How to look elegant in shorts?

How to look elegant in shorts. When it comes to dressing, there is nothing better than being both comfortable and elegant. Shorts can achieve this. They bring a lot of freshness, and you can use them to attend different types of events.


In fact, many of people have opted for this piece of clothing to attend various meetings during the summer. However, some of them still think that shorts evoke informality. For this reason, we would like to show you that it is possible to look elegant if you decide to wear shorts for certain occasions.


Don’t believe that shorts are only for informal gatherings


Vazol-How-to-look-elegant-in-shorts-Banner.People always ask for the highest level of elegance in their suits. In the case of shorts, you can get a lot out of them as long as you learn how to combine them. Shorts have made a big comeback these last few years, and they’re not exclusive to informal meetings.


That is why, when you get dressed, improvising a little with your clothes is not a bad idea at all. Of course, to wear shorts you must also consider certain protocols of the environment you are going to attend.


For example, if you are an executive or work in a company where clothing must be 100% formal, we do not recommend that you use this garment.


However, the good news is that shorts are no longer as casual as they were some time ago. This means that if you have some in your closet, you can get more out of it right now.


Show off your shorts with style


Here, we want to let you know how to wear shorts while maintaining elegance. Maybe you are one of those men who have a preference for being well-dressed but comfortable at the same time. Then, this style is the best match for you.


How to look elegant in shorts: Where can I go in shorts?


Vazol-How-to-look-elegant-in-shorts-Banner.Surely you must be asking yourself this question. That is why I want to explain to you how you can wear this garment with style and above all, elegance.


The secret of wearing shorts successfully is to combine them with other clothing items that give you the style you are looking for.


Shorts are not the very definition of elegant. However, by combining them with more formal clothing you will have the elegant outfit that you are looking for.




So, how can you look classy wearing shorts?


This is the part that you have been waiting for the most. Now, we will show you that it is possible to look elegant in shorts. As we have already told you, this type of clothing is not the most elegant out there. However, you can give it a personalized touch of elegance yourself.


How to look elegant in shorts: How can I do it?


Vazol-How-to-look-elegant-in-shorts-Banner.You just have to take your shorts and combine them with more formal garments:


  •       Jackets.


  •       Shirts.


  •       Watches, etc …


You have probably already seen some combinations on the internet that include these garments. As you can see, if you have an outfit with a touch of informality at the bottom, you should take advantage of the top to add the elegance you want.


When it comes to accessories, don’t be afraid to wear a shirt with a tie if you’re wearing shorts. Some can really pull it off, and they do not look bad at all.


What colors should you choose for your shorts?


Vazol-How-to-look-elegant-in-shorts-Banner.As for the colors of your shorts, we consider that dark tones work best. Navy blue or gray are great colors that you can combine with a wide variety of shades.


Also, neutral colors are a great option, and best of all, they never go out of style.


Similarly, we recommend dark colors because they provide a more formal style.


You can wear them to meetings that demand a touch of elegance.



How to look elegant in shorts: Pockets in your shorts?


The issue of pockets must also be taken into account. For example, pockets on the sides of the shorts do not look good.


Why? Because this design is a little closer to tactical pants, and they subtract elegance.


Every time you get dressed, you must think about every detail to wear the outfit that meets your expectations.


Therefore, when you go in search of shorts, choose those that have traditional pockets. These could be oval, rounded, diagonal, or whatever you prefer. And in some cases, you could also choose shorts without pockets.


These are the most suitable garments to complement your shorts


When you wear shorts, do not neglect any detail of your outfit if you are looking for elegance. If you are going to wear shorts, you need to do it right. Here, we will offer some key advice so that you can put together a good look:


  •       If you will attend a meeting in shorts, choose good shoes. The footwear must be formal as well as the garment that we use on top.


  •       You should also take into account the short’s height. If you are tall, we recommend that you wear shorts below the knee. On the other hand, if you are short, it is preferable that you wear shorts over the knee.


  •       If you have jackets, you can also combine them with your shorts. And if you need to look very elegant, make sure it’s striking and consider adding a tie.


  •       When folding the bottom of the shorts, you need to keep some things in mind. If the fabric of this garment is light, you can fold it a maximum of two times. But, if the fabric is thick, try to fold only once.


  •       If you are looking for formality, you should look for shorts made in fabrics such as gabardine, silk, or cotton.
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