15 basic items every man should wear in spring 2021

15 basic items every man should wear in spring 2021. Every new season gives us the perfect excuse to renew our closet. However, one season that pushes men to buy the most is spring. This 2021 is the perfect year to push away the pent-up negativity and give your personal style a twist.


So make some space in your closet, because with the change of the season there are new forms, cuts, and basic items that will be essential in your day-to-day life.


It’s official, for the northern hemisphere spring started on March 20th. After a long cold winter cycle, many of us called for this touch of sunlight. The birds sing, the grass gets greener, the flowers bloom and your wardrobe can also renew. Seize this wave of renovation to consider how you dress and refresh your personal image with the current masculine alternatives. 


This is why we have created this list with 15 essential items to revamp your closet this spring


1. Double-breasted suits


Vazol-15-basic-items-every-man-should-wear-in-spring-2021-BannerFrom a bird’s-eye view, we can determine that one piece that will dominate the spring-summer collection is going to be double-breasted suits. This year comes with a complete spin to the 2020 trend in which open suits were favored. So, we will now notice a predominance of jackets or blazers with double buttons.


The design houses that will indulge us with these proposals will be Dior Men from Kim Jones, who has given us a preview of his aesthetical proposal in his renowned “Tailleur Oblique”. Followed very closely by Louis Vuitton for men from Virgil Abloh. between both designers, there is a clear dividing line, but among their proposals, we can notice almost no other closing type but a double-breasted one. Conspiracy or coincidence?


Another trend is to lighten the slim fit cut to give more looseness to the clothes. As for buttons, we will find them in different closing variants with six, four, two, or one, depending on the model.


2. Dad shirts, items every man should wear in spring


Vazol-15-basic-items-every-man-should-wear-in-spring-2021-BannerYou surely keep memories of your father wearing this kind of print, and for this spring 2021 striped shirts or “Plaids” will make a comeback.


This proposal will become one winner as an essential this season, whether for its practicality, familiarity, or simplicity.


Who could have said Dads would become a reference of fashion and style?


Some established brands that are giving it all for this trend are Prada, Oxford, Etro, and Sacai.



3. Reimagined hawaiian shirt


Vazol-15-basic-items-every-man-should-wear-in-spring-2021-BannerAt some point in the 80s, among the mustaches, chest hair, and flared pants, we also embraced the concept of the “hawaiian shirt”.


Now, this item is unavoidable for this season. From its latest update in 2012, its making has not really changed; it still counts with elbow-length sleeves, campy neck, and straight cut.


However, in 2021 they come to the stage with some risky complements -that travel between logos and tie-dye-.


A tip to work them better is to combine them with tailored pants or with prints that match your bottom half. As you can see, the time has come to get a hawaiian set.


4. Tanktop, items every man should wear in spring


Vazol-15-basic-items-every-man-should-wear-in-spring-2021-BannerThe tank top comes back to the first page of fashion editorials.


This rapper fetish item from the 90s is now a fashion statement.


This classic element surged as an interior underwear shirt and now is worn in a bolder way as an exterior piece.


This proposal is a way to interpret the rebellious youth and brands like Prada, Qasimi, Dsquared 2 or Loewe have played their cards.


On another hand, Justin O’Shea has become an icon of tank tops.


5. Baggy pants 


Everything seems to point at 2021 going into a time tunnel. Now we face the comeback of silhouette versus comfort.


Baggy pants have come to reclaim a space in your closet.


This item that seemed forgotten has come back with strength.


The pants proposal for this season comes with width: wide legs, double fold, or even highlighting the pant’s pockets.


The comeback of the 90s brings back cargo pants as a fashion statement, benefitting the work from home.


6. Sport shoes, items every man should wear in spring


Boots are a thing for winter, today’s shoewear comes as moccasins and bluchers.


Designers have talked and for some reasons, these shoes dominated in all four fashion capitals of the world.


The good thing is that these shoes can work perfectly well with tailored suits or jeans. Another trend is to match the shoes with white socks.


As you can see, after many years of rest, socks make a comeback.


This trend is strongly highlighted by street style and fashion bloggers.


7. The leather jacket 


The Perfecto jacket created by the Scott brothers has never gone out of style, but since autumn 2019 it has regained its absolute protagonism. For 2021, the spotlight is still on it and its powerful shoulders: Dolce & Gabbana, Philipp Plein, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Moschino, Celine, Balmain…each house has its own version.


8. Multi-pocket, items every man should wear in spring


Spring/Summer collections of 2021 make strong references to the utilitarian style.


That is why functionality and a large number of pockets are the protagonists of these items.


Originally, multi-pockets introduced themselves as a practical alternative to storing tools.


This trend has made itself known lately in fashion shows for brands like Prada, Valentino, Tod’s, Tiger of Sweden, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Canali, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi.


9. Cowboy jackets


Cowboy jackets have been a classic item that has saved outfits for decades. But this spring, it recovers its spotlight.


Jackets and dark denim trench coats are design resources that will not be missing this season. Brands like Loewe, Valentino, Versace, Celine, Balmain, Heron Preston, Fendi, or Louis Vuitton have made sure to leave a record of their proposal for 2021 and you cannot ignore it.


10. Denim on denim, items every man should wear in spring


Along with the previous suggestion, a matching scheme becomes obvious. The juxtaposition of fabrics is a hot trend this spring 2021. The objective is to combine your denim pants with matching jackets or shirts.


This style is known in the sewing world as a “Canadian Tuxedo” and will be very present on these sunny days. As for pants, the slim fit style remains so you can adapt or revamp those you already have in your basket.


11. Light scarves


No list would be complete if we forgot accessories. The man of today knows that the difference is in the little details. So, the current trends will favor light scarves.


Although this is a conflictive subject for some guys, we recommend wholeheartedly the use of scarves. This element adds a needed touch of sophistication and elegance to improve any look, aside from being extremely flexible to adapt.


As for materials, the trends will favor fabrics such as silk, cotton, and linen. It is sought after to give decadent touches with a contrast of freshness, relaxation, and casualness.


The matching alternatives are practically endless. Whether you use a tailored suit, a leather or faux leather jacket, shorts, or office pants, there will always be space to hang your scarf or tie it gracefully on your neck. 


The key is to wear it with a certain touch of indifference, that way you will project trust and sell this look.


12. Floral print, items every man should wear in spring


Spring and flowers have been a winning formula since victorian times. This kind of print will rule every fabric and clothing, from shorts, pants, handkerchiefs, and even polos.


A hack to carry this trend with style is to balance the print.


You don’t want to overwork it, so wearing matching solid colors with the central piece is a way to go with the flow without drowning in it.


A versatile item that will amaze is bomber jackets. Gucci is perhaps the main promoter of this style and along with some color shades, you will achieve that balance you so want.


13. Sneakers without laces


Vazol-15-basic-items-every-man-should-wear-in-spring-2021-BannerPracticality is the key in 2021. Those annoying laces that untie themselves every now and then will no longer bother you if you choose to try this new fashion trend.


Sneakers without laces are a hybrid of design and functionality. Aesthetically they will keep their likeness with the classic slip-on Vans type.


Besides, this kind of shoe will help you look careless and informal. The perfect look for hot months.


The most eclectic designs were promoted by Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Common Projects, and Christian Louboutin.


In every case, these fashion brands have also created luxurious leather versions. You will have no excuses because there is something for every taste and every pocket.


As for the material, there will be a predominance of the informal trend fabrics such as brightly colored denim and eye-catching designs. This seeks to speed up linearity and give more expression to shoewear.


14. Thin coats, items every man should wear in spring


So you don’t end up soaked in the rainy season, it is fundamental that you have one or two light coats or raincoats. This resource will be ideal both for work and to go out. You will no longer be the perfect target for downpours, as you will have a barrier at hand.


Because of this season, we also have some suggestions as to color and length.


For this spring 2021, you can forget the classic navy blue or beige and try some risky tones. A sky blue or emerald green coat can give the radiance touch you are looking for.


Stay away from black and opaque colors, as spring is all about color and energy.


15. White pants, items every man should wear in spring


In 2021, another basic item will become a trend. The long white pants have made a comeback to reclaim their importance during these dates.


Although many gentlemen feel uncomfortable with the idea of wearing white pants because of how easy it is to ruin them, we also know how versatile and comfortable they can be.


These pants add a preppy and french look. Aside from becoming the perfect transition between the classic and the modern. There is no occasion in which you can’t use it, so you can look your best in every stage of your day-to-day life.


So there you have it, from the practical to the exclusively aesthetic, you can choose between many options for this new season. Follow these tips, apply them and fight the ever-changing weather without losing your style.

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