How to take care of your beard

How to take care of your beard to look sexy?

How to take care of your beard to look sexy? Maintaining a beard may seem like an easy task. However, it requires routine and specific products to reduce the effects that high temperatures or some masks can generate. Even the soap.


Taking care of the skin is an essential requirement in our life and, in reality, an action that few pay attention to. Today, we could say that many are changing their minds. Because of this, every day there are more skin treatments and products in the market to take care of it.


The beard is that plus that many of us love because it brings a sex appeal to the appearance difficult to resist. That’s why taking care of it’s very important to keep it as the protagonist of our appearance. Now, how can you take care of it to the point where it will make you feel like a heartthrob? Keep reading that together with Vazol I will give you some tips for your care!


How to care for your beard naturally?


Among so many products, there are times when you can panic and not know what you should use to take care of it and keep it fixed. Toners, concoctions, electric razors, normal razors, masks, foams. And surely you wonder, should I always go to a barbershop?


And that’s when your pockets bleed and you say, no, I can’t and I don’t have time for this! But calm, as I told you. There are many ways to care for your beard, and one of them is a natural way.


  • Wash your beard at least twice a day. 


How to take care of your beardIn case you didn’t know, the beard has numerous bacteria that permeate it throughout the day: food scraps, tobacco smoke, or particles in the environment.


Also in the cold, the skin underneath suffers until it peels, which also brings other bacteria.


For this reason, you must wash your beard at least twice a day with mild soap and water in the morning and at night.


No, it doesn’t have to be the same shampoo! Neutral soap or facial soap is the product that will eliminate these bacteria.


Dry your beard with a special clean towel for your face, not the same one that you dry your body.


  • Keep it hydrated with oils. 


How to take care of your beardMany think that oil will give them a greasy appearance, but the truth is that it isn’t like that. In fact, it will give you a healthy and well-groomed appearance.


Using these types of oils not only hydrates your beard but also the skin of your face. It also helps keep the tips of the beard from breaking and facial hair will grow strong.


These balms, being composed of natural products, positively favor your skin and will not damage your face with chemicals.


You can apply a small amount and spread it on your beard, once a day.



How to keep a smooth beard?


In addition to washing and hydrating, we must find a way to make it soft and manageable. We don’t want those tough, prickly hairs out there that could hurt your skin from the itch and split ends. Because yes, the tips of the beard also split.


In reality, there are many reasons why the beard isn’t completely smooth and looks unkempt and rough, hard, or brittle. This is why softening it will require you to comply with a series of tricks that I am going to teach you.


  • Cut it with scissors. 


It’s something that you have to do often and to do it what you need is to comb it up and then return it to the place, those hairs that are above the rest are the ones that you are going to trim. Trim only the ones that stick out to achieve a similar measurement.


  • Apply conditioner. 


In addition to the oils, there are special conditioners for beards that you can use twice a day to maintain care and hydration, to get a deep cleaning, and thus smooth facial hair.


This type of product penetrates and softens due to its vitamins and nutrients. The hairs will no longer be hard and will achieve a healthy shine perfect for smoothing.


  • Beard balm.


A balm is ideal for smoothing due to its nourishing ingredients, bringing with it beard control. They hold the hair together and keep it in place. To use it, you can use a minimal amount and apply it with upward movements. Smooth with your hands and a comb.


What balm? Look for one that contains aloe vera, camellia oil, and green tea. This balm will also help reduce irritation and itchiness.


How to take care of your beard when you have greys?


All body hair will eventually turn white. Although many of us resist these signs of aging, they pass. One day, you wake up and look in the mirror and see that your beautiful beard is full of gray. Ah! What did you do wrong? What can you do? Shave and stay like this? NO!


Actually, you can take advantage of this event and empower yourself with this gray hair to give a more interesting look to your style. Even if they’re four little white hairs. Together with Vazol, I bring you a trick to take care of her and continue to see yourself as a sensual mature man.


Wash it once a day and use more oils. Unlike normal hair, gray hair is different, it’s thicker, so without pigmentation, it doesn’t absorb natural oils. That’s why you should wash it once a day and add more oils to hydrate and soften it.


If they take on a yellowish tone, choose to buy special shampoo for graybeards.


How long do you have to grow a beard?


I would like to clarify this question by telling you that there isn’t a body the same as another. Because of this, it’s very difficult to average it. However, there are a few tricks to speed up the process. I must clarify that they don’t work the same in everyone, but some guarantee the opposite.


1. Just relax. Stressing because it doesn’t grow is worse. Get a full sleep and rest so that the cells grow as they should.


2. Exercise. Get rid of negative energy and stress with some exercise to get your blood circulating, and that will make your hair grow.


3. Diet with vitamins. Focus on vitamins A, B, C, and E. Eat vegetables like broccoli, spinach, oranges, lemons, carrots, and seeds. Now, if you prefer a supplement, focus on biotin, which is vitamin B7.


The most noticed is that the beard grows at least one centimeter a month, but as I mentioned earlier, it isn’t always like that, it will depend on genes, age, and race.


How to take care of your beard to look sexy


Looking sexy is part of you, and I hope that your beard adds to that natural appeal you already have. At Vazol we approve of beard care as an aesthetic and part of health and we invite you to continue doing it. How do you take care of your beard?

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