Vazol - Learn everything about teeth whitening for your look - person with healthy teeth

Learn everything about teeth whitening for your look

Learn everything about teeth whitening for your look. If something is clear, looks and aesthetics are fundamental aspects of the LGBT community. Of course, everything that has to do with the face and its beauty concerns us in the first place. And part of a person’s charm is in their smile, the one that, when shown, can steal sighs in an instant.


For this reason, it is that, for some time now, the need to practice dental whitening has increased among the existing aesthetic treatments.


And having a beautiful smile implies that it is white and absent of that yellowish color that many are terrified of showing.


But many people use information regarding this subject, which sometimes leads them to inappropriate practices to achieve those charming teeth through home remedies or products that are not appropriate for dental enamel.


Therefore, today we will discuss everything you need to know about this dental procedure. So, if it is in your plans to have whitening, do it with all the necessary information, and you can make the best decision for you and your oral health.


At what age can teeth whitening be practiced?


Vazol - Learn everything about teeth whitening for your look - person with healthy teeth

From the age of 16, it is already allowed to practice dental whitening.


Since the generated changes occur until this age, doing this treatment before can cause sensitivity in the teeth.


However, there is no age limit, and it is essential to consider that we will also gain a darker color in our teeth as we age. Whitening indeed has a rejuvenating effect on our image.


What is teeth whitening?


Vazol - Learn everything about teeth whitening for your look - person with healthy teeth

This treatment involves applying carbamide peroxide, which breaks down as oxygen ions.


These are responsible for whitening the dentin, which, in turn, is the tissue inserted into the enamel and is responsible for the color reflected in the teeth.


Now, the dentin above is, as we mentioned, the one that will determine the color of our teeth, thanks to the fact that it has a genetic predisposition.



How does the teeth whitening procedure work?


The peroxide is applied as a gel and allowed to act without rubbing or brushing. All so that it penetrates the teeth through the prisms and produces a slight opening. This way, the product reaches the dentin to fill and rehydrate later.


What are the whitening techniques that exist?


Vazol - each person's habits are decisive - person with healthy teeth

  • At home


And we are not referring to homemade mixtures. When we talk about whitening at home, it implies that after performing a cleaning, the doctor delivers a splint and gel with the concentration that must be applied to do it personally at home.


  • In the doctor´s office


It is the most common way, and the procedure is the same as explained above. After cleaning the mouth, the doctor applies a protector to the lips, tongue, and gums. Then apply the carbamide peroxide gel and blue light to the area to be whitened.


Important considerations


After the whitening is practiced, following the doctor’s recommendations and performing the indicated reinforcements is vital to maintain the result for longer.


It is always essential to go to a doctor, who is the right person to determine the origin of the stains and the color of the teeth. As well as to know how much can be modified and to detect other oral problems.


Duration and effect of whitening


The results of a whitening that has reached the dentin and progressively turned to the desired color should last up to 10 years.


However, each person’s habits are decisive. So smoking and drinking beverages such as coffee or tea will affect the loss of the white tone we acquire through treatment.


What kind of substance is used to whiten, and in what concentration?


As we mentioned, carbamide peroxide is commonly used for a dental whitening treatment in a concentration of 10 or 16% hydrogen peroxide. The result is the same whatever is used, the difference being the time contact with the teeth.


How many shades does teeth whitening improve?


It is possible to achieve a whitening of up to 12 tones concerning the current and original color of our teeth, being able also to select the desired white level.


What to do to remove the yellow color from the teeth?


Here, the answer is somewhat logical. Whitening is the solution since it is the medically approved and verified treatment capable of removing stains from the teeth and restoring their white color.


In what case is whitening off-limits


It is necessary that after an exhaustive review, it is determined that the patient is free of cavities and periodontal disease. Because if any of these conditions are present, whitening is not recommended.


What are the adverse effects of whitening?


Vazol - each person's habits are decisive - person with healthy teeth

The only adverse effect is that hypersensitivity in the teeth or gums occurs due to the opening of the prisms.


This gradually disappears after treatment until it reaches its original state before whitening.


Our looks can be enhanced through a bright white smile, which can be achieved through teeth whitening. Always visit your trusted doctor and avoid home remedies that can damage your enamel!

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