with many things.


As you may already know, layers are in fashion. When you play with pieces of the spring-summer season, it can be a success in layering. These shackets are really going to be very useful for this year.


So, I invite you to dust off all the jackets, coats, and blazers from that closet since they are going to be the protagonists of our outfits. It is versatile, practical and, as I said, it will give you an extra layer.


What is a Shacket?


 Let’s start from the beginning. A Shacket is a fashion that brings us comfort, versatility, and an incredible fusion between shirts and jackets. In this sense, it is longer and thicker than classic shirts.


It is made of materials such as cotton, polyester, velvet, corduroy, and denim.


Types of Shackets


Looks with Shacket for gaysWe will find several models that adapt to the style of everyone. It can be used at any time and can be ideal to combine with other more basic garments. Interested? Let’s continue.


  • Basic monochrome, looks with Shacket for gays


There’s no doubt that basic colors exude elegance, comfort, and a lot of styles. By wearing one of these colors in a shacket, you can achieve a very chic style and you will also look very, very good. Can you imagine him in a total black look, just bringing out color with a handkerchief in his pocket or tied around his neck?


  • In corduroy fabric


This fabric is great for fall weather, pair it with jeans or khaki pants for texture and versatility. My recommendation is that you try not to completely steal the attention from the texture or pattern. Let’s start from that less is more and that if you want to impress, let it be because of the good taste that characterizes you.


  • Padded, looks with Shacket for gays


This style, which in addition to being functional and protects you from the low temperatures to come, gives you a lot of volumes and highlights the urban style. This way, by wearing cargo pants and a T-shirt underneath with sneakers, you will achieve a look worthy of streetwear.


  • Stamped


If in your case, you are one of those who love extravagant styles, this is your ideal garment. It will give you a hip-hop style that will not go unnoticed. Patterned fabrics playing with colored pockets and bags are extravagant, unique and I’m sure you will make a lot of difference.


  • Denim, looks with Shacket for gays


To achieve a youthful and less formal look, it will help you not to complicate when you do not have what to wear or how to combine it. Wear it with jeans and sneakers for freedom and daring. In the same way, you can play with patterns for the shirts or pants that you decide to wear.


What fashion is coming for 2021?


Looks with Shacket for gaysSpeaking of fashion, by 2021 we will be able to find the colors of nature, which invite us to reflect, to be more aware, and to reconnect with all fashion.


Of course, chromatic fashion will be the one that will dominate this season with colors from brown, blues, and greens.


On the other hand, pastel tones will dominate as a redefinition of concepts, now men’s garments will show vulnerability and softness, which I know we all appreciate.


The total looks are back in black, white, and stripes, the squares and the back to 70s. Consequently, we will find XXL clothing, as well as shackets. Do you want to know how you can take it with attitude? Keep reading to find more.



How to wear a Shacket?


Looks with Shacket for gaysWearing a Shacket can be a dilemma and we can achieve it with basic garments, which, I particularly think, are the ones that can save our lives on all occasions that we create. Do you want to know more looks? In Vazol we will show you some.


  • Classic look. Looks with Shacket for gays


The trick is to use it as layers and as a complementary color to the outfit. So, the trend is to use it in classic colors like navy blue and chambray, although any blue will go very well. For its part, you can also combine it with a basic white t-shirt.


  • Hipster look. Looks with Shacket for gays 


To make you look more hipster, bet on paintings, of course. Try to make the shirt, you choose a slightly thicker fabric. You can also wear it with a turtleneck sweater under the XXL jacket to be more than ready to show the world your style.


  • Sailor-type look. Looks with Shacket for gays


Believe it or not, olive green or also called hunter green will be breaking records this year and the next. Pair it with a contrasting color or achieve a monochromatic look, like chinos. As for footwear, choose between white sneakers, more formal shoes, or ankle boots.


  • Abstract look. Looks with Shacket for gays


Generally, I am a fan of creativity and being different, it is for this reason that I bring you this interesting combination worthy of capturing all eyes with its abstract patterned shackets. Combine them with jeans, black pants, and white sneakers to give them more appeal.


What will summer 2021 bring?


Although it can be a bit uncomfortable due to the heat, shackets also play an important role in the summer. This is because for a day at the beach or pool they look great when you wear them open or semi-open. What’s important is to remember that by wearing it, you will become the main character.


This garment is distinguished by its structure. It serves as a jacket without having to be and is a very necessary garment to have in your closet because it can get you out of trouble when you have no idea what to wear.


What clothes are in fashion for men during 2021? 


Matching Shackets with shorts or Bermuda shorts for summer gives you a sloppy but very casual outfit that we can’t miss. Try rolling up the sleeves, to add carelessness.


The Shacket, as I have been telling you, is an ally that you do not want to leave aside. By using it, you will be able to add trends and personality to the outfit you choose for the day. Combining it is an important skill to look modern and flirty.


In short, it allows you to take this basic to a higher level, even for more formal events. At Vazol we say yes to this garment and we love knowing that it is a trend that elevates your style. Do you already have your Shacket?

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