Discover how to prevent shiny skin on the face

How to prevent shiny skin on the face? Methods to improve your appearance.

Having unwanted shine on the skin can be very annoying and also hard to control. Our skin produces oil naturally and there is no stopping it, as it helps us have healthy skin. However, there is a way to reduce oil excess. It all comes down to having a skin routine that won’t only clean the face, but also keep the skin hydrated. Besides, we must use products that help us get rid of impurities.

Although men’s skin is inherently oilier and thicker than women’s, keeping a matte finish is definitely within reach.

What is a matte finish?

This is when the skin feels soft and free of oily shine.


In order to have matte skin, men must avoid using rough or dry cleansers that strip the skin and do not help to keep a healthy balance. It is necessary to choose the right soap and creams for our skin.


Why should we avoid shiny skin on the face?

Vazol-How-to-prevent-shiny-skin-on-the-face-BannerWhether you are going to a job interview or want to impress that special someone, the last thing you want is to have a shiny face. A shiny or oily face is not a face that inspires confidence. If a face produces an exorbitant amount of oil, it is something that needs to be treated in the right way. Now, we will present everything you can do to look your best, even if your face is naturally oily.


Everyone is on different sides of the spectrum when it comes to skin, so there is no such thing as one perfect cream and soap combination for everyone. Some suffer from dryness, struggling to keep the entire face hydrated and free of flakes. On the other end, there are some who have a very oily face.


If your forehead is prone to extra oil, then you know the skin can look slippery and oily at the end of the day. This is not detrimental to the skin’s health. On the contrary, extra sebum can actually help protect against contaminants and minimize the appearance of wrinkles (a natural anti-aging).


However, oil build-up can be annoying, as you have to clean your face constantly during the day, or your forehead can reflect the light on photographs.


Methods to prevent shiny skin on the face


Facial scrub, how to prevent shiny skin on the face


Vazol-How-to-prevent-shiny-skin-on-the-face-BannerIf you have an oily face, you must choose a cleanser that brings down the oil as much as possible and that helps the body produce more oil.


This means you need a cleanser that is rougher than normal.

Therefore, look for a facial scrub that has glycolic acid listed as one of its ingredients.


This cleanser was designed to help reduce oily skin and keep a fair complexion that inspires confidence.



Clay mask, how to prevent shiny skin on the face


Vazol-How-to-prevent-shiny-skin-on-the-face-BannerIf you have little time to invest in your appearance, consider clay masks.


There was a time when people thought clay masks were only good for women’s skin. However, as time goes by, we have realized clay masks are good for anyone’s skin.


Clay also absorbs moisture while it leaves the skin hydrated and revived, and it also closes the pores, giving your skin a finer look.


A clay mask can help control oil levels and restore your skin to its original clean state.


Face lotion, how to prevent shiny skin on the face


Vazol-How-to-prevent-shiny-skin-on-the-face-BannerContrary to popular belief, oil and moisture are not the same thing.


Even if you feel you have oily skin, it is important to hydrate it regularly to keep proper skin health.


The key is to find a hydrating cream that is non-comedogenic. This is a crucial word: non-comedogenic is a term that means a product does not clog the pores.

If you chose a comedogenic hydrating cream by accident, you won’t be able to fix the oil problem and you might even cause some acne.

Fixing shiny skin on the face


How do you prevent shiny skin on the face? There is no need to cover up the forehead or go crazy with a rigorous cleaning protocol. It is critical to remember that washing your face too regularly can cause your face to produce more oil. This is why you must protect your skin with the right products.

Use a toner, how to prevent shiny skin on the face

The toner works to balance the skin’s pH levels, at the same time as it gets rid of excess dirt or pore dirt that your cleanser might have missed.


Toner must be applied after cleansing but before any serum or hydrating cream. Avoid any alcohol-based toner and astringent, it is advisable to use something with fresh herbal ingredients.


These neutralize the oil without drying or irritating the skin. Hamamelis is also a very promoted toner that helps balance the pH levels effectively, although its usage must stop if there is any dryness or redness.



Trying a primer after hydrating, how to prevent shiny skin on the face


Once you have applied the hydrating cream, add a light layer of primer to the skin.


This comes as a liquid that dissolves in a substance similar to a powder.


This invisible layer absorbs excess oil throughout the day, avoiding any dirt and shine build-up.


Most of them also cover large pores, providing a fair and soft complexion.


Using light and oil-less moisturizers

Another aggravating factor is covering the skin with creams and lotions excessively thick.


This suffocates the pores, and you will end up sweating and shining more than usual.


So you must use lighter creams that absorb quickly and do not add any extra oil to the forehead. Oil-less products usually advertise it on the packaging.


This does not mean oils are bad as a skincare ingredient. They serve as excellent moisturizers for dry and “normal” skin types, but they are excessive when you are already prone to oil.

Cleansing more frequently and more gently

There are two ways to fight oily skin through cleansing. Logic would say you must use an oily skin cleanser. Meaning something with salicylic acid to help keep the pores light. However, while it is a good fix for people with oily skin, it does not mean they must cleanse with this rougher product multiple times a day.

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