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How to wear the Pantone color of the year with style

How to wear the Pantone color of the year with style. Pantone issued its verdict and by the end of 2022, as every year, revealed what the color would be for this new year 2023, this time they selected a vibrant, dominant and very striking color, Viva Magenta, and of course, like this Like its predecessors, it will also be a protagonist this year, not only in the world of design and decoration in general, but also in fashion, which is why today we want to tell you how to combine and wear this color with style.


What is Pantone?


Vazol - How to wear the Pantone color of the year with style - brand shoeBut before getting into the matter, let’s briefly see what Pantone is about.


Pantone is a company, creator of the Pantone Matching System or Pantone Matching System, which is responsible for identifying, comparing and communicating colors for graphic arts, its chromatic definition system being the most recognized and used.


Since the year 2000, its experts decide what will be the dominant color for the following year, based on studies of trends in art, technology, cinema, fashion, etc.




Color of the year 2023


Now, for this year 2023, the chosen color is Viva Magenta, identified under the code 18-1750, and it is described as brave, reckless, pulsating and calls for optimism and joy.


As a curious fact, this color, chosen for 2023, is not a novelty in Pantone, since it has been within its color range since 2019, but the current post-pandemic reality and changes in lifestyle, His promotion and prominence led him for these 12 months.


How to wear Viva Magenta


This color of the year is a mix between pink, purple and red, which makes it very intense and full of personality, and yes, we know that in some countries winter weather still prevails; However, you can still wear it with a lot of style, and if you think that it does not go well with boys, then here we are going to tell you how to wear it in the best way so that you do not stop being in trend and look glamorous during the year.


Learn to combine the Viva Magenta color with style


  • With solid colors, Pantone.


Vazol - How to wear the Pantone color of the year with style - men's tie

White and yellow


White is a basic color that goes well with the rest of the colors, however, it is a striking combination and in certain cases, it can be elegant. With respect to yellow, opt for its pastel version and thus avoid an excess of intense colors together.


Black, Pantone.


If when dressing, you prefer a more discreet style, then this combination is for you, especially if you do not want to stand out excessively and prefer a more sober look, since the black will take care of lowering the intensity of the vivid magenta.


Vazol - How to wear the Pantone color of the year with style - men's casual shirt



Blue has been one of the complementary colors of bright magenta within the chromatic range, so it is an excellent option to combine, also in its pastel tones or the navy blue version to achieve a look similar to black, since, with the color grey, will offer the same reaction.


Brown, Pantone.


In order to create harmonious looks, brown is an ideal option in its brown tones and it will not detract from bright magenta.




If you are one of those who like metallic combinations, then lean towards silver, which will make a better contrast than gold or bronze.


Vazol - How to wear the Pantone color of the year with style - men's casual shirt

Fuchsia, pink or lilac, Pantone.


These are the colors that make up the vivid magenta, so they are accepted to combine, but, like other striking colors, take them in their pastel versions for better harmony.




Monochromatic looks are always a very good option, as well as safe, and a great way out when you don’t know what to wear, you’re in a hurry or you don’t feel inspired, yes, wear it with accessories in neutral tones, since we are talking about a very striking color.



  • Other Combination Options


Vazol - How to wear the Pantone color of the year with style - Trendy set for gay men

With accessories, Pantone.


You can use either accessory garments of this color, or you can take other types of elements that complement the look, and thus bring a touch of color and also stand out and if you do not want something very strident in you.


With wardrobe basics


The basics are timeless garments and they will always go well, which is why they are another option that we offer you to combine, especially since the basic or classic pieces are usually in neutral colors or tones that contrast in a good way with this very eye-catching, which will create a balance between everything and that will also help you create outfits for daily use incorporating bright magenta.


Vazol - Make you look simply great - Trendy set for gay men

Waterproof jacket, Pantone.


A waterproof jacket is always necessary and even more so if the climate in your city tends to change suddenly or rain or a humid environment is common, however, this type of garment in bright magenta, in addition to making you shine, will also give you that touch of color to your clothing as well as being an ideal accessory to give life to your wardrobe.




In any of its presentations, it will be, like the waterproof jacket, a perfect complement to your outfit, since you can even wear it wearing basics or some other more striking color and it will look great.


Vazol - Make you look simply great - Trendy set for gay men

In tie, Pantone.


what better way to wear this color than with a touch of elegance in the tie, when we wear a suit and even more so if it is in sober colors, the highlight is the tie, and without a doubt a bright magenta one will attract attention, since it also Besides being a beautiful color, it will make you look equally elegant and fashionable.


T-shirts or polo


Any of these presentations is valid, because just by placing one of them you will have your fee covered with the bright magenta. Do you remember when the pink tone became fashionable for boys, well this case is similar and wearing a t-shirt or polo shirt in this color will make you look simply great.


Tennis, Pantone.


In this case, the Converse brand wasted no time and has already launched a tennis model in this color, so if you like this style of sports shoe and also the color, then take advantage and find your pair and wear them with jeans or cargo pants and look different from the rest.


Always faithful to your style, combine the bright magenta in the way that makes you feel most comfortable and enjoy this beautiful color throughout the year.

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