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How to stylishly combine colorful clothes 

How to stylishly combine colorful clothes. Men’s wardrobes full of classic or neutral colors are a thing of the past. This does not mean that these tones are not current, but rather that today, the trend has been leaning toward using colorful, striking, and vibrant looks. Outfits where we see the presence of yellow, red, lighter greens, and blues in electric tones and derivatives, even pastels and neons.


We know that if you are used to dressing in earthy or neutral colors, the idea of ​​color can scare you. Since it means a significant change in your style. And you may have doubts when putting together your outfits for not knowing how to combine a tone with another, perhaps thinking that mixing green and blue is not a good idea.


But far from that, we tell you that no matter what time of year we are in, color is no longer for exclusive use in the spring or summer. In autumn and winter, we can also wear colors like fuchsia, red, and orange in their most vivid tones and look fantastic.


Now, let’s learn how to combine colors to create stylish looks without fail by trying out these tips. All of them so you can dress not only correctly but safely and feel comfortable with what you wear. Keep reading, and become a pro in this!


What are the advantages of combining colors in clothes?


By mixing the colors correctly, your appearance and style can change entirely for the better. You can even get great visual benefits, such as looking taller and thinner, hiding less favorable areas of your body, and getting a more polished and neater image. Even if you are dressing in a very basic and simple way.


By learning to combine colors in your outfits, you will also be able to look more modern, updated, and trendy, even wearing classic or not-so-new clothes.


How to combine colors for men’s clothing?


Vazol - How to stylishly combine colorful clothes - Colorful clothes

The most foolproof way to combine colors in clothes like an expert is by guiding you through the color wheel.


In it, you can see which are the complementary colors of others, the similar ones, and the block colors. And with a simple stroke, we can create unique mixes with the certainty that they will work properly on you.


When in doubt about how to use this tool, we tell you that complementary colors are those that are opposite on the color wheel, and they give you a balance in terms of contrast.


Similar colors are located next to each other on the wheel, that is, those that have similar shades and go very well with each other.


What are the colors for men?


As we mentioned, behind is that trend that men limit themselves to sober, classic, and muted colors such as blue, gray, black, beige, dark green, and garnet, among other similar ones. And today, it is increasingly common to see boys dress in bright and vibrant colors like parakeet green, red, royal blue and its derivatives, pinks, lilacs, yellow and orange, white, etc. So, the detail is to find those colors that you like and resonate with your personality, highlight your attributes, and, above all, make you feel comfortable wearing them.


How to combine three colors of clothes?


Vazol - Vazol - look modern and classy - Colorful clothes

Here we return to the color wheel since each color has a range of derivatives that are indicated to combine since they work well.


And it is proven that they are mixtures of colors in clothes that do not fail.


The secret is to select a primary color and add two complementary ones. For example, if you choose a blue, a complementary one would be orange, and one of its derivatives is a lighter orange.


However, if you still don’t want to risk it with three very striking colors, you can well include a garment that is a primary color, such as white, black, gray, or nude tones, and create a balance that breaks with the others.



Put your looks together with these color combinations that we recommend


  • Navy Blue & Green, How to stylishly combine colorful clothes.


For those not used to combining two or more colors in their clothing and starting out, it may be convenient to start with classic and less strident tones. Such as navy blue with military, olive, or hunting green, which are also trending right now!


It is a way to look modern and classy since it perfectly combines the traditional and the current. This is a way to wear color discreetly and begin to introduce it into your wardrobe. It is an ideal mix to wear with jackets, chino pants, and basic t-shirts.


Vazol - How to stylishly combine colorful clothes - Colorful clothes

  • One color, different shades, How to stylishly combine colorful clothes.


Yes, it is a way of combining for those with little experience in this matter. However, don´t worry. It is easier than you think.


To successfully combine a color with its different shades, we recommend starting with colors that you dominate or basic. Something like blue or green, and introducing derivatives. An extra tip is to start with similar tones. That is, choose these garments first and then introduce them according to how the combinations are seen.


Once you feel comfortable with these combinations and feel more experienced doing them, you can try other risky colors such as purple, pink, orange, etc.


Vazol - look modern and classy - Classic clothes

  • Color & Neutral, How to stylishly combine colorful clothes.


If going through life in full color is not your thing or you still haven’t got the hang of this way of dressing, an excellent option is to dress in neutral colors:


Beige, nude, white, black, navy blue, and add some colored garment on this basis, which may well be smooth or some colorful print.


You will have excellent contrast and make a difference, looking striking without exaggerating.




  • Build a Triad, How to stylishly combine colorful clothes.


This is an excellent option since it consists of putting together an outfit with three pieces, one of a neutral color, another of a striking color that is the main one, and another of a color derived from this striking or softer tone. In addition to also being able to choose between a classic garment and others in trend so that the triad is balanced and put together a complete look.



  • Natural colors, How to stylishly combine colorful clothes.


It is a safe and successful way of combining colors. Since neutral colors, earthy tones, and greens, among others, are involved, which are not flashy. However, they have the same effect as wearing colorful clothing, even if they are opaque, and look good throughout the year.


  • Color and Denim, How to stylishly combine colorful clothes.


Denim is one of the most versatile in the world since it goes well with everything, and you can create infinite combinations. It works perfectly as a base to which you can add any color and look youthful, casual, and, above all, very attractive, which we know is one of the goals we seek when dressing.


Vazol - look modern and classy - Classic clothes

  • With Red Wine, How to stylishly combine colorful clothes.


Another color that is also still in trend is red wine. Which, despite being a dark tone, is very elegant, striking, and sexy. And as a bonus, it can be perfectly combined with other colors such as camel, navy blue, white, black, and even grey, always taking care of the tone of each one. It also works best with the lightest or softest ones to highlight it and obtain a natural look.


Dressing in various colors is not an impossible task. If you follow these tips, your taste and intuition when dressing will give you success when you go out and catch more than one look from someone you find attractive!

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