These are the 5 office looks for successful gay men

These are the 5 office looks for successful gay men

These are the 5 office looks for successful gay men. Being successful depends on your ability to undertake and excel, but it is also quite a subjective concept. However, it also goes according to your image. In what sense? In all, because to be successful, you have to start to believe it and show it to whoever sees you. For this reason, it is essential to look good in all the places you step in. That when they see you, they have to raise their eyebrows for your bearing and sex appeal.


Choosing an office look is key to dazzle in your successful business career and is the first step to impress. And I know, combining the jacket with a tie is a somewhat tedious task, because we can fall into a bad outfit.


Not that will happen to you, because I won’t allow it. Once you finish reading this article, you will know what you must do to arrive at the office with a look that exudes personality and success. Excited? I am!


The best office looks for gay men


Men, both straight and gay, are always debating (mostly internally) whether they should wear some runway trends seen at fashion weeks. And no, dear, enough of thinking about what they will say. I invite you to break down those barriers and make a difference and look amazing with what you like the most.


I bring you some office ideas that will make you look succulent and also successful.


1. A Belted blazer to impress


A formal suit of any basic color buttoned with no shirt underneath. Too sober? Add a belt above the waist. Use loafers to have more style and even if this outfit can be very risky, it will give you freedom and ease, as well as overwhelming security.


2. High-waisted pleated pants for an office meeting


These are the 5 office looks for successful gay menPleats are great for any business meeting. They make you feel safe, comfortable, and sober.


Now, you can also add a touch of fun with a double V-neck patterned shirt, a strap, and your favorite shoes.


Ah, don’t forget the jacket, it is very necessary.


As I said, the taste is yours and you will know very well what to do with these proposals.




3. Combine brown and blue, it will be a great success


These are the 5 office looks for successful gay menThis season the fashion is to return to the sixties and seventies, that’s there’s no better time to bring back those Bohemian and conquering airs (I am raising my eyebrows several times).


So, dare to combine these colors, as long as your pants and jacket are the same color.


You can also wear a blue shirt and start to play with that palette in terms of combining it with your tie.


Do you like suspenders? Use them in this outfit. It will be daring and they will fit you very well.



4. Casual jackets are luxury, looks for successful gay men


Do you want a riskier look? I invite you to look for a more informal gray jacket with stripes and checks and play with a palette of earthy colors, including black. For example, black dress pants, a white shirt, a light brown vest, and a brown tie.


5. A fresh look, we all want it, looks for successful gay men


Long live the jeans! In any of their presentations, they are these faithful friends who we know will accompany us and will get us out of trouble when we need them. Wearing them with a light blue shirt and a beige jacket will be a great success to go to the office as a successful gay man.


Do you like these looks? Tell us what you think about them and while you are getting the idea, here are some details for you to take into account when working.


Sometimes you can have meetings with clients, but for others, you will also need to impress the boss. For this, I recommend balancing buttoned pieces, either your jacket with buttons and pants, with elements that are not so delicate.


On the other hand, a striped, round-neck sweater adds visual interest. However, it is important to have a tailored suit for occasions where you have to be more formal.


What’s really important is that you feel comfortable and handsome. You must shine with your own light and show that beauty is everywhere.


The best gay clothing for the office


Have you ever wondered if what you are choosing is right for your job and will communicate what you want it to? The truth is that I am convinced that many of us ask ourselves this more than once. So, I will try to give you some other tips to achieve a successful office look for gay men.


  • A jacket makes the difference, looks for successful gay men


This is a reality and I know it can be a bit tedious at times. However, you cannot put it aside for a successful look. Remember that you must wear your size, it should never go above the belt or cover the hips.


  • A shirt is what will give you a formal look


The good thing about fashion is that we can play with it and get out of the box and learn to combine colors, shapes, or patterns. These details of polka dot, stripes, flowers, and prints are more than welcome if you are small … even Hawaiian and short sleeves.


  • Pay attention to the cut of your pants, looks for successful gay men


For a successful gay office look, we must take into account that the pants must be with pleats. In this case, they can be a little tight (but let’s not overdo it), we want you to look dignified and divine.


The correct shoes and tie? Looks for successful gay men


Choosing your shoes always depends on the colors you are wearing … even the belt.


To find the office look for successful gay men, the type of shoe that will fit the best will be the one that adds and doesn’t subtract.


For their part, ties are a weapon that can help you impress.


Don’t restrict yourself to experimenting with colors, prints, fabrics, patterns … Concentrate on living the experience of wearing one without fear.



Gay fashion icons


We can already say that the traditional die to give way to the new, and we must be grateful that big brands, celebrities, and designers have dared to make a difference to break schemes and stereotypes. As is the case with us.


At Vazol we have the mission of providing quality pieces with modern and characteristic designs to those who seek individuality. We want to provide quality and talent through our designs.


We want to share our brand with you so that you feel identified. With us, you will also get a modern and office look to look successful. What are you waiting for? Contact us and tell us what you think.

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