Vazol - Know the types of belts for men: choose the best one - Improve your outfit

Know the types of belts for men: choose the best one

Know the types of belts for men: Choose the best one. One of the accessories that, in addition to being necessary, is very versatile and has a presence for every occasion is the belt. With it, we hold the pants when they do not fit us completely.


Whether it is because the occasion calls for it, for casual outings, or formal events, because you are going to wear the shirt or flannel inside, or because it is your taste and style, there are different types of belts to use at other times.


It can give a different touch to your look and change its appearance quickly. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to differentiate and choose the right belt according to the type of clothing you will wear and, of course, the occasion.


Types of belts and their uses


Vazol - Know the types of belts for men: choose the best one - Improve your outfit

  • Leather Belt, Know the types of belts for men.


It is the basic belts you must have in your wardrobe without fail. Its smooth material and buckle characterize its embellishments. We recommend one in black and two in different shades of brown to combine with most of your clothes.


Other presentations of this type of strap are exotic or animal skins, such as snakes, crocodiles, etc. That has a texture on their surface and are very striking.


They are ideal for casual occasions and to wear with your work outfit.



Vazol - Know the types of belts for men: choose the best one - Improve your outfit

  • Braided Belt


It is an intermediate option between the traditional smooth leather strap and the more informal models. An excellent choice to have on hand.


The most common color in which we find this model is brown. You can also find combinations of colors in the braids.


Likewise, about materials, these can be leather, suede, or rubber, and their use is wide since they can be worn on informal, formal, work, or momentous occasions; however, not for those elegant ones who demand a strict dress code.



Vazol - Know the types of belts for men: choose the best one - Improve your outfit

  • Canvas Belt, Know the types of belts for men.


It is the most formal model among all the informal ones. Its ends are made of leather or metals in gold (the most common) and silver. Making it ideal for spring and summer looks when you want to have a slightly more formal look on those days.


With a sailor look, they are. And we can find them in plain colored or patterned fabrics but be careful when combining them.


They go well with jeans and chinos but not formal or elegant clothes.


  • Black strap with classic buckle


A traditional model you should not stop acquiring is the black one with a classic buckle, which you can use with a vavariousuits at work and various shoe models. So, it is versatile and will give you flexibility when putting together your outfits.


Vazol - harmonize the look - Improve your outfit

  • Brown belt with classic buckle, Know the types of belts for men.


Its characteristics are the same as the previous category, only the color of the belt changes, which is less rigid and formal. The brown color will bring joy to the look and touch a little more informal than black. And allows you to combine it with colors and shades of clothing other than black, thus softening the look.


  • Black belt with gold buckle


This buckle color is a bit unusual. It is usually associated with an aspect or Pool that denotes luxury and opulence. For this reason, wear it discreetly, as it is also very striking and preferably in an opaque tone, not strident.


Vazol - harmonize the look - Improve your outfit

  • Commercial Buckle Belt, Know the types of belts for men.


We refer to these belts whose brand leaves its mark on its design and impregnates the buckle with its logo, with a double function, aesthetics, and marketing as it is a walking advertisement. It is recommended with basic or plain garments to avoid overloading the entire look.


  • Fabric Belt


Another casual and cheerful alternative. In a literal way, since its use, it is, recommended for people under 30 years of age. They are very informal, in different colors, and the best thing is that they are adjustable. So, you can quickly adapt it to your body by shrinking or stretching a little more. It is a long-term investment if you keep it in good condition.


  • Final Tips, Know the types of belts for men.


Vazol - harmonize the look - Improve your outfitFor formal occasions, where an elegant or more serious dress code is requested.


In formal situations that require a suit or more serious attire, the classic rule is to match, as much as possible, the tone of the belt with that of the chosen shoes. This way, it will be possible to harmonize the look and not stand out excessively in those appointments where discretion should prevail.


On the other hand, for more sporty occasions, the options are expanded, and the possibilities are much more significant since there is no strict rule or specific dress code that prevents different mixes without having to combine the accessories.


This does not mean we should leave the choice of the belt to free will. We should look for an option that fits each look without being out of tune. A good piece of advice, as we have pointed out before, is to follow the chromatic range of the rest of the chosen garments. Or, for the most daring, select a color that contrasts with them to give more importance to this accessory.


A good selection of belts will save you time switching SiWithht ones; you can wear many combinations and use the same strap on different occasions. So, go for versatility and, of course, for those that best suit your style.


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