How to see if a garment fits without trying it on

How to see if a garment fits without trying it on

How to see if a garment fits without trying it on. Sometimes we’re in such a rush when shopping for ourselves or someone else that we don’t even have a minute to take the time to measure something in the fitting room and see how it fits. 


Or, you´re probably just from that part of the population that doesn´t like to try on clothes due to the pandemic. And thinks that everything is highly contaminated because everyone touches it. Covid has led us all to, like a worthy zombie apocalypse movie, lock ourselves in our homes. And wear masks for fear of getting infected.


All this led us to make rash decisions. And in terms of the market, online shopping was the one that increased among all other things. We had to eat and dress, so through this, new trends and combinations emerged that transcended and are here to stay.


So, when we made these purchases online, it was up to us through trial and error to find the ones that fit us best. Some continue to deal with this. And what for many is a mystery, at Vazol we´re going to teach you how to measure a garment without trying it on.


How to see if clothes fit without putting them on?


How to see if a garment fits without trying it onWhether for online shopping or for that trip to the store in minutes. We´re starting from the fact that I´m more than sure that you know your style and what you like.


You should also have a slight knowledge about what looks good on you. Such as the type of garment that best suits you.


And it’s not just the fit of the pants or the type of fabric. Or the patterns or colors that fit us better or worse, but it goes further.


The proportionality of our body is what we must base ourselves on. For this reason, I invite you to take note of these tips that we bring you.


So that you shine with the best of styles and without having to go to the store.


  • About pants, How to see if a garment fits without trying it on.


The first thing you must know is that you should wrap the waist of the pants around the neck. As if it were a cape. If the waist of the garment closes just to the perimeter, it´s the correct size. If it doesn´t arrive or there´s excess fabric, you must choose a size more or less.


Another way to know if it´s the correct pants is this one. Close your fist and check that the forearm and the fist fit inside the waist of the pants. If it fits and there´s no excess or missing fabric, it´s your size.


  • Pick the right shirt, How to see if a garment fits without trying it on.


There are more tips that help save time when it comes to getting a shirt in your size. It´s for this reason that you should choose the garment from the seam of your shoulders and bring it to yours. Right where they meet the arms. You should keep your back straight and lift your chest. If it fits you, it’s your size.


  • As for the shoes, How to see if a garment fits without trying it on.


Our forearm also works for shoe sizing. So just put the sole on top of the back of your arm and see if it matches. It´s generally the same size. Now, if you’re interested in buying socks, roll the foot portion of the sock around. If the toe and heel touch without you having to pull, it’s your size.


For best results and less risk when buying this, you can practice with what you already have at home that´s right for you. You should try until you realize that they work.


How to know if clothes fit you without trying them on?


How to see if a garment fits without trying it onIn addition to the tricks that I mentioned before, you must take into account that the only way to be sure, not only if it´s your size, but that it fits you well and adjusts to your body and your style is when you arrive at the dressing room and you try on what you wear.


We know that many times we don´t have time. We know that it can be a bit of a waste of time if you live a busy life. But shopping is something that you should pay close attention to. Because it may fit us well, but we don´t like how the garment looks on us.


Now, in the case of pants, there´s another way to know if it´s the right size. And that´s through the measurements. You must extend it and with the button fastened measure the front waist and multiply it by two. For example, if the measurement is 45, convert the equivalence to 90 centimeters, which corresponds to a size L or 44.


Also, you should think about the crotch, it is a very important point that we cannot go unnoticed and that is, if this measure worries you because it does not have the same length, I invite you to wear pants that you know fit well and you can compare the length of the inseam, from the button to the bottom of the crotch. If they are the same length, there is nothing to worry about.


How can I know what my measurements are?


If you plan to go shopping. And not waste your valuable time in the dressing room as you just need to get in and out at the speed of light.


What you should keep in mind as the main focus is knowing your measurements and knowing your size. It i´s if not, the best advice. You must know your size and your body type to know exactly what a garment can give you.


However, it´s no secret to anyone that not all garments from different brands have the same size. This depends on the form of production, which makes it a bit more complicated when choosing. This leads us to not being able to know the correct size, but the closest one.


From Vazol we hope you know what your size is. And how you can acquire it by entering a store or simply looking online. That´s why we invite you to visit our shop to add everything we can offer you to the cart. So that from this day forward, you lose the fear to shine.

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