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Learn how to wear boots with your outfits

Learn how to wear boots with your outfits. The importance of footwear in our outfits is well known. Since the choice we make can make a difference in our entire image, either to complement, give it that extra touch it needs, make it elegant, casual, informal, or it can disfavor all your clothing.


There is a diversity of footwear, types, styles, and colors to choose from according to taste and the different occasions presented to us. And also, some versatile models work very well with different types of clothing and events.


But there is one model in particular which is not a novelty in fashion. However, to date, there are still doubts about combining and using it and getting a good result. We are talking about boots! A very useful shoe that is still in trend and is quite comfortable.


And if you, like many, need to learn how to wear this type of shoe, then you have come to the right place! Because today, we will teach you how to combine boots with your outfit with style and success.


What are the most common types of boots?


Vazol - Learn how to wear boots with your outfits -Chelsea

Before starting to combine, it is necessary to be clear what are the most common types of boots we find in the market.


To know their characteristics and how to combine them properly.


  • Chelsea


It is a model without laces, and one of the most common and sought after thanks to its practicality and comfort when putting them on and also when using them, as it is a type of boot that is completely closed and has elastic on its sides.



Vazol - Learn how to wear boots with your outfits - Chukka

  • Chuka, Learn how to wear boots with your outfits.


With a rubber sole that makes them super comfortable and provides good support, this model, despite having laces but only with 2 or 3 eyelets, is considered a suitable pair of boots for casual wear and can also be worn with dress suits.


  • Dress Boots


As their name indicates, they are elegant boot models which are adjusted using laces. In this case, there are more eyelets. And they are excellent to be worn on casual and informal occasions since they enhance the distinguished style you want to give your look.



  • Worker, Learn how to wear boots with your outfits.


An example of this type of boot is the famous Timberland boots, which are ideal for wearing with jeans, shorts, and other types of informal clothing. In addition to being comfortable and resistant, they also help you look good without much effort.


How to combine boots with our clothes?


  • With yellow boots, Learn how to wear boots with your outfits.


Vazol - Learn how to wear boots with your outfits - Yellow bootsThese very Timberland-style boots, like the ones we described above, are made of suede material with rubber soles. This makes them resistant, with good support, and comfortable to wear. They are ideal for humid climates, when there are low temperatures, or simply when you are looking for relaxation.


They are informal, but you can still put together casual outfits with boots of this type, adding a pair of blue jeans, a white or light-colored shirt, and a jacket or sweater as a complement.


Likewise, these boots are perfect for wearing sports-style looks, wearing garments typical of this type of clothing, such as t-shirts, sweaters, joggers, or hoodies.


  • In brown colors


This color in boots is very common. Since it is considered a neutral color, it is perfect to combine. This way, you can wear them with practically any other color in clothes, the top piece usually being the protagonist.


So, you can wear your brown or coffee-colored boots with denim, unicolor, patterned shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, both round neck and V cut, or henley (round neck with buttons). For the bottoms, you can wear jeans or chinos for a more casual or semi-formal style.


Vazol - Learn how to wear boots with your outfits - Chino pants

  • With chino pants, Learn how to wear boots with your outfits.


Here we will mention two garment models: chino pants and Chelsea boots. Since they are both very versatile and easy to combine both together and separately.


As for the colors, the chino pants and the Chelsea boots come in a wide variety to satisfy all tastes and thus expand the possibilities of combinations.


So, you only have to choose the shades that best suit your taste and style and get that look you long for. However, leaning towards neutral tones will make life easier for you and advantageous for your wardrobe.


Vazol - Learn how to wear boots with your outfits - Boots with shorts

  • With shorts


And if you have doubts about combining boots with this garment, then we tell you this combo is a rotund yes. It is a very comfortable way to wear this mix, and it will also give you a lot of style and attitude.


Clearly, it is a very informal or even sporty way of dressing, so if you are going to opt for this suggestion, you should consider this detail. Wear your shorts and boots with round-neck t-shirts, even roomy and fresh shirts.


  • With black chukka boots, Learn how to wear boots with your outfits.


These types of boots, being casual, are ideal for semi-formal looks, going to the office, and other types of social or family gatherings.


Wear them with chinos, jeans, shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, and open jackets. And if you choose your boots in black, you’ll have a pair that goes with everything, making them an excellent investment.


Vazol - Learn how to wear boots with your outfits - Panama Jack boots

  • With Panama Jack boots


These boots are high thanks to their sole and heel, which makes them ideal for wet and cold climates due to their non-slip system and the wool cover inside.


But when it comes to getting dressed and wearing this type of shoe, skinny or straight-cut pants are the most suitable for the Panama Jack. That way, the footwear can be appreciated.


In this way, you can put together a casual or informal outfit without sacrificing style and image.



Vazol - make sure of your boots' cleanliness - Timberland boots

  • Timberland Boots, Learn how to wear boots with your outfits.


We have already mentioned this type of boots, and we said that it was one of the most comfortable models, but at the same time, the least formal.


They are an excellent option whenever you want a pair due to their resistance, durability, and comfort. And, of course, the versatility of using them for all occasions with various garments.


To combine this type of boots, consider jeans, a white shirt, brown jackets or sweaters. For a more semifinal occasion, you can opt for skinny-cut pants and checkered shirts without leaving aside the sporty aspect if it suits you, along with joggers and jackets.


What mistakes to avoid when wearing boots?


  • Wearing boots with a suit, Learn how to wear boots with your outfits.


The boot, by itself, is a casual or informal shoe, so it would be a great mistake to wear it with dress suits. So, I reserve mines for occasions where elegance and etiquette are not the lines to follow.


Vazol - make sure of your boots' cleanliness - Not taking proportion into account

  • Not taking proportion into account.


It is essential to consider the proportion generated when wearing skinny-cut pants, for example, with a large shoe and vice versa.


In the case of closed boots, it is necessary to consider this and prevent your feet from looking huge or hiding behind a very wide boot.


  • Not cleaning your boots.


And not only the boots, but any footwear in general. Because, when wearing dirty shoes, our entire appearance and look could be better. Therefore, try to make sure of your boots’ cleanliness, grooming, and appearance before putting them on.


  • Not checking the sole, Learn how to wear boots with your outfits.


Vazol - make sure of your boots' cleanliness - Man cleaning bootsAs well as women’s footwear, in the case of men’s boots, it is also necessary to consider their soles.


Since some tend to be more comfortable than others, such as those made of rubber, compared to those with heels.


Therefore, if you are looking for comfort, above all, consider this detail. Unless you are going to use your boots for semi-formal outfits, where they do require a sole made of these materials.


And remember that your style and taste are what determine the way you dress, as well as the attitude with which you wear your clothes.

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