How to wear a tucked shirt: for fashionable men

How to wear a tucked shirt: for fashionable men. Tucking your shirt should be a forbidden and condemned act, right? Now, many love this type of garment. And those who are in this need for special and not so special occasions, for you, yes, you. Who after discovering freedom now have to condemn it. You who don´t know if there´s one correct way to do it or if it looks good. This is for you.


Because in the world of fashion there are techniques that help make what you wear look good or not. And here we bring you these interesting tricks so that you can apply them when you have to. To get rid of the annoyances of a badly tucked shirt. So, if you´re one of those who want to look more mature and formal, take notes.


How to look good with a men’s shirt?


Vazol-How-to-wear-a-tucked-in-shirt-for-men-fashion-BannerDo you know when you should tuck in your shirt? Shirts commonly have those tails that serve the purpose of tucking. They´re those peaks that are at the bottom of the shirts, as opposed to those that are straight. Those don’t tuck.


In this sense, if your shirt doesn´t have that defined tail, there´s a lot of freedom of action for you. Regarding the way you arrange it, whether it´s tucked in or out.


T-shirts. In the case of shirts, these can always be tucked in. And you must do so if you can see them under what you´re wearing on top. If you want a better result, let it be in your underwear.


Chemises. We also call this type of garment a polo shirt, you can wear them inside or outside. The tucked look is to achieve a more elegant style. Especially if you´re going to play golf or it´s part of your outfit. While if you wear it on the outside, you will look more casual.


Turtle neck. Or high neck. These shirts, by themselves, look very good on the outside. But if you wear a jacket or a cape, it´s best to wear them inside to give you more style.


Hawaiian-type shirts. It´s recommended that you don´t tuck them in. Any T-shirt with too flashy a print should not go in, no matter how long the ends are.


T-shirts in general. It depends on the type, belt, and especially the pants you decide to wear. There´s no specific rule here.


However, I recommend that you don’t tuck them unless you want to achieve something specific.



How should a shirt be tucked? How to wear a tucked shirt.


Vazol-How-to-wear-a-tucked-in-shirt-for-men-fashion-BannerHow to wear a tucked shirt. Surely you already have an idea. Since the goal you want to achieve is that the shirt makes you look with a smooth and flat front surface. Without too much fabric coming off the waist or having too many pleats. So today at Vazol we bring you some ways to make your dress shirt look amazing.


Put on your pants, then your shirt. This is the most classic way to get your clothes on. First, the shirt and then the pants. Making it easier for the shirt to be uniform and symmetrical by wrapping it while you button your pants.


The military. Now that you have your pants, don’t fasten them. Grab the shirt by the edges of the sides and pull down until you get a fold in the fabric. The fold is to the back. Make sure the front is smooth. Then button up your pants and correct. 


The Intimate. This method is simple and consists of dressing in layers. First the shirt over the boxers and then the shirt, finally the pants. This way will allow you to stay tucked in for a long time since the shirt below does not move.


These are how you can achieve a better appearance when it comes to looking professional and flawless like an expert.


How should a dress shirt be worn? How to wear a tucked shirt.


How to wear a tucked shirt. There are ways to keep your look elegant and simple at the same time. But rarely do you pay too much attention to it. In this sense, wearing the shirt properly is something as daily as it is necessary. And it´s not only about just wearing it inside the pants.


For you to look very good, you must know this art of fastening that I have already told you. And also take into account when you should tuck your shirt and when not. Since it´s a question that is often a topic of debate.


Shirts with a flat bottom hem are designed to be worn without tucking. However, if the shirt has visible tails such as the hem that varies in length, instead of being around it should always go inside.


Wearing a tail shirt is not forbidden, yet, it´s youthful. Just your upper body makes you look like a rebellious teenager, and not the ones from a TV show. You can wear a jacket or suit, but if it´s unbuttoned it may seem that you´re trying too hard.


Some men insist that the shirt should be unbuttoned, and this gives more power. However, if you put it in, it will look sharper and more mature. When it’s time to tuck in your shirt, do it correctly, making the front of the body look smooth and flat. If your waist falls below the rib cage it should be visible. It shouldn´t look wrinkled or have bun-like edges where the shirt sticks out of the pants in a ring.


Likewise, you should also have a clean concert line for an imaginary line that runs across the front of your body from the tip of your chin to your crotch. A well-placed shirt should be in the fashion that the rectangle of the fabric. Where the front buttons are aligned with the fly.


I hope that these tips are of interest to you. And that from now on you can be according to any occasion. At Vazol we take your style into account and we always want you to look impeccable. So, we invite you to visit our store and find excellent options of clothing to wear and dress with the best of styles.

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