How to wear stylish man knits

How to wear stylish man knits

How to wear stylish man knits. Knits are garments with a lot of style, and that can also help us look elegant and refined. The point is that it´s not a garment that only our parents or grandparents should wear. This garment has been a hit and has evolved to become a basic in men’s wardrobes. One that, after making you look cool, helps you go from zero to one hundred.


Although a while ago it wasn´t considered an option for many, I´m not quite sure why, but it wasn’t thought of as a necessary fabric. The fact is that it is necessary. And not only women can wear them. You, who love textures, can also allow yourself to wear knit in the type of garment you want. And that doesn´t mean you’re going to be out of tune.


For this reason, in Vazol we´ll talk to you about how to wear them in style. So that from now on you feel like the king of the carnival without having to knock down Celia Cruz.


How to have style as a man? How to wear stylish man knits.


How to wear stylish man knitsAs you well know, clothes say a lot about people. And if you want to go through life with the best of styles and elegance, something we have already talked about in these articles, but it never hurts to remember, we´ll show you how to achieve it without too much effort. So, take notes!


Find clothing of your size. Your wardrobe should be a weapon of versatility. And choosing the right clothes will help you create a wide variety of outfits. So you look perfect for any occasion. If you relate it to your age and tastes, added to your good taste, you´ll never fail. And this is where fabrics come in. They have to fit your size in order to be perfect.


The rule of less is more. Although pants are a must-have in any wardrobe, remember that they´re not the only combination option. But when it comes to wearing knits, I suggest you do it with clothes that are not too flashy like chinos.


How to wear stylish man knits

Many times, we bet on sobriety and classical choices. This is an option that will get us out of trouble and guarantees us that there will be no mistakes. However, you can try different things such as wearing knits as an accessory to a basic outfit.


One look per occasion. There´s indeed a look that adapts to each occasion. And if you want an informal style, you can choose neutral jeans or pants that combine with tennis shoes and a knitted sweater. While if what you want is a somewhat casual style, you can wear an oversize sweater. Plus, a button-down shirt with a knitted tweed vest, and loafers.


The good thing that 2021 and the pandemic left us is that now we are riskier and freer when dressing. So, if you want a more formal style, you can go for a suit. And the third piece, which would be the knitted vest, you can combine it in basic colors. 


Find your style. In the world of fashion, the most important thing is to find your style. Likewise, you must have the trends as references. But that doesn´t mean you have to take them to the letter, no sir. It´s important to learn to adapt them to our tastes and styles.


So, take whatever knitwear you have and wear it without fear, without expectation, transform it and make it your own.


How are sweaters worn? How to wear stylish man knits.


How to wear stylish man knitsIn autumn we could see them, striking and hungry to be protagonists. Knitted vests or sweater vests have been a trend that even Harry Styles or Jaden Smith have lovingly used. Under suits or just over a colored shirt or button-down shirt. This garment is functional to wear to the office, go out with friends. Or simply for a day when there´s not much to do at home and you want to be warm. So, if you want to learn how to use them, this is what I recommend:


Bright colors. And yes, you can wear the vest in sober and neutral colors. But if you want to go further, the trend is in colors and patterns that are really flashy. Like flowers, geometric shapes, stripes, or caricatures. Although, don´t leave the prints aside. The only thing you must consider is that everything has to go well together.


Forget being an old man. Let’s put aside the knitted vests as a school teacher. You can go further and change the suits and button-down shirts for jeans and colors, to look more up-to-date. Experiment without fear.


Wear oversize pieces, but without going overboard. Although it´s a garment that doesn´t fail, it´s a great way to elevate the style of a basic and simple outfit. With oversize garments, you can stand out from the rest by choosing a size larger than yours. That way it looks looser. It doesn´t need to be completely oversize.


V-necks are a good option. If you decide to wear your knitted vest, always pick a V-neck. Although we find several options such as the turtle neck that you can combine with t-shirts and thus achieve a very retro style.


What do you do to have style?


Having style is a matter of attitude. So, the point of wearing knitted pieces and looking spectacular will depend one hundred percent on you. And what you want to convey to the world.


Now, what I want to get to is this. If it´s in your hands and plans to make knits an ally in your outfits, don´t back down.


Let no one back down, because it´s possible. Just remember that what will be your secret weapon is going to be your self-knowledge. Because if you link your personality with your way of dressing, you will stand out from the crowd. Even as the best dressed on the Vazol 2022 catwalk, make no mistake about it.


So, say yes to knits and become the best among the rest by combining them. Also, I want to invite you to visit our store.


So, you can get some other clothes that can work as a complement to your outfits.

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